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Women: How much weight do you gain before & lose after your period?

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I'm 18 years old. I've been menstruating for about 8 years now, though since this is the first time I've ever become serious about changing my lifestyle, it's also the first time I've paid attention to my water retention weight after my period instead of just before it..

I've paid enough attention to my body to know that before a period, I gain anywhere from 1-4 pounds overnight from bloating; as soon as my period is over, I generally go back to normal. 

This month, I went from 125 (normal) to 127 from bloating and, admittedly, from a bit of a sodium increase in my diet from comfort food. It's been about 4 days and my period should end tomorrow or the day after. I stepped on the scale today, and without clothes I was 123.2 lbs. With clothes, I was more around 124.5 lbs. I tested this several times, so the weights I just posted are averaged out.

I'm pretty good about weighing myself in the same conditions (naked, after a bathroom break). Even with my clothes, 3 lbs seems a lot of weight to have lost after my period. 4 lbs seems too uncanny to be true. Does anyone have some kind of explanation for this?

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I think between hormones and water retention anything is possible. I have mine right now and I feel so bloated it's disgusting. Although, I never have stepped on a scale to measure the before and after weight loss/gain due to my period.  But you're young, with good metabolism, so an extra pound loss might just be your body burning fat and calories. Enjoy being 18, a pound and a half lighter, and having a fast metabolism. Laughing

Sure it makes sense. It's not only the weight lost after yor period, its also the weight you lost while you were bloated that you couldn't see at the time.

I gain about a pound or two the day I'm going to start, hold onto said pound or two for a couple of days, and then end up losing the amount I retained, and even some extra if I'm lucky.

My period-bloat is actually a good predictor for when I'm going to get my period, because my period doesn't start until mid-day, or even in the evening, but the morning before it starts I'm usually up a pound or two. It just sucks, because Mondays are my weigh-in days, and I started my period yesterday, so the period bloat is still sticking around. =( Hopefully I'll see 207 by the time this whole thing is over...

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I gain a ton of weight right before my period. Normally I weigh a very steady 143lbs, but at the moment I'm closer to 150 with my PMS bloat. I retain tons of water weight for some reason, and the fact that PMS backs up my entire system doesn't help much, so I'm hoping that cranberry juice and an hour at the gym might help make me feel better and stop any cramps before they start :(

for me its about 2-3lbs of water weight. usually goes away by the end of my period.

If there's one thing I've noticed about that time of the month, it's that there's just no telling.  Sometimes it's a 4 pound difference overnight.  Sounds like you might have been on the verge of a slight loss before you started - that's happened to me before.

Can be a five pound swing for me.

I'm 18 too and i just started having problems with water retention a few months ago.  During school i was normally around 110.  Then I shot up to 120 in a few days! It never occurred to me that it was water weight so I worked out and ate little and when i got off my period I was 108. I felt so good about myself that I ate a pound of m&m's and got right back up to 110 before I knew it. and on through to 115. lol.

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I've actually asked a doctor this and the estimated weight gain around your period is 5 pounds of gas and water retention! Isn't that crazy? It makes me feel better though knowing that it's not sticking around!!

I'm reading all these.... and its my first time really calorie counting and watching my weight.  Its TTOM for me right now - so I'm kind of excited to see if at the end of this week or early next there  is a nice dip in the  scales for me.  hehe

I weigh about 3 pounds more than normal.  My solution is not to weigh myself a few days prior, during and I wait a few days after.  Even though I KNOW the cause - it still stresses me out to see the number on the scale go up instead of down. 

3-5 pounds isn't unusual for me at all.

yep..i usually gain between 4-6 pounds..it sucks...but it goes away ;)

>>"i Was normally around 110. then I shot up to 120 in a few days!"<<

I am SO glad I just read this. I havent checked my weight in a bit but I eat right, workout, etc.. I just started my period today and happened to check my weight and saw I was 120!- All I pretty much eat is fruit, veggies, beans, nuts /almond or cashew butter. (any fats like nuts I try to keep in moderations). natural drinks: kombucha, fresh OJ, fresh smoothies and juiced drinks. coconut juice... and wine (around 2 glasses or so.. though my boyfriend usually helps me out / steals it, knowing I dont drink much)

Usually I'm between 110-115. I have noticed myself eating when I'm not hungry (I know thats a major shame mark right there) but that was me more or less keeping in mind that I hadnt ate much throughout the day. I was counting the calories in my head. either I was way off or its this period business.. I hope its the period bloat! I never knew it would go up so much.

I'm going for a run!

ok here is a question added on to this question so how long does it take for things to go back to normal should it be immediatly after it stops or a couple days after???? im in the same boat right now  cause before mine started on tuesday the scale said 180lbs and now its saying 183/184lbs and it appears mine has stopped as of today! I cant have messed up so badly with my eating that it went up 3-4 lbs!!!

Original Post by fste081172318:

ok here is a question added on to this question so how long does it take for things to go back to normal should it be immediatly after it stops or a couple days after???? im in the same boat right now  cause before mine started on tuesday the scale said 180lbs and now its saying 183/184lbs and it appears mine has stopped as of today! I cant have messed up so badly with my eating that it went up 3-4 lbs!!!

(I am just answering you since this is an older thread.)

At times it has taken as long as 3-4 days after my period stops before I lose the weight. It does depend on what you have been eating too, if you have had some extra salt these past few days and not enough water then that can make you hold on to that bloat just a little while longer. Drink some extra water if you want to speed up the process.

I noticed four days ago I gained four pounds over night, started my period two days ago now, so I am hoping this is the cause for the weight gain, as I'm pretty upset as I've only been on here a few weeks and seemed to be making process day by day. But now there's this little voice telling me that weight loss was just lucky, and I'll always be fat... it's the way I am. Maybe that's the period talking too, lol

I am 21 and I feel your frustration! I am the queen of weight fluctuation and it drives me nuts! I generally have a lack of appetite one week before my period starts so I consume much less food then I normally do. However, despite my lack of appetite and lower calorie consumption...I weigh much more! I become very constipated and bloated during this time period and I gain weight every day until my period finally comes. On average, I gain between 4-7 lbs in a matter of days. The other day I weighed in at 114lbs and just 3 days later I weigh 4 lbs more (this trend will continue until the first day of my period). From what I have read this is normal...it can be demotivating so I try to avoid the scale until AFTER my period is over! My weight regulates by the end of my period. 

I'm 52 and not in menopause yet.. Premenstrual symptoms of bloating and so on mean I will gain 5 lbs (more if I don't avoid the salty foods I crave). Then during the following 10 days, before and during my period, I suffer with diarrhea (according to my gyno it's quite a common reaction to the hormone swings) so a few days after my period ends, I've lost the 5 bs I gained before and sometimes an extra pound as well.

My reaction to this time of the month (and not being on any kind of BC that could affect it) is systemic in that it also affects my digestion, muscles and joints too.

I think every woman's experience is slightly different on how we react to the hormone drop and surge, the cravings, discomfort and moods swings that result from all that. Whatever is usual for YOU is normal. It's only if your normal drastically changes that you need to worry.

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