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Weight Loss
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Any women 5ft. 9in., what's your goal weight?

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I'm not really sure what I should be looking at for a goal weight.  I'm sitting at 173 right now, and years ago I was cumfy at 165, but I can't see it right now.  Just wondering what others goals are.
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My first post!

I am 5'9.5" and am currently at 152 - 155 (depending on the day...)  my goal is to get to 145 but I dont know if that will happen after all.  I started in Jan 2006 at 211.

At my heaviest, I was wearing a size 16.  Now I am very comfortable in an 8.  I have never worn an 8 so this is all new to me...

Good to know what other girls my height are aiming for. 
Wow, leopardjen828, I thought I was tall. ;)  I'm 5'9" (tall enough that clothes shopping isn't fun) and about 1/2" taller than my husband. ;)

Glad to see such a reasonable weight goal for such a tall woman. :)

abcmbiecheer, I also think 120 might be a bit low for you, but remember, everyone, that these are averages.  If abc's a small frame, 120 might not be out of the question.  (Friend of mine is 5'10" and about 135, not underweight at all, just really lean).

In any case, welcome everyone! :)
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First post here.

I'm 5'10" and currently 146lbs. This is about 10-15lbs heavier than usual, so I'm trying to get back down to the range of 130-135, which is a more comfortable weight for me.
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Well I`m 16, 5'8" and 106 pounds. And its a perfect weight.
I posted on Nov. 11...I am 5'8" and still at about the same weight. I have reached my CC goal which is 148 but I am shooting for 144.

Hchiddenton...I saw your 1st post....and I just wanted to say have done have lost weight and you are still at it...we are pretty much in the same boat...pretty much at the same weight and we're both tall. 

I think the weight your shooting for sounds like a healthy weight...just keep at will happen....that's what I keep telling myself!
Hey y'all! I'm 5'11, so I'm slightly taller than most of you. I'm currently 178, I'm working to get to somewhere between 140 and 145. I used to be about 160, a few years ago, and I still had plenty of extra weight then, but once I get down lower (around 150-155), I may reassess my goal weight.
My goal weight is whereever I feel good about both my appearance and my health. I won't know for sure until I'm closer.
I'm 5'9" and started out at 198. I thought that I wanted to get to 155 or 160. I wasn't really scale-number oriented, I just wanted a relatively athletic-looking body that was within my healthy BMI ranges. I got to 155, and it looks like I have a little work yet to do - maybe 5-8 more pounds. I keep track of my body fat % and lean muscle mass (my scale is one of those funky ones) and work out a lot to make sure that I'm losing fat and not muscle.

In my early 20s my low weight was 125. I don't think that would be particularly attractive for me now. I like the toned, slightly "cut" muscle look a lot better. At least for me. Happy and healthy is my goal. Not a number.
hello hello

I'm 20 and 5'9 with a small (as in tiny) frame and I'm at 123/124 right now.  My goal is 125 with more muscle tone :-)
This is only somewhat related, please bear with me while I ramble.

I've been noticing that there are a lot of people on this post with (for me) low weight goals, from the 120s to 140s.  For my own sanity I'm assuming that you have small frames or are/are going for toned but not heavily muscled. :)

I've noticed myself that the more I exercise (water aerobics) the fewer pounds I lose in relation to dropping sizes.  I'm starting to think that, if I continue to gradually increase my exercise workload, that my initial goal of 175 lbs will be just fine.

Of course, I won't know until I get there.

It's just a bit surreal at times to me, to think that other people can be quite healthy at 120, even though I was anorexic looking at 127 (and age 17).

Okay, I'm done now.  Thanks for sharing your goals, and listening to me rant. :)
I only know for me, I am a slightly larger than average frame, and I have decided to shoot for 160 (give or take a few, depending on what I look like then).  I'm at 170 now and have no muscle, but once I tone up I think I will look much better.  I know I would look too skinny at even 140.  I carry the majority of my weight on my hips, so my chest looks terribly scrawny even at 160.  I'm hoping after I gain some muscle on top it will look a little healthier.
I guess I'm one of those with the 120s goal...i'll have you know that I have a tiny frame and don't build muscle easily at all.  By small frame I mean I can overlap my pinky and thumb around my wrist, I have to buy kids bracelets, I could build muscle up to 135 I would.  I am quite thin but this is generally where my body maintains when I don't count calories and just eat healthy.  (ignore the recent posts about my gain of 7 lbs....thats really all pie and cookies haha) I'd say I'm quite healthy

I'm about 5"10" and my goal weight is 120...Currently I am at 126.5. I know that to some it might sound crazy...

I actually just went to NY and interviewed with sevral modeling agencies and 4 out of 6 told me that to be on the runway in NY I would have to drop about 20 pounds...CRAZY!  5'10" and about 105?...I really don't think so. Seriously, these agencies have standards that are, for most girls, even very small boned girls like me, TOTALLY unrealistic!
Wow, broadwaybaby, that is is ridiculous. Good for you for not listening. I'm 5'9" and I weigh 129-133lbs. My goal was to weigh 115lbs, but for now I'm hoping to be 125lbs. I wear about a size 4, so I'm afraid getting any smaller will just make shopping even more stressful.
I'm 5'9, currently 184 (down from 190) and my goal is 150 - I think that should put me at about a size 8-10, which I haven't worn in a while! I'll see how I feel when I get there; may decide to lose a few more depending. At my lowest at age 22-24, I weighed 120-125. Not a healthy weight for me, though I do come from hearty Eastern European stock. At that weight my hip bones were like daggers and you can see huge hollows in my collarbone in all the pics of me from back then. I know that I was not eating enough and it definitely affected my mood & health in general. This is my first real try at losing weight in a healthy way - wish me luck!
hi everyone i'm 5'8 and it's funny i was reading through the post on here and everyone has a different weight goal something there doc told them or someplace they are comfertable. i was hoping i could get down to 130 lbs but according to this site it's to agressive of an amount to loose in to little time i want to be what i weighed in high school which was 10 years about so i have to loose 70 lbs by my next birthday... which is in july 2007 so wish me luck i'm tired of being overweight and i'm tired of being made fun of so this is my way of taking back my life.
vitalas, depending on where you're starting (sounds like you're about where I am, in the lower 200s?) 70 lbs. isn't an unrealistic goal.  You might have to make it Christmas 2007, instead of your birthday, but 1-2 lbs. per week is healthy weight loss.  So you could conceivably lose 70 between now and July.

(My goal is* to lose 40 lbs by Christmas, that's 1/2 lb. per week, so 1-2 lbs per week would get you down 70 by July. :)

*I'm seriously considering upping my goal to July (my first anniversary) instead of Christmas.  Half a pound per week has been turning into maintenance lately. :(
I'm 5' 9", and 32 female.  A little under two weeks ago I was topping out at my heaviest at 216 lbs (Weighed in today at 210.5).  Granted everyone is like, "no way! you don't weigh that!" but the scales do not lie my friends.  It is called the fine art of "ass-o-flauge".  AKA I wear clothes that fit and minimize my size appearance.

My goal weight is 150, but I'll be VERY happy with 165.  When I was younger I fluxed between 150 and 170.  Anything below 150 and I begin to look ill.  I am considered large framed and muscles bulk up quick on me.
I am 5'9" and am currently at 172. I would love to be 145-150. I will always have a more curvy shape then high school (135lbs) due to gaining hips and such after I gave birth and I dont think the 135 I was in high school is realistic for me now. With my job I dont want to get too small but would love to gain more muscle.
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I am 5'9" and 110 lbs.  I am always being told to gain some weight and that 124 lbs would be a good place to be.  I do not feel too thin but I feel pretty invinsible in doing whatever activity I want.  I am 50 years old and was a professional ballet dancer from age 19-29 and was told to "loose weight, loose weight, loose weight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  Don't get caught up with weight. 

I'm 5' 9''.  My starting weight was 227 (9 months preggo) im down to 194 and I think im doing 155 for my goal.  150-160 would be good for me I think.

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