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Women only please! - Breast reduction even after weight loss

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I would like to hear from anyone who has thoughts on this topic. I am considering a breast reduction in the future and have some questions.  I already spoke with one person from here that did this. I would like to speak with a few more. We don't have to do it forum style.  I tried looking into some forums specifically for this, but feel more comfortable here right now.

Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from women with a story to share.
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I have no personal story, but I can tell you that the half dozen people I know who have had breast reduction are delighted with the results.
Hey sun I talked to someone about this already but I can't remember if it was you.....if it wasn't you can find me on yahoo messenger shanna1922.....good luck
I have not yet had this procedure done yet but am planning to have it done as soon as my insurance gives the okay I have talked to a few people that have had it done and they say it made them feel a whole lot better about the wat they feel about themselves I am haveing it done because I have gotten bigger since losing weight instead of getting smaller and I am having alot of pain in my neck and shoulders am it has becomes medically nessary for me to have it done. I am now in a 46DD I have lost right at 30 pounds when I reach my goal I will have lost about 80 pounds. 
I'm a 40G right now at 214lbs and my goal weight is another 84lbs away. I don't know how much smaller they will get, but I'm thinking I will probably still be a DD when I get to 130lbs. That's pretty large... if my chest is still wreaking havoc with my back and neck then I will definitely get breast reduction surgery.
It's a very personal choice about weighing the cons of surgery and recover time as well as some scaring with the pros of less weight on your shoulders, easier time buying bras that fit and less problems with male oggling.  Personally I'm interested in having mine put back into a smaller size.  I'm currently hovering around a 36 DDD and will wait to see how much I can shrink.  I'd like to be around a C cup and would be thrilled to take some of the weight off my poor shoulders and back.
I have not personally had this done and I don't think I would want to unless absolutely necessary because I had a friend who had it done and said it was very painful. She was getting migraines from the extra weight and although it helped a little, she still does get migraines so it's not necessarily a cure-all. Just be aware of that.
well i have had it done and i cant say enough about it.  It was one of the best decisions I made.  Just shop around find you a good doctor with a good reputation and some one that you trust....good luck!

Good luck to you to bigmomma
I had breast reduction when I was 19. It was a lot of weight off of my chest. Unfortunately I gained weight after my surgery and now I wear a D cup, which isn't that big, but after my surgery I was a C. Before I was an F/G. Okay so, my back hurt terribly, and I had a lot of other problems because of it. After my surgery, it's been three years now, my back still hurts sometimes, I still slouch, BUT it's not near as bad as it used to be. AND I can finally find bra's!

I am really happy that I had my surgery. Before I was way way way too big for my height and weight, it has had only a positive impact on me. The scars aren't that bad either. :)

Think about what your reasons are before you do it so that you aren't disappointed afterwards, I mean if you decide to. :)

My back has been hurting for so many years, I can't remember. I have the back, neck, shoulder gouge, and underneath rash problem. These are all things I would like to solve with a reduction. I am done having children. I want to first get to a good weight, then have the surgery. I am curious about scarring, recovery and sensation loss (if any). 

Shanna~you talked to me ;)
I'd say that there is probably one in my future, that and a tummy tuck from the twin pregnancy.  I used to be a DDD, 36 DDD.  When I first got pregnant, my chest grew faster than my stomach.  I went up like 4 sizes and then another when my milk came in.  And they've never shrunk back even with weaning.  I'm still nursing now.  I measure at a 44  H or I.  I was even higher before I started losing weight.  At this point, my chest is a size bigger than the rest of me when I buy clothing.  However, I'm not done nursing OR having children and I breastfeed, so I will be waiting.  I have concerns about the surgery and I'd love to just lose it all, but I don't think enough will go away even when I do lose 65 more lbs or more.
I had a breast reduction for medical reasons when I was a sophmore in college.  I had some major complications but I still would do it over again if I had to.  I was a 38F and went down to a C.  I am currently a 36 full C which is perfect for my height.  I ended up being allergic to the stitches and my incision came open.  I have some major scars but I am not having the problems anymore.  I was having problems to the point that the muscles were ripping around ribs.  My back and neck and posture is so much better.  There is always a risk with any surgery but you have to talk to your doctor and make sure the surgery is what you want.  I had to have mine for medical reasons and even though I had some major complications I would do it again if it came down to that point.
I have a girlfriend who doesn't have a scar! She told me, "when I bent over,they looked like soccer socks with a grapefruit inside". She had a samll frame and the weight was killing her back, never mind her self image when she took her bra off at night. She loves herself now and says it's the best thing that she's ever done!

Me? Not so lucky. I wasn't like her. Never had the sock/grapefruit issue. Just large, about a double D but with lots of neck and back pain after an injury and when the pain didn't go away, they suggested reduction surgery. Scars? Yeah, if you want to call 1/4 purple tracks around my nipples and across my chest from one arm pit to the other, scars. My doc told me, "if you are worried about scars you might as well forget it now because you are going to have them" I also have little feeling anymore. I still can't have them touched without some discomfort, especially at that time of the month. My sis in law is the same way. So, there's your "bad experience" story. I wouldn't do it again and wish I never had but honey, that is me. You may be just fine.

If you decide to get it done, do like the girls are telling you, do your homework and talk to some girls you may know that don't mind showing you their "work". My doc was supposed to be the best.  Guess we all  don't have the same opinion and it could have just been me. Anyway, it's been almost 5 years and the scars are still purple.  Make sure you could live with that. I'm not trying to scare you... many people are very pleased with their choices.
mpinsent.....I am sorry it was such a bad experience for you and your sister in law.  I also had a friend who had hers done and they are not proportioned right and her scars are awful.  I cant imagine something that was so wonderful for my self being so miserable for some one else.  Sunshine,  remember find someone who you trust and who will show you their work!  Good Luck! *runs out to find mpinsent's dr and give him a reduction* lol
Hi Sunshinealwz,

You said you are considering a breast reduction and have some questions, but didn't say what your questions were.  I'd like to hear your questions.  I'm 30 and have had two children prior to the surgery.  I use to be a 36F and had a breast reduction a couple years ago.  After I had it done, I looked down and cried.  They looked like A's and I was pretty shocked.  That is even with the swelling.  Although, they reconstruct them as well and they were beautifully right up there again.  As time went on and I got resized at the bra store, it turned out that I was a D.  It was just the shock that I saw A's I guess.  Many women have questions or concerns and I was one of them, but in the end there isn't one thing that I regret and my surgery was a great experiance.  I didn't loose any sensation in my nipples.  The scaring around my nipples and the anchor shaped scare under my breasts are neither visable anymore.  Seriously, you can't even see them at all.  I can see my tummy tuck scar way more.  My milk ducts still work.  Umm... trying to think of possible answers to your possible questions.  It is true, you are back to work within 2 weeks, but if you have the time, take extra off, otherwise you'll be okay.  Yes there is tons of bruising, but that heals extremely quickly.  I have a high tolerance to pain, but for me, it was minimal pain, although I was in my 20's when I had it done and the body heals faster at that age.   Ummm... well, listen if there is anything else you want to know... just post back with your questions and I'd be happy to share my experiance with you.
Thank you all for sharing your stories. I am having this done for medical reasons so I can only go to the doctor that is in my doctor's network. This sort of scares me.

  • How can you shop for a doctor if you are bound by insurance?
  • What is better stitches or staples? Do you have a choice?
  • Is a nipple reduction just part of the surgery? Does this increase chances of loss of sensitivity?
  • How long before sensation comes back?
  • What is better-the physical relief and new found self-esteem with scars or the old you without scars?
  • Does the scarring affect your significant other in a negative way? (They are repulsed?)
  • What happens if you gain weight?
  • Is the physical relief almost immediate? (back pain, etc)
  • Did anyone have drainage problems?
  • Do you choose what size you want?
  • How long does bruising last?
  • How long until you felt back to "normal"?
  • Would you do it over again?
Hi Sunshinealwz,

I'm from Canada and here, all breast reductions are fully covered and don't cost the patient a thing so I"m not sure how you go about it in the states.  Here we can pretty much pick our own plastic surgeon and the plastic surgery office goes directly thru our countries health care system and bills directly.

I have had 4 surgeries.  Two c-sections, one tummy tuck, and one breast reduction.  Staples were used for all abdominal surgeries, but stitches were only used for the breast reduction.  I can't imagine having staples in my boobies, but from what I know here, stiches are the norm.

Nipple reduction is a part of the procedure.  This is a esthetic thing.  In reducing your breasts your nipple needs to be repositioned to look pretty and also needs to made smaller so that your old nipples aren't covering pretty much the whole smaller boob.  Yes, there is the chance of loss of sensitivity.  All doctors will tell you that.   If you don't smoke, or quit weeks before and for weeks after the surgery, your chances of getting the feeling back is higher. 

I'm a smoker and I quit temporarily and got all my sensation back within 8 months. 

My scaring isn't even visable anymore.  Really.  I don't think I'm the norm though.  At first you could see the big anchor shape on the bottom half of my breast and the circle around my nipples, but in time it all went away.  Now, around my nipples it is a little glossy looking sometimes, but nothing major.  My mate is too impressed with the breast lift part to notice any scaring (well in the beginning when it was visable).

Yes, the same day I had the surgery, I felt my shoulders go back and drop down.  I was in shock.  I didn't truely realize how much pain I was in before until after it was gone.  I mean, I said all the right complaints to have the reduction from an F to a D, but was definately complaining on purpose to have it covered.  But, once I had the surgery, I realized just how I was use to living in pain.

Hahah, the weight gain.... ummmm *embarrassed*... I gained weight after my surgery.  I went from the D to a triple D.  They still look beautiful and since I breastfed before the surgery, even though I gained weight, they aren't dropping and don't feel as heavy.  I suppose I can always have another breast reduction when I loose the weight again.  I guess options are different when the coverage is there.

I personally never had drainage problems.  Once the drains were out, I could feel this cold dripping sensation inside, but the body just absorbs the excess.  It is normal, but it just feels strange.   It goes away within days.

Well, it's your body and here I was able to choose if I wanted, but I left it up to the doctor.  I asked him to make them perportioned to my body frame and he did great.  He actually brought in a second plastic surgeon who  was younger to sculp the shape of my breasts.  I'm very pleased.

The bruising is there for a month or so.  It's the same as all bruises.   It turns black and blue, then yellowish, then fades away.

I went back to work for one shift 2 weeks later, then took off another week.  So they tell you 2 weeks and pending on your job demands on the upper body will define how long.  For me I was using my arms for work alot and took off 3 weeks and I was fine after that to work.  At home after 1.5 weeks I was fine because I could stop when ever I needed to relax.

YES!  I would do it all over again.  :)

Take Care, Amber
Sorry Sunshineealwz,

Correction, the c-sections I had staples as they cut thru the muscle in those procedures.  For the tummy tuck and breast reduction, I had stitches as they are cutting thru fat instead.  When you are not cut thru muscle, the pain is reduced by over 75% in my opinion and the healing is fairly quick.  For example, after my tummy tuck, I was walking around, but after my c-section I couldn't walk around for a whole day and even on that day it hurt to do so.  Sitting up was painful and slow, but for the tummy tuck it wasn't really a big deal in comparisson.

Hope that helps!  :)
Thanks amberblaze! You are very informative. I appreciate you sharing with me. And I look forward to other responses to my questions.

p.s.  Think Thin!
I am 163 lbs and a 34H or 34I. I would love to have a breast reduction but I am not very excited about getting surgery. I am tired of feeling like a freak though and never finding clothes to fit. And paying $150.00 each for bras from Europe.
And another question: What about losing weight? Do they begin to sag, look funny, anything unusual?

jrodriquez~I am not excited about the surgery thing, but I truly believe it is getting time. I want relief from all the physical problems. You might weigh you pros and cons...
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