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Women: Maintaining breast size while losing weight?

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I'm 9-14 pounds away from my target weight (it's more of a target size than weight, hence a range; I'm guessing based on past history and what size I tend to be at different weights). However, I'm very happy with my cup size and do not want to shrink further. I'm a 34D - actually sort of a 34 "C-and-a-half" - D's sometimes are just a little bit large if the bra is unlined, but I spill out around 34C, and the band on a 36C is much too loose to offer any support (and the cups are still too small) so I just wear the D's and make sure to get lined bras because those fit well.

I do NOT want my cup size to shrink any more! I could deal with dropping to a 32 band, but I really want to stay a D. Is there anything I can do, short of implants or avoiding weight loss, to keep it?
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im worried about that myself im still a dcup but if i come close to my goal weight im not sure what is going to happen over the course of time because before i put on all this weight i was very thin with small boobs.
im curious too, but more wondering if their are excersises you can do to largen your breasts after the weight is gone.(chest press or something....i dont know)
So close to your goal, you're probably safe.  I doubt you'll lose much if any more of your boobage.

I lost almost all mine last year when I dropped 45lbs and reaching my goal weight.  I thought they were small to begin with, but oh no they got smaller.   I went from a very full 36B and now I'm a 34A.   =( 

Dear Santa-
Please bring me new boobs.  34C would be great.
I left you low cal cookies and skim milk for you, and carrots for the reindeer.
Thank you
I'm not interested in making them larger (I'm happy with small boobs)...but I am interested in toning what I have.

(especially after breastfeeding! eek!)

also interested in excersizes that will firm them up! :)
I've been told that chest exercises are good for enhancing your bust...not the size necessarily so much as making sure that what you do have does not sag.
When you lose weight, your boobs get smaller, there's really nothing you can do about it. Chest exercises may help the appearance of your boobs, but they won't actually make them bigger.
lol@nymo's post
Boobs are fat, basically. As you lose fat, they go too. I went from a good C to a barely A. I think it's partly genetics, but mostly about fat (not weight, FAT) loss.

PS, there are no real "chest enhancing" exercises. Most muscle building techniques ultimately lessen your bust. If I were a D, I would be focused more on exercises for you core and posture! Hehe! ;-p
i have the opposite problem- i would love to bring my cup size down about 2 sizes (DD to a C??) They make me INCREDIBLY self conscious- besides simply losing weight, does anyone know how to lose extra weight THERE??
Layla, I hear ya on the breastfeeding boobs! Not only are mine gone, but all the fullness on the top is gone. It's kinda hard to be a saggy A-cup though.

Weight training will help immensely. Ever wonder why most bodybuilding women have implants?? Yep, that's why. I really saw mine go when I hit the weights hard. Thank God for water bras!
Was that your size before you gained weight? If that's the case, then they won't shrink. However, if you've gotten your 34D+ (that's how my husband calls the "in-between" cup sizes, LOL! You can tell he's a teacher!) since you gained the weight, I'm sorry to tell you they will come down to normal waters.

I tell you because of my experience. All my life I was 34B. But when I got married (and gained weight) I suddenly found myself with 34D. I looooved my boobs but I didn't like being 25 lbs pound overweight so this year I've made an effort and lost 15 lbs. So what happened with my boobs? Well, now they've barely 34C- (most 34Cs are big but 34Bs are small.) If I reach my goal weight of 128 lbs. I'm afraid I'll come back to be a 34B again.


Nymo...your post was just hilarious!!!!
I was a natural 34D when I was at my lowest weight (130) and now I'm a 38D to DD.  I really hope I don't end up a B or C cup.
Girl, I only wish I could lose some of mine with my weight loss.  I am a 38DD and no matter how much I lose, mine won't shrink!  A couple of years ago, I was a D cup and I lost a very unhealthy 25 pounds (got down to 105) and was still a D.  But when I gained the weight back, I went up a cup size!!!
better flat than fat.
I'll just have to wait and see when I get there, I guess - with my luck I'll be a B. Padded bras will be my friends. Funny how a difference of 50 pounds is only one cup size down, but after that, I tend to drop a cup every 10 pounds or so until wearing a bra is pointless. I'm hoping that at the very least I remain a C.

I mean, if I had to pick between staying my current size and having a a chest I'm happy with, and losing a size but having smaller breasts, I'll take the smaller, but I wish I could keep them and get thin elsewhere.
...the last sports bra I bought was in the girl's department of Target...  At least lil girl's clothes are cheaper.   =(  I don't think I even need a sports bra.  Bras are just habit now.
hey im a female obviously, lol. im 14 years old, 5'3", and i weigh 113 pounds. my goal is to lose 13 pounds and be 100 pounds. i wear a 34b, i hate it, i wish my boobs were smaller, like seriously, like a cup smaller or something, or even 30b or 32b would be good, or like 32a. idk i just want my boobs to get smaller from losing these 13 pounds!!! can anyone help me pleasee??? give me suggestions or something. i would really appreciate it thanks (:

As far as I can tell from reading up on it, muscle building exercises can help with lifting that area, but I have to face it  - only surgery is going to restore me to pre-breastfeeding pre-weight loss cleavage (and it wasn't great even then).....sigh.

Wonderbra is my friend!!!

heh, my boobs were the first thing to go when i started losing. oh well. i don't mind. 
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