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Weight Loss
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To women/men shorter than 5'4',whats your caloric intake?

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So how much calories do you consume?Also,do you find it difficult that you have to eat so little to lose weight?

Im 5'1'.Yes,im little.Being short sucks...
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i am 5'2", 23 yo, and i take in between 1300-1500 now, depending on exercise. i'm slowly increasing it as i'm now in maintenance mode.
I'm 5'2", 40 yo and I eat 1600 to 1700 -

1200 plus eat back exercise

I couldn't live on 1200 so I have no choice but to exercise so I can eat a bit more
I am 5'1"-5'2" and 33y. I should be eating only 1200 a day but it's near impossible for me to maintain. So my average last month (June) was 1459 per day ... and this month (July) it's 1415. I normally do a smattering of 1200 -1300 calorie days mixed with 1400-1500 and an odd 1800-2000 if I am out to dinner or something I cannot control. Still not great but I am indeed slowly and consistently losing weight, believe it or not.

7/1/07   1459
7/2/07   1360
7/3/07   1421
7/4/07   1281
7/5/07   1138
7/6/07   1779
7/7/07   1500
7/8/07   1215
7/9/07   1301
7/10/07 1866
7/11/07 1247
5'1,   33 years old, currently 182.5 lbs.

I've been aiming for around 1250 lately, but that includes EVERYTHING.  Like I'm counting string beans now, etc.

I have however instituted, at least for now a planned & controlled "cheat" night to see how that goes.  See if it helps my body let go of more weight, rather than holding on to it.  Too early to tell yet, which is better.
Oops, just to clarify that 1250 target is ONLY on very sedentary days.  (which I have a bit too often  lol)  Anything else I do, mowing the lawn, exercise etc. gets me more.
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I'm 4'11 and my target right now is 1400.  I started at 105 lbs 5 weeks ago and am at 100.5 right now.  I started with a trainer at the gym to get in shape and start weight lifting, so I am now working out 4-5 days a week, so that burns a lot of calories. 

I used to eat like everyone else (that is taller/bigger than me), and after starting this I can't believe how little food I can eat.  It is a difficult a lot of times, I am glad to 'meet' some others to know it is not just me!! lol

A few years ago I weighed 136 and lost it all by eating 1200 cals a day, but I didn't exercise, so i'm sure i lost muscle too...
I'm 5'0'' -5'1'' and 27yo. I have been trying to stay between 1200-1350. I, too, count EVERYTHING I eat. I am constantly measuring since I just started to watch calories and really want to loose the weight. I have lost 4 pounds in the last week. I went out of town for the weekend and was pretty active (walking and bike riding) so I didn't measure and count calories that much then but was trying to eat smart and still did fine.

When I really keep myself from the cravings (constant snacking), I find it hard to eat all my calories without adding alittle bit of indulgence (such as sour cream on my baked potato, or a bowl of ice cream).
I'm 5'4" and uuggghhh I hate it that our deficit has to be so low if we don't want to do too far under 1200 calories! I intake about 1100-1300, 1300 on the days I work out usually [burning about 250-300].
Depends how much you work out? I eat around 1000-1600 calories a day. I work out for 2 hours a day though I am not sure if that helps you or not
me too me too!  i'm 5 feet and currently 117.  my scale hates me!  anywho, i too, try to eat at least 1200 maybe 1300 or 1400 on exercising days.  but some days, sendentary days, i find it hard to stomach 1000!  i too, can't stand that my BMR in the morning is only 1489 :(

what am i going to do with that!?  that doesn't give me much to work with, as compared to someone who burns 2500-3000 a day doing nothing!  okay, im jealous. i admit it.  but, darn it, we short people have to work  hard just to maintain!  let alone lose.  a pound on us is like 20 on someone else. 
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I´m 5´2" and can´t get past 114!  I´ve been stuck here for three weeks w/o losing a thing despite the 500 cal deficit.  I´m a calorie "estimator" so I always round up what I think I´m eating, but I average 1300 to 1450 a day when I exercise (which is about 5-6 days a week).  I usually burn 500 to 600 at the gym....patience, right?
5'2", 40 yrs., 114 lbs?, 2500 cals p/day.  Oink!
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I'm 4'9", have a desk job and am 54 years old with the metabolism you'd expect. Yikes! Calorie count suggests I take in 1050 calories a day to lose weight, but that's not sustainable for me.

I have been on roughly 1200 a day for about a month, occasionally higher, and am finding it surprisingly easy to stay at that level. I even carve out enough calories for a scoop of Edy's slow-churned ice cream on most nights.. After a first tough week of cutting back portions, I'm not hungry most days.

Eating lots of fish, chicken, no-fat cheese, veggies and not too much carbs, which aren't my favorite anyway. salads, salads.

Anyway, I've lost 6 pounds in a month and feel good.

Am working out more, but don't understand the whole "eating back" thing that people here talk about. isn't it simply math? I do understand a larger person could "eat too little" if they went under 1000, say. But at 1200 calories and under 5 feet, I don't think I should eat more.

good luck, all. this is a useful and friendly forum... and thanks for asking the question for us shorties...!
I am 5'4", 27 yrs old, anywhere from 114-118 lbs and I consume an average of 2000 calories a day. I burn around 600 calories per spin class and do them 3-4 days a week, plus weight days 3-4  days burning around 400 calories. I am pretty much maintaing right now. My weight loss intake is around 1400-1500.
I am 5'1", 15 years old, and between 103-105lbs. I consume between 1800-2100 calories a day, and I am a devoted runner, cyclist, and swimmer. I also do a lot of walking and rollerblade, do Iyengar and Ashtanga yoga, and sometimes work up the motivation to do sit-ups and push-ups, but by that point I really don't need them.

To lose weight, I generally ate between 1500 calories a day. I was somewhat less active then, though, because eating less food meant I had less energy for endurance exercise. Rest days would have me eating about 1200-1300; now I eat about 1600-1700 on days I'm not doing anything.
I am 5'2" (for the record I love being short!), 25 years old, 144lb (down from 164) and I am around 1600 with regular exercise. Sometimes I'll drop it to 1300-1400 on days I exercise more lightly.  However I often climb as high as 2500/day on the weekends with drinking and whatnot. 
Im 5'3", 17 yrs, and 106 lbs

i dont exercise much so I try not to exceed 1500 cals a day.
Thank you guys for all your responses they were VERY informative and helpful.I tried eating less than 1,250 but it seems that im only I like to eat,but dont we all? :p

Well,Im 19 and 5'1'',my Boyfriend is 6'1'' but he likes me short,he thinks it's real cute,as I've noticed most tall men say that as well...So I guess we short girls do have an advantange! lol!

Once again,I thank you all.

I'm 5'2, 25 y.o. and will not lose on less than 1700 cal/day... with just over 1900cal / day BMR, that means lots of working out for me!  But thankfully, I'm fairly active.


You are going to get very sick eating only 500 - 700 calories a day. You need to talk to someone about your diet. There are resources on this site to help you find out how much you should eat.  At your age and weight, you should not even be thinking about weight loss.  Go be healthy.



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