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Worried about tonsil surgery

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Hello, have just started to get back on track after a few weekends away and have been losing about 1.5 lb/week.  I'm also starting week 5 of C25K.  I just found out I'll be getting my tonsils out next Wednesday and I'm worried about a couple things, so if anyone has any experience around this age (25 y.o.) please help!

1) Will it mess up my metabolism?  I'm scared I'll lose lots of weight then gain it all back as soon as I can eat again and then have problems losing around 1500 cal.

2) How badly will it mess up my training?  When will I be able to exercise and run again?

3) I'm going away on vacation approximately one month after the surgery.  Will I be ok to fly and enjoy my vacation?

Thanks soooo much to anyone who can help!

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I had my tonsils out when I was 14.  A very long time ago.  The surgery is probably easier now.

I dont think it will mess with your metabolism.  If you are healthy your body can recover easily from minor surgery.

It hurts.  You should know that but it is temporary and is not likely to keep you down too long. 

Ask your doc about flying - but i can not see that it would be off limits.  By a month out you should be pretty well recovered.

Well your gonna be doing liquid and soft stuff for a little while. My nephew just had this surgery about a month ago and he was up and running around after a few days. You can resume normal exercise when you feel up to it.

I guess you should just try to keep your calories where they should be and you should be fine.

I had my tonsils out as an adult - I was also about 25 when I had it done.  I think you'll be fine for your vacation.  Your first week will be pretty rough if your experience ends up being similar to mine.  I wouldn't worry about your metabolism, etc - it's not going to be a long term thing - for me I did end up eating quite a few frosty's, milkshakes, and macaroni salads and things that were not hard to eat.  If you're like me, you'll find that you're not eating a lot, but the foods are higher in calories, so it'll even out.  The main thing they'll tell you is to drink often to keep your throat moist.  Just make sure you give your body time to recover - this surgery is much more difficult as an adult - kids recover in a matter of days.  Don't push yourself - but listen to your body.  I also remember being very tired the week after the surgery also.  Of course, I haven't had any problems with my throat since the surgery - so in the long run it was definitely worth it!  Good luck!! 

I had mine out last year (I was 36).  It was painful but not as bad as what I had heard.  Drink a ton of water.  Wake your self up every hour in the middle of the night or as much as you can and sip water(at least for the first 4 days or so; after that maybe every 2-4 hours).  Keeping your throat moist is so important.  Also remember to take your meds as scheduled and that will help a lot.  I started eating stuff like creamy soup and mashed potato (room temp)  on the second day and I think that helped my throat heal faster.  Also apple sauce and soft macaroni and cheese and italian ice.  I didn't lose any weight really but I didn't gain any either.  It took about 2-3 weeks before I was ready to begin any exercise more than walking.  Your doctor will give you specific instructions about that.  I wasn't allowed to lift over 10lbs for 3 weeks.  You should be completely healed for your vacation.  Remember to drink constantly. 

I had mine out when I was 18. You will be very tired for the first couple days. Do drink lots of water, also the icee pops that come in a box of 100 are great (the doctors may give you one when you wake up after the surgery) or even italian ice that you can spoon in to your mouth. Creamy stuff is a no no. It will create too much mucus and will be uncomfortable and hard to clear. Also no straws and no ice cream(creamyness). Try to have food in your stomach before you take your meds. on the 2nd day I woke up and was in sp much pain and took a spoon full of my tylonal w. codine and within a few hrs I threw up. Not as bad as I thought but still you can risk opening things and bleeding. Chef boy ardee was my food of choice cause the noodles just slipped down easily and it gave me the cals I needed for the day. You should be fine in a month for your vacation it may still be a little sore when swallowing foods.

I had mine out @ 21 or 22, it is a pretty rough ordeal.  I agree with keeping your throat moist, and staying away from creamy things, I ate clear broths, and drank sprite... I gound out I was pregnant 4 days post op so I went without anything more than regular tylenol for pain, I was on demeral by iv when I found out ,.. I had to take my iv out myself. It was a pain pump, and on  a Sunday. I didn't gain or lose any weight, but with me being pregnany I forced myself to eat.  Also just take it easy and don't try to over do it the 1st week. Rest and drink and take care of yourself, dont worry about calories

Good Luck!

My tonsils came out at age 15. I heard that the younger you are, the easier the surgery and recovery are.

It was very painful (I'm a wimp). I totally lost my appitite (I'm sure the drugs helped with that), and was bed ridden for a least a few days. I ended up losing about 10+ pounds right after the surgery (wonder how much of that was tonsils?), but gained it right back.  I had a lot of muscle loss from lying around so much, and from the low, low calorie intake but I recouped quickly.

You should be fine a month afterwards; it'll only be the first week that will be hard. It would help if you have someone to take care of you for the first couple of days.

I had my tonsils out at 24 so very darned close to your age, I didn't eat at all except for jelly for nearly a week and because I hadn't eaten much I didn't have an appetite and just slowly reincreased my food once I could eat, provided you gradually reintroduce food as you can start eating you will be fine as your body will slowly recover its understanding of the nutrition in.

You won't be able to do anything except lay in bed for probably close to a week and definitely won't be exercising!  Sorry but you need to make sure you have bountiful supplies of aspirin as I wouldn't wish this on anyone - it was hell.

Thanks everyone for all the great advice and experiences.  I'm still really nervous, but at least your experiences have helped to counter some of the really frightening ones I've found on the internet!!  I'm sure I'll be around a lot over those two weeks after so hopefully you'll be around to keep me company as I recuperate!  Calorie count needs a live chat option!!

i can't really speak to tonsils (i was three when mine came out), but i just had surgery with some complications, and my appetite went in the tank.  between the pre-surgery fast and the post-surgery "full fluids" (read: mush) diet, i had no interest in food.  i lost weight for three weeks (about 14 pounds), then started to recover my energy and appetite.  now i'm 30 days post surgery.  my fitness is almost back to normal, my appetite is good (not great), and i've gained back 2 pounds. 

just take your time and let yourself fully recover, because complications can be much worse than the surgery itself or the illness that necessitated it.

So odd, the day after I posted this I had to take my  4 year old to dr and now she has to have hers out!

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