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any women 5'6.5 whats your ideal weight?

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I'm between 5'6 and 5'7 and am interested to hear from anyone with similar stats what your REAL ideal body weight would be if you could just snap your fingers and be granted a wish...!

I have been sitting around 56kgs for 5ish years now, but always put on a couple of kgs after traveling every year. Current weight is around 58kgs, a good 3kgs over my normal.

If I could magically make it happen without killing myself trying I would like to be 52kgs. I carry weight on my thighs and they don't slim down until my weight gets quite low. Even then they are disproportionate!

Anyway, what's your stats and your secret ideals?
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I'm the same approximate height. I'm not super familiar with kgs- but a quick google conversion shows that 58 kg equals 127.8 lbs. My current weight is about 155, and I think my ideal weight would be between 135-140- but it just depends on your individual body type. One way to look at it is with BMI (which isn't a perfect system, I know). At 127 lbs, your BMI is on the low end of healthy (19.9). If you were to get down to 52 kgs you would be considered underweight with a BMI of 17.9.

I am also exactly 5'6.5". I currently weigh around 155 but my fantasy weight is 130 (that is how much I weighed in high school). Realistically though,  I'd be VERY happy with 140



Im 5'6 and currently 130, personally i prefer 120, it looks better on me
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My ideal is 132 and muscular.  I was perfect when I was that.  That is my goal, and this time I am not stopping until I get that.  But, sometimes as you get near your goal you realize you need to adjust.  It isn't what you thought it was going to be, or sometimes you realize that it is too much and you will be too skinny.  It really matters on what your body  makeup is.  If you are naturally slender, 127 would be too thin I would imagine.  Everyone is different.  Just do what feels right for you...it is easy to get carried away though once on the losing weight run...

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My mums 48 kg

I'm 5'6.5" too. :) I currently weigh 172 and wear a size 10. Before having my daughter I was 145-150 (depending on the day and time) and wore a size 6, in pictures from back then I looked really small. I am large framed, (7 inch wrist,) and have a lot of muscle, hourglass shaped, which helps me carry the extra weight well, (thank goodness!)

So that is my goal, 145-150 or a size 6-8. Sometimes I think it might be nice to try for 135-140, but I just don't think that is a realistic size for me. 

Not going to lie, I have a pretty awesome bod and it's really at it's tip top hotness around 132-135 and a size 2. I have been thinner and I looked fine. but I just love a healthy, fit look so much better. Especially since I'm over 25.  I have been heavier and still am heavier right now (I think I'm around 137-138, but I'm on vacation so who knows. My jeans are a size 27 or 4, but they've gotten baggy recently). 

But a lot of it depends on what suits your body.  A woman with lovely hips would look fantastic at a heavier weight at 5'6" or 5'7".  And a woman with tiny little bird shoulders and bones might look alright thinner than 130. And with age, a little, tiny, weight isn't very good looking.  

AND what's most important is being healthy and feeling great. Nothing is sexier than a woman that takes care of herself, without hurting herself, who loves herself, and is confident in her body, regardless the size!

I am 5' 6" 1/2. I have been 125lbs - my ribs showed and everyone thought I had a terminal illness.  I have been 135lbs and liked this the best - this is also my goal. 140lbs felt a little too much but still good.  and then anything above that I am uncomfortable in.

Wow okay, that is surprising. Perhaps I weigh less than most.  I am currently 127.60 and my BMI is 20.8 (not sure how above got such a low BMI?).  I usually maintain around 120, and that is a challenging but realistic weight for me to work at.  But my fantasy weight would be around 115. 

I am quite pear shaped, have slender sholders, arms, no bust to speak of (thank you two babies), but have a decent set of thighs on me. Long torso short legs. I run, so they are a bit toned, but until I get down around the 120 mark, I feel very self conscious of them. 

I am 28, almost 29 and vegetarian.  The heaviest I have ever been is around 150 after just having a babies.  I am about a size 4, maybe a 2 on top and 6 on the bottom?

Same height and currently #160 and not happy with it....

I think ideally at my age, size and activity level I should be about 140-145#....

I was 130-135 in college but was way more active and I don't really have the extra time to maintain that weight...

It's interesting to see others ideas of a healthy weight...I am light or moderately active....but not in weight training now at all just cardio..

I am shooting for 140... currently hovering around 158-160. I was 130 in college and 140 before having my first son.  I think @ 130 right now I would look too thin. Maybe that will change upon me reaching my goal??

I am 5'7.5 my ideal weight is 165lbs!

I'm 5'6.5" as well, around 150 right now but aiming for 130ish. My lowest adult weight was 128, I looked and felt terrific. I had almost no belly roll (just a teeny tiny bit, and this was post baby) and looked fit. I've always wanted to be in the 120's but with my medium frame low 130's works best I guess. Anyways, it doesn't matter the number as long as you feel good about how you look!

I'm 5'7 and my goal is 110, but I have a very tiny, fine bone frame. Even my skull is puny lol. When I was 5'7 and 110 in high school I did not have any visible ribs, collar bones, etc, so I never looked 'skinny', just small.

I'm 5'6.5, 55, female and still on my way to my goal of 150. I have 40 more lbs. to lose. 

I just researched my goal weight and for my height w/medium frame the chart said 140-159 lb.  Several years ago when I was in my 30's I got down to 125 and always felt hungry, had terrible leg cramps, and I had gallstone (? I think) attacks which went away when I gained some weight back.  At that time I was doing an aerobic class 2x a week, walking a minimum of 1 hr. per day and on weekends a long bike ride, hike or other activity with the family.  This round, I have physical limitations with my hip and a foot that was injured several years ago and do minimal exercise, yet try to do a little everyday until I start hurting. 

After reading this, I am a tiny bit discouraged (I am not so discouraged I will quit or anything like that), thinking that when I reached 150 I would be 'there' and now, you all (ya'll) have raised the bar on me! lol  I am realistic for my age and frame that 125 may not be ideal for me as it is for others, but still . . . I love the sound of 129-vs-150.    I dislike the thought of feeling I am almost there and realizing that so many of you consider 130 or less to be normal and I may need to push through another 20 lbs.  I guess, I will just wait until I get there.  Maintaining 150 is still better looking (and more healthy) than carrying around 275 lbs.  

It has been such a long time since I have enjoyed a thinner more normal sized body that my perception of correct size is a little warped, so forgive me for 'thinking out loud' so-to-speak.Surprised


pcoo, please don't feel discouraged.  You have to remember that what looks about on one person, will look way too thin on another.  Also, I think in all honesty, once you start getting under 135ish its just vanity pounds, pushing yourself to look more and more perfect.  I remember a time when I felt so skinny at 137 pounds after losing a bunch of weight.  Its all relative. 

I think you are doing AWESOME for having come from 275 down to around 190 already.  Thats just great and you must look and feel a million times better. 

Lastly, your body kinda knows where it wants to sit.  A healthy balanced diet watching your calories forevermore + excercise without going overboard, and your body will maintain what its comfortable to be at.  For me to maintain what I want to be at around 120, its very difficult and I am fighting against my body sometimes!

150 at your age and your frame, after having been 275 is hot mama!

Thank you for the encouragement!!!! I am still going for 150, knowing that is going to be a weight I CAN probably maintain without stress and feeling starved like I did 20 years ago at 125.  At my age, I have come to terms with the fact that I will probably never be the svelte, long, lean, athletic type, although I am a wanna be! (which is why I was discouraged)  I tried that before---lost weight, exercised, exercised, exercised and it backfired! I wasn't able to stay in control and when I lose control I have a hard time regaining that control (20 years in this case) --this time I am trying to be more realistic and going for something I can maintain (weight AND exercise) --long term. 

Healthy is the optimum objective and I can be healthy (and, for me, probably happier) at 150ish.  And, yes, at 190 (I am elated!) people are taking notice and it feels good to be more spontaneous in moving, less sluggish and it is nice to have some resemblance of a normal figure again. 

One of my daughter's think I am already 'thin' enough, lol, I think she just doesn't want me to get smaller than her, lol. Thanks again for your thoughtfulness, Tani.

I'm 5'7" and about 135 (I'm really pear-shaped and have a skinny upper body, even when I was heavy.  I would weigh more if I were a more balanced body type).

This is a very interesting thread.  I'm 5'6", 155 and 43 years old.  I think that if you lined everyone up who posted, we may all be the same height but our bodies would look vastly different.  Muscles are the variable. 

A woman who weighs 155, works out and strenth trains will look completely different that a woman who has reached that 155 weight purely through diet.  A pound of muscle weighs exactly the same as a pound of fat, but takes up much less room.

A better question to ask would be, what is your body fat percentage?  Mine is currently 22%, which isn't terrible.  Clothing size can be an indicator (but not a good one since most of the sizes vary by manufacturer).  When in doubt, break out the good old measuring tape.

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