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Women: how do you get rid of the roll under your boobs?

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I know that you can't spot reduce, but I'm having so much trouble seeing how I'm ever going to get rid of this roll. I have larger breasts (and that probably contributes to it), and it's a roll at the front that sits right under my bra and is always there (but especially when I'm sitting).  There's like a permanent wrinkle there from it or something. It doesn't seem like fat..more like this roll of skin....it kinda looks like my ribs are sticking out alot but it's not those. It IS right on where my bottom rib would be (if I press in I feel the bone)...so I wonder how stomach exercises (ex. crunches,etc.) could even tone muscle there.

I'm sorry if this is a stupid question, but it really bothers me! I can sit up straight and make my stomach more or less flat, but this never goes away!
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i was going to crack a joke and ask which one but i see you are serious (like we all are about this stuff!)

anyway, do you think it is from too small a bra?  like a ring that's too small and indents the finger
i get that...just underneath the ribs like you said. not sure there's alot you can do about it...everyone gts rolls of some sort when hey sit down...guess some people just get left with a crease from it!

I have the same thing! It seems to "restart" itself in the morning (no more crease), but gets worse as time passes, right?

I don't know how to lose it (I still have it, so... :/), but as you lose weight and tone up (crunches seem good), I'm sure it will decrease/ go away :)
I have that too! I'm not slim but it's still like, "WHY ARE YOU THERE?!"

Because it shows when I sit and it makes me self contious!

how do you get rid of it?  is this supposed to be a trick question?  you eat less.
Do the plank (or bridge) exercise every day. It has worked wonders for my abs in that region (even though still flabby as all hell at least they have some contour now). That and continued weight loss, it will go away.
The missus says nursing helps out a lot.
nursing (producing milk) burns calories.  it has nothing to do with fat in a specific location.
I'm just going by what the missus says.  I stand by her.  She nursed our two kids, after all.
i think that like any other fat on your body it will take cardio to go away. once you start losing weight eventually it will go, it depends on the person where they lose their fat from though. crunches and ab work will help tone the muscle under the fat.
i don't believe you ever get rid of it. because once the fat is gone you still have skin there. even healthy, skinny people (maybe not the ones with rock hard abs) have that little roll underneath their bra.
i don't, and i'm not skinny.  and i definitely don't have rock-hard abs.
I know this thread is super old, but I just had to say I have been fat all my life & only recently developed this roll despite no recent change in weight. When I sit down, it affects my breathing b/c it is right on my diaphragm. Interesting though, I had lap band surgery 4 months ago, the surgical report said my transverse colon (the part that goes straight across ur belly) was so distended it was literally pushing my stomach & liver up farther in my abdominal cavity. They totally cleaned my colon out while doing the surgery, & afterwords, the roll was much smaller & didn't interfere with my breathing when I sat down I didn't even feel it. I just started to feel it & am having trouble breathing again despite LOSING 25lbs since surgery. I don't really know what to do now. I had severe infectious colitis in march due to norovirus going around, now I was told I have post infectious irritable bowel or IBS-PI it is temporary but can still last years in some ppl, so maybe that has something to do with it.

Anyway, I just wanted to put it out there, that this may be something unrelated to weight gain if weight loss doesn't help it u should get it checked out. I have still yet to find a definitive dx, or a permanent solution.
Hey c: I find many women have this and I'm an artist and even if a women I'm drawing is skinny I often will draw the "roll" a you call it underbust and I know many women are self conscious about it, but I'm my case, I honestly just find it beautiful and just think it adds depth and makes my drawing more realistic (I'm weird, and like to draw naked women with colored hair but hey, that's just me. I think the only way to get rid of the curve under your busy is probably to focus of fat loss instead of muscle gain if at all possible (obviously I'm not a professional)
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