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Weight Loss
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Just wondering...

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Yeaa i'm new and just have some questions. I know that the thing says that if you're supposed to eat 1200 calories a day, and you burn lets say 300 at the gym or something, you're supposed to eat the equivilant of the calories you burned to get back to 1200. Doesn't that just throw away all the work you did to burn those calories?
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No, because you aren't working out to burn calories you've ate, you're working out to be stronger and healthier. You need 1200 net calories for your body to function. I suppose if you overindulge you could exercise to "work it off" but I would try to just exercise and eat appropriate amounts instead. If you slip up just forgive yourself and move on to the next day. Good luck. :)
No, Not really... You probably burn around 1500 just by sitting around and passing a day away so in order to NOT be in a severe calorie defecit you should eat something extra just because if you lose too much weight, it's coming from your muscles (which is the reason you burn calories) and that makes you lose weight SLOWER!  so you really don't want to burn your muscles for energy, just the fat.  So try to assess what you use for energy in the day and keep your diet within your recommended calorie defecit.  I won't give nutrition advice, but I *heard* it was very bad to stay more than 500 calories under your energy expenditure.
thanks for the advice! :)
Actually, if you burn 300 calories at the gym, that does not mean you should be eating 300 calories to compensate.  As a general rule, this can work.

Iā?ll throw out some numbersā?¦

In a 24 hour period, I typically burn 2400 calories.   Thats 100 calories per hour.

If I go to the gym and workout for 1 hour and I burn 600 calories, you would think that Iā??m up to 3000 calories burned.  However, that 1 hour at the gym that I worked out I was not sitting on my butt burning the 2400 calories.  There arenā??t 25 hours in a day.

So my new calories burned should be 23 hours of sitting on my butt calories (2300) and 1 hour of workout calories (600).  So my total burned is actually 2900 and not 3000.  I should be eating an extra 500 calories and not 600 calories.

I know, its only 100 calories.  Its a pain to count all this up.  The CC Activity log takes that into account for you.  So to get a more accurate picture, make sure you use the activity log to track things.


The activity log will not show you your total expenditure.  It only shows you your activities.  Make sure you go to the Account Home that shows you your weight graph, your food intake, and your expentidure.

As for the amount of calories you eat/burn, what activity level did you put when you calculated those calories?  It seems that you put Light Activity.  Which means that you do light exercise every day.  As per the description of Light Activity in the tool, you walk under 2 hours a day.

I prefer setting it to sedentary and then adding in all my exercise myself.  At least for the first 3-4 months.  Gives you a more accurate picture of what is going on.

You need to hit a 500 deficit either by eating 500 less calories, eating your maintenance calories (1700) and burning 500 via exercise or, the preferred healthy route, a combination of the two (say 250 less eating, 250 more burning).

Check out this post for awesome information. 0.html

You do know that at your current height / weight, you are considered healthy?  You should look into some toning exercises and such instead of just pure weight loss.  Just my 2 cents.

You seem to know what's goin' on.  And I hope you don't mind the questions of another...I am currently 168, wanting to lose 28 by April 30.  I am eating 1400-1500 calories each day, I have a moderate activity level - work full time, mom, etc, and I also work out at the gym 4 times per week, burning on average between 400-600 calories.  Main question - should I be eating more???  Because I feel that if I do, I won't lose weight. 
Honestly, you should drop the level of activity to sedentary and then get into the habit of logging your activities when you log your food.  It will give you a more accurate and understandable picture of what you are doing.

Is 1500 enough?  Depends how tall you are.  Iā??m assuming this site said that 1500 is your weight loss level, so 2000 is your maintenance level?  If so, then eating 1400-1500 is ok on non-workout days.  If you burn 500 calories working out, you should up your intake by the right amount of calories to still hit your correct deficit  So eating 1500 on a day you are burning 500 calories is not enough.  Use the activity log and the food log! 

Its also not just about intake and output.  You should look into what you are eating, when you are eating it and how much of it you are eating.  Check out the link I put in my above post.

I know eating more is scary.  People are stuck on you have to eat next to nothing to lose weight.  This is totally untrue.  Make sure your body is fed in a healthy way and you will be fine.  This is not a race.  This is your health.  It is not an instant fix. 

Be informed.  Know about things and how your body reacts to them.  Donā??t just do what people tell you.  Everyoneā??s bodies are different. 
Nope, I am not a trainer.  I started my healthy eating journey back in May 2005.  I joined this site, read as many posts as I could to get information, asked a few questions, and off I went.  So I am no different than you. =)

The eating more thing usually applies to people who are already eating less than they should.  Their body is in what is called "Starvation Mode".  They eat too little, so their body thinks they are starving.  It then stores everything up, not letting anything go.  And they don't lose weight. 

By upping their calories to a recommended safe and healthy level, their body slowly comes out of starvation mode and starts to process foods and such normally.  It will then fall into a normal weight loss patern. 

The longer you have been underfed, the longer it will take to come out of starvation mode.

I often read posts from people here who are not eating enough.  Lets say that need to eat 2000 calories to maintain their weight.  So they should aim for 1400 per day to lose weight.  But they have been eating 900-1000 calories per day.

At first, they did lose weight.  But then they stop as their body is starving.  So by eating more, they will lose weight.

This can also apply to someone who is over-exercising.  If you eat 1400 in a day, but you burn off 500 of that, you only have a daily intake of 900.  Not enough.  Your body thinks it is starving.

Hope this helps...

Oh, and no probs about the friending hehe =)
You are correct.  Your deficit should be the total of the two numbers at the end of the day, after logging all food and all extra activities.

There are no hidden numbers in terms of overall calories and such.  However, what you have to also look into a few other things to make sure you are eating healthy:

- Proper balance of Protein / Carbs / Fat
- Drinking a lot of water
- Eating regularly during the day, not all the calories at once
- Eating enough of the other nutrients.

Check out the post that I referred to a few times.  It will give you great information.  And donā??t stress out over any of it.  I still eat too many carbs each day hehe

sydney3990, so sorry for hijacking your thread.  And if anyone sees anything wrong with what I said, please step in and correct.
lol no problem, I'm just happy to see that I'm not the only one who was totally confused about this stuff. Thanks alot for the advice, it's really helped to clear stuff up. Continue hijacking all you want :)
Thanks a bunch!!  This has helped me to understand better.
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