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Weight Loss
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women, what are your goals?

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i always wonder if women's goals on this site are to become 'thin' or healthy

so many women want to be alarmingly thin its sad.

my goals are to be healthy & strong & happy with myself. what are your goals?
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My goals too are to become healthy and stronger... I'm not too worried about the vanity part because I'm cute as is! LOL If I could be fat AND healthy, I'd be fine with staying the way I am.

Being it doesn't happen that way, I'll continue the way I'm doing things for the rest of my life. I practice moderation, balance, AND indulgence. I'm not on a diet, I'm just eating right most of the time and I leave room for discretionary calories and days where I don't count at all.

I've lost 50lbs since June, down to 266 from 319 and looking forward to this way the rest of my life.

My longterm goals: To eat the same amount I'm eating now, 1829/day on average (i cycle my calories), to increase my cardio, and to keep up with strength training.
I want to be able to run around the yard with my kids and  I want to fit into my "skinny jeans"  (size 8).  It's not a number on a scale that I am looking for, it is health and self-confidence
I don't have a number goal either, although I've been told that 150 would be a good target.... I don't own a scale.  I know I'll be at my target weight when I can fit into my favorite jeans from High School... they're a size 10.  I think this country's become delusional as to what weight women should be.  Granted some have the matabolism and the body type to be a 2, but most of us don't, and that's ok.  That's why I based my target on a size that I have been before, so I know it's possible for me to be it again. =~}
yea its sad this country is obsessed with having rail thin models & that why i made this topic to see if there were others like me. just because your thin doesnt mean your healthy. i just wish people could stop dieting to be THIN as a rail & just aim to be healthy
i want to be healthy. i want to be about the weight i was before i met my husband, when i was the healthiest i've ever been as an adult. i'm 5'11 and aiming for 150-155. i also want to get back to that weight for a slightly superficial reason. we want to start a family in the next couple of years and i want to be healthy for the baby, but i also know that if i get to my goal weight and gain 30 pounds while pregnant, i'll still look alright.  i've been 178, i wasn't exactly happy, but i know i didn't look that bad. it probably doesn't make much sense, that last part, but i just want to be healthy and toned, not rail thin. my frame will not support rail thin.
As unreachable as my goal is, someday I want to run a marathon. I know I don't have the time to commit to training for that now, but at the very least I want to stay in shape and be healthy. I want to feel good and have energy just being alive.

Some small measure of self-confidence or satisfaction would be nice as well.

Healthy...which in my mind means a BMI in the normal range 18-25 (I'm currently at 26, but down from 30), strength and endurance.  It doesn't hurt that I have curves in all the right places which are coming out in all the right places.  I'll never be a skinny woman, besides, it would put a serious crimp in my fun if I got to too low a weight, all my playmates are guys who outweigh me so if I'm too light they can pin me more easily.

I would love to be able to run faster and be a little more muscular. If I could be a little less self concious about my body in a bathing suit when wakeboarding season rolls around that'd be great too! Not to mention hit my goal of fitting into 3/4's with some wiggle room, right now I'm rockin' 5/6's that I bought in September. And then again, to get though Christmas with my family in Philadelphia without gaining a few pounds would be great as well. I guess I have too many vain goals. Oh well, good luck to everybody with theirs!
Well, I sappose I should be honest. I'm already healthy, but I want to lose more. So I guess that means I want to be thin. But not so thin that I'm no longer healthy. Can't blame me for wanting it all.
sarah_11235 I know how you feel!
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I never want to be rail thin, but I hate having the extra flab. My goals are to make lightweight by spring, and then by the summer after next to wear something other than a one peice at the pool. I"m vain, I know it. I'd never go below healthy range, and I'd never do anything unhealthy to get my goals. Is that too bad?

Everyone tells me that I'm sexy and don't need to lose weight... and I don't really, especially compared to many people. But I think I could make a few more improvements before I'm the best I can be. I would love to see these last four stubborn pounds come off, but more importantly I want to build muscle and get rid of fat. I don't want to look like a body-builder, but perhaps a tame fitness model would be the description of what I'm going for. I want to lean out my legs and stomach especially, especially since I can almost fit into the skinny-me jeans (size 9) I bought myself a few months ago. If I could lose more body fat and get rid of some of the cellulite that would be TERRIFIC. Aside from that, I'd like to see those weird little fatty extra-boobies or whatever they are at the creases of my armpits go away.

I want to be strong, confident, sexy. I don't think frail and skeletal is attractive at all, thank goodness.

I want to be strong! I got to my goal weight but now I don't mind if I gain 10 lbs if  it's muscle. You know like Jillian Michaels strong... well maybe not that strong but I like muscle definition, even on a woman.

Iam 5'3'' and weigh about 160lbs, with app 28% body fat. I have a small upperbody and  a M-L  lower body. I want to make my body more proportionate

 I used to workout eat healthy.. but then slacked off and let myself go.. i have much more muscle than i used to have earlier when i was the same weight. I dont think i will ever be rail thin ..   (my real sister is a size 0 oo sorry not 0 a 00 and she eats all the junk in the world,  oo and with curves! like Eva Longoria without ever stepping foot in a gym and drinking like a fish. god i hate that.. im waiting for the day for it catch up .. lol y did i have to get the fat genes from my parents!! )   so i dont want to aim for that coz 1 its not attractive, 2 im never gonna get there so why aim for that.

I just want to loose some flab, and be confident this summer, I am a size 10, would like to get to a size 4-5 and i think ill be satisfied. i tend to loose inches not lbs always.. its great to see myself in smaller sizes but it would be great if the scale went down a bit as well..

Im totally in love with Jillian Michaels upper body and her ability to do 1 arm pushups.. i think thats very sexy! i just want to be confident when i look at myself and not hate myself for seeing flab. I do not want to dread summer in April, and once in my life wear shorts, and a two piece bikini. oo and loose some bulge on my ass and thighs is it too much to ask for ?

At 50, 5'6 and 167 lbs, BMI 27 - want to go to better BMI for health reasons but skinny would look awful - in my earlly 20s I was at 114 lbs for a while and it did not look good!   I started on going for concious weight loss earlier this year as I realised I was creeping up the scales and my clothes were getting uncomfortable... so really - just taking care of myself...  Laughing


I want to look lean and tone, feel good about myself and just be overall healthy.  The number on the scale is just that - a number - I don't worry about that as much as how I want to look - for me.

healthy, strong, lean, toned, flexible, 20% body fat.

Able to look in the mirror EACH AND EVERY DAY and say "God, you're beautiful"
Because I can't say that every day now. I'm 'cute', but I'm not healthy enough to consider myself truly beautiful, inside and out.

I want to be strong and healthy.  I'll never be skinny, I don't have the genes for that, so the number on the scale really doesn't matter in the long run.  I would like a BMI under 24 but more important a body fat under 20-22% and I want to be able to go into a store and try on anything -- without having to search at the back of the shelves.

Oh, and I want to lift my A$$ -- hopefully that will come with the rest... 

I want to be thin, but I want to be thin because I'm healthy. I also want to gain a lot of self-confidence that I have never had in my life.

I wanna fit into my 12/14 skirts which I miss from the summer of 2006.

I looked so cute in those. My 50s wardrobe come true, and I couldn't wear it this past summer. That was a low down dirty shame.


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