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Xmas 2010 Challenge!

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Hi, I'm new here and have given myself a challenge to reach my goal weight by Xmas. This will involve losing 24lbs (1.5 per week)

This website tells me they predict me to reach it by mid February but that just wont do so I'll be giving it everything I have.

Im on garden leave for 2 weeks so that should kick start my exercise routine which is Women's Health 'Running for Weightloss' g-for-weightloss and I'm restricting calories to 1600. Any advice as to whether that is sensible?

We eat pretty healthily at meal times but like eating out and takeaways at the weekend. I'm also partial to a sausage roll and a bar of chocolate of an afternoon which pretty much sabotages any good intentions in 10 minutes flat.

So, I have this image of myself at Christmas all slim and in a new dress and heels and a little apron in the kitchen. I'm thinking this year I's like to be looking more Angelina Jolie than Nigella (Not that there's anything wrong with Nigella, bless her, but she carries it off better than I do)

Anyone care to join me?

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SW (sept 20) 137.2

Oct 7th: 134.6 

oct 14th: 133.0

oct 21st: 131.0 

oct 28th: 127.8 --> I drank a bit (about 3 drinks) last night so I'm pretty sure this is water weight in large part, but yesterday I was at my goal for this week, 130!

Nov 4th: Goal still will be 129, we will see how much of that was lost water weight!

Total loss for challenge: 6.8 lbs lost, 5.8 to go (including that water though)

GW (christmas): 122

That was my first drink since my birthday and I didn't go overboard so feeling fine about it. May drink once more this weekend (it is halloween and I will be going out with the bf and friends!), as it is one of my favorite holidays, without overdoing it of course, lol.


Hi ladies!

Here are my stats:

SW: 155 (for this challenge)

CW: 150 (+1lb this week)

I am surprised I only gained a pound.  I had a very bad weekend that extended into the week.  I got back on track yesterday.  I think my work outs have really been saving me.  I worked out really hard Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday so far.  I am going to work out Saturday too so I'll get at least 4 in this week. 

Hope you all have great results this week!


Hi There!

I've been maintaining for the last couple of weeks!!!

SW: 215

CW: 162

I've been trying to cut back on my sodium intake (from diet soda) and I'm drinking alot of herbal tea or water.....

Original Post by spoon515:

Original Post by spoon515:

Okay so I havent checked in a while but here we go...

SW: 214

GW: 190

CW: 196! YAY!!!



I hope that I have to change my goal because I totally destroy it before my time it up! :)

Okay so  I weighed in today and my CW: 193! Yes! three pounds to my goal! I really really hope I have to change my goal! 

Good luck everyone! 

I haven't posted in a week or two but I am now down to 187! 

My goal for xmas is 180 :) 

Congrats Spoon515!

Keep up the good work!!!!

I want to join too!!


SW: 169

CW: 142

GW: 130

Yahooo...I hit the 20 lb loss today!! 


SW 211.2

CW 191.2

GW 160.0


I would like to be at 180 by Christmas!!

I would really like to join too! I just started using this site today and I am soo stoked to be getting healthy. I had a baby girl 5months ago and I have lost all the weight from the pregnancy but I was overweight before I had her. I want to get healthy for her. I want her to know that mommy is going to be around for a long time.

My SW 176

MY GW 155 (By christmas)

My GW 140 (By FEB)


Thanks Pizza_lover!


I had a week of no loss at all and it made me sad but now I am back to losing! :) 


I would like to join as well... my target is to lose 20 lbs... :)

I eat pretty healthy as well - and workout 2 - 3 times a week :)

Good luck

Today is weigh in day...where is everyone??! i hope you are all well.

Stats for this week:

SW: 170 (for this challenge)

CW: 164 (-1lb this week)

Total Loss for Challenge: -6

GW: 145 (Christmas)

I guess i'm happy with 1lb - i would have been happier with 2, but a loss is a loss, so i'll take it. I'm currently training for a half marathon in Vegas in just over 4 weeks and i've decided to give up chocolate for the month of November to try and help me lose those extra pounds, which for me is massive, because i am a HUGE chocoholic!!

Hope everyone has had a good week.

  • SW: 183
  • CW: 170.6 (down 0.7 from Monday)
  • GW: 154

As i didn't weigh in last week i actuall dont know what i weighed, but 2 weeks ago i weighed 169.8 so to have only put on 0.8 is really nothing (considering i had a week off to do whatever i wanted...i ATE EVERYTHING)! if i worked a little be harder this week i would have probably seen a better change on the scales!



I'm in.  I'm a 34 yr old female and stand at 5'6"


My SW was 232.5 (May 13)

My CW is 179.5

My Christmas goal weight is 165.

My overall goal weight was 165, but now that I am so close, I may change it.

22 lb loss so far!!  Yippeee!!

SW 211.1 (Sept 14)

CW 189.2

GW 165.0

1400-1500 calories daily and 30 minutes a day on elliptical machine, really want to be 180 by Christmas, I will make that plus more hopefully!

Where has everyone been????

I have also disappeared for a bit so I apologize.  Welcome to the new members!  Hope everyone is having a great week! 

Here are my stats:

SW: 155 (for this challenge - sometime in early September)

CW: 150 (stayed the same over the past couple weeks)

I have not been eating as healthy as I would like to be lately and I haven't been logging much either - funny how I'm not very eager to log calories when I'm eating poorly.  ; )  I have been maintaining my workouts so that is good.  I checked my body fat percentage last week at the gym and it is 21.6% which is between good and excellent.  I would like to get it down to 20%. 

I miss my X-Mas Challenge Supporters!  Hope everyone is doing well and that I hear from you soon!


Hi this is so great!

I finally got my butt in gear and started a diet on Tuesday. I'm really struggling and it's only day 3!!

However it's a 6 week diet, and Christmas is about 6 weeks from now.

Like Laura, I really just want to blow everyone away and feel great about myself when I see everyone for Christmas.

My Starting weight is 292

Current weight is still 292

My overall goal weight is 168

I don't have a specific goal for Christmas just want to be a new me! Been avoiding bread and dairy, eating lots of veggies, protein, healthy carbs, etc. I eat five times a day, but am always so hungry! Does anyone have some advice on how to tweak this diet to make it more tolerable? lol I'm afraid I'm going to binge.

November 1 ~ 171.3
November 5 ~ 170.6
November 12 ~ 166.8
November 19 ~
November 26 ~
December 3 ~
December 10 ~
December 17 ~
December 24 ~
December 31 ~
END: HAPPY NEW YEARS! - Goal: 154.Something

AH do you know how happy i am right now...finally got out of that 170 range...only 12lbs to go...VERY Happy!

buntingsa09 - Welcome!  What helps me curb cravings - drinking lots of water, chewing sugar free gum, and making sure I get enough calories throughout the day.  I am very active so if I am eating too few calories I typically end up binging later on.  I binge on healthy food because I have stopped keeping unheallthy food in my kitchen, but I still go over on calories.  Good luck!

tasha12345 - Great loss this week!  Keep up the good work!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


SW (sept 20) 137.2

Oct 7th: 134.6 

oct 14th: 133.0

oct 21st: 131.0 

oct 28th: 127.8 

Nov 5th: 129.4

Nov 12th: 128.6

Total loss for challenge: 8.4 lbs, 4.6 to go!

GW (christmas): 124


November 1 ~ 171.3
November 5 ~ 170.6 ( -0.7lbs)
November 12 ~ 166.8 ( - 3.8lbs)
November 19 ~ 164.8 (-2lbs)
November 26 ~
December 3 ~
December 10 ~
December 17 ~
December 24 ~
December 31 ~
END: HAPPY NEW YEARS! - Goal: 154.Something

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