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Women's clothing sizes, body weights

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Just curious to see how everyone else out there fares with women's sizing.  I currently weigh about 155 and am relatively fit/muscular, and wear a size 8 (I am 5'5").  Two years ago (before baby) I was about 142, very fit, and was easily wearing size 4.  Size 6 for me is about 146. 

 What are everyone else's experiences with weight and sizing? 

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I'm 5'9", 140lbs and wear a 4ish? sometimes a 6 depending on the brand.  But I still have a lot of loose flubber in the mid section to tighten up :)
When I was 5'9 and 145 I wore a size 8 in jeans and 6-8 in skirts.  I'm now 5'10 and 170 wearing a size 12 in jeans and skirts and a 10 in dresses.  At about 155-160 I wore a size 10 usually.  I've never been very fit, but hopefully that will change :)
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I am 5'9"-10 and 199lbs and wear a size 16 pants, size 14 or L shirts.  I just had a baby in June though...so things are still tightening up.  I would say even at this same weight by Christmas I will be back in 14s. 

Even at 150lbs I was in size 10-12s.  A lot has to do with your hip structure. 

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Interesting.   Here's another thought:  about fifteen years ago, I clearly remember weighing 122 (skinny for me!) and squeezing myself into a J.Crew size 6 skirt (I loved that skirt).  Given that size 6 for me now ranges somewhere around 146....what does that say about the way sizing has changed?


Interesting comments.... 

I'm 5'4" and 144, and I'm wearing a 11 or 12 in pants, getting close to a 9/10, but not there yet.  Still at 12 or 14 in shirts (otherwise there's gaping...  I'm relatively well-endowed in the chest. <grin> ). 



I am 5'8"

At 132 lbs I was wearing size 5 jeans ( 6 years)

At 160 lbs I was wearing size 11 jeans (4 years)

At 180 lbs I am now wearing size 15 jeans (current)
5'8" - pretty close to above!

Lower 130's was size 6, 150 was a 10 and currently at 175ish, I wear a 15 or 14, depending on brand/cut
About 6 foot, 221 pounds, and I wear a 12, sometimes  a 14.
I'm 5'9", 125 and wear sizes 2-4.  Skirts are usually size 2, pants I can fit into 2s but they're tight right now.  LOL  4s would probably be better. 

I've weighed that for 10 years aside from pregnancy weight (going up and down) but I think I was a size 6 at around 135-140 and a size 10 at around 150 maybe? 

Are we talking women's sizes?

I'm 5'6" with an athletic build at 145 pounds. I wear a size 11 in juniors because I have wide hips (I am 20 years old). Would I be a smaller size in women's? That would be a confidence boost!

frandorra---My numbers are pretty close to yours, i am 5'6 and 157lbs and i am a size 8. I also go down to about a size 6 when i hit the 140s
As far as I know, women's (even numbers) are cut for people with curves and junior's (odd sizes) are cut for straighter bodys.  Think hourglass vs. ruler respectively.  I've almost never worn a junior's cut, and I'm only 17, but I've had hips since middle school.  Just try them both out, see what works for you.
For me, it's all in the waist line.  I am a comfortable size 8 in low rise pants - but no way could I button a size 8 in regular cuts.  But pants I can button in regular cuts are are so baggy on my hips I look like a clown in them. 

Yes, the odd-junior sizes are for more straight figures, and would fit me great it they had something other than little girl styles to pick from.   Jeans with beaded flowers and bright colored inserts do not go over well with professional adults.
Hi!  Back in the olden days I weighed 135 and I'm 5'7".  At that time I never was less than a size 10, but I think sizes have changed.  Now at 195 I'm a good 16 in the pants and 18 in the tops.

I'm 5'6", and at 152, and I think I'm finally officially comfortably fitting into 10s.  I was wearing 12s from like 155 up to 170ish.

Of course, this is all on my gym's scale.  Mine (analog) thinks I'm 7 pounds lighter.  I'm not sure which is more accurate; I just use the gym one because I can get a more precise number. 

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I have a lot of muscle mass from skating for years and I'm 5' 8''...but I always thought it wasn't normal that I'm about 250 lbs and wear sizes 14-16. I don't know, I generally hear of people much lighter than me fitting in those sizes

Man, there are some tall women here. I am a bit envious.  Anyway, I am 5'3" 111-112lbs and I wear 2's and 3's in pants/jeans and small tops.  When I weighed 172lbs 2 1/2 yrs ago I was wearing 12's and 14's and lg/x-lg shirts.

I am 5'9

At 195 when I was 19 I wore a very tight 16

At 165 I wear a 10 or 12

I need to drop at least 15 pounds to comfortably drop a size :(
I am 5'1 and 145lbs

Size 10 in pants, Size 6-8 in shirts....as u can see, a 'pear' shape ;)
I'm 5'11'' and weigh 194. Size 14 pants and size 16 tops fit me perfectly right now.
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