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Weight Loss
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I wrote too much But.. it explained alot.

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I'm Fat!!Foot in mouth??basicly what can i say i suffer from depression pretty typical stereotype i guess, But there is something different this time, In the past ive tried to loose weight and just failed, I felt life was too short i should enjoy myself and stuff , But i notice that i didin't eat much but would still?gain weight, Ofcourse i get critizied people love to talk and say things they shoudent just to put u down like "i eat too much i dont work out, i just sit around"?the typical things they say about fat people, But it wasen't the case at all, I went to my doctor and found i was fine =/ but i told her there has to be something wrong with me, Nope general doctor said i was fine, just loose weight its like the only thing they say i mean u tell em u have knee pain and they will blame it on weight always loose weight!!! Ugh just shut up like i dont know lol....Yell, Finaly it was my Phyciatris that found out i have a thyroid problem i have hypothyroidism?It explained allot , My depression my slow metabolism,? All this time it was never rly my fault, Surprised?BUT!! It dosent make me feel any better i still feel fat and discusting.

? But like i said, this time its different, This time i feel like i can actually do it, i can loose weight and be happy for once in my life, Atleast i am hopeing for it, Finding this web site buying the rigth foods, calorie counting.?are all first steps, I hope and pray i can do it. I'll pray for all of us ^^?

So i guess what im saying is, Tongue out?I will appreciate any support and advice!! help me please i'll love u forever hehe.?and go to the doc and have that thyroid checked, i mean it could answer allot of questions! btw i lost 1 pound already lol =p

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Well congrats on the first pound. It takes time but as the weight starts to come off you may find that it motivates you more to continue to eat healthy, at least it did for me. Those first few pounds were exciting! Now if only I could exercise more : /  Exercise is key so try to get started early on in your journey, find something that you like to do and do it often. I've only been here a few days myself, but there's lots of support and good advice on the site.
Grats and good luck.
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Thank you for sharing your's close to mine...Your picture is beautiful...

and you want to get back to that weight? I can relate. Going thru tough 3 yrs.

out of work, taking odd jobs, depressed about so much. Going Holistic, no anti-

depression drugs...just need to start the exercising thing again. Like spinning.

** I think it helps us just to write and maybe be heard, and related too!!

Happy New Year...glad to see 2008 = will be great!

 Angelein :)




Congrats! I'm also going to get my thyroid checked soon... how different do you feel while you're on the medication?

Believe me I know how it is to have a thyroid problem. I went blind when I was four due to a brain tumor, and it messed up all sorts of other stuff, including my petuitary gland and somehow my body's ability to produce thyroid, so I've been on medication since then (that's 15 years ago now). I, also, have a horrible time with losing weight at times. They just raised my thyroid medication so I'm hoping that helps. Before this, I was gaining consistently 20 pounds a year. I didn't eat great, sure, but I knew people who ate a lot more and were a normal weight.

Anyway, good luck with it.

alexxandra, I don't understand why one should feel any differently on the medication?

TY for all ur responces just like angelein said, its just nice to let it out and hope people do understand and can learn from it ya ^_^,,

       &nb sp;  I dont feel different rly on the meds (which is "Levothyroxine" first dose was .75mg now its 0.175mg) the medication is small they have diff doses,One thing i do notice is i use to be really cold all the time lol even thou i was chubby and my friends where thin i was the one freezing when it wasen't so cold so i go teased allo like "ur fat u should be warm and warming us up ^^;," For some reason now i can tolerate the cold a little more  =p

     Plus i mean weight is coming off i notice!But i remember, the challenge my doctor told me, he said " Weight is gonna start to come off fast u'll see, But Its keeping it off that will be the hardest for you"

So even when i do feel comfty with my weight, My battle continues!!

*Pulls out guns! Carrots! I'm Ready!

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