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women 5'6" 135-140 pounds?

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I am just interested to know the clothing sizes (shirt, pants) of any women with a height of 5'6" and about 140 pounds.  I seem so disproportionate in my shirt vs. pants size, so I wonder what sizes other people wear.
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i am between 5'6" and 5'7", though closer to 5'7".  when i was 18-19 and weighed around 140-150 [i know, 10 pounds heavier than you asked!] i wore 9s or 11s. depending on the brand.

the funny thing is, though, that i can still wear 11s comfortably even though i currently weigh 172!  i think ALOT of it has to do with where you put on the most weight.  mine's pretty evenly distributed, though my tummy is where the bulk of it is.  and my butt :P

anyway, i hope alot of people answer this because i'm sure i wasn't much help!  i'm curious to see the replies myself!
When I lifted weights all the time I weighed 141 and wore a size 7 pants.  Years after I quit working out I weighed 140 and wore a size 9.  I am 5'5 1/4".  I have large boobs at any weight so I always felt misproportioned
I'm 5'7" and 134 pounds.  I wear a size 5/6.  Hope that helps.
I think sizes have changed over the years. I am 5'6'' and at 150 right now on my way back to 130 when I wore size 4 and 6. At 140 I wore some 6s but mostly 8s.
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Hi.  I'm 5'5'' and my weight usually maintains between 130 and 135.  Typically I wear a size 8 pants, but it ranges anywhere from a 6 to an 11.  My tops vary so much.  If you were talking swimsuit tops they are a small.  However, my shirt sizes are a medium to large because I have thick arms and wide shoulders. ( no boobs unfortunatly) 
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Hi,  I'm 5'7" and 135.  I've ntoiced that clothing sizes vary from store to store, but I consistently fit into size 6 pants and S/M shirts.
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I fall into that range and wear size 10/11 pants, and size Medium shirts. 
I am about 5'6/5'7 and I weigh somewhere inbetween 140-144 (changes all the time lol...and im trying to get to 130 eventually!!!)...and I wear a size 8 pants and usually small or medium shirts....although I have a larger lower half than upper, like the pear shape I guess.  Also pants seem to vary alot I can wear a size 6 or 7 some places or and 8 or 9 others, I just say 8 cuz thats what most are!  Hope that helps! :-)
I'm 5'7'', and weigh 145. i have a few pairs of jeans that fit great, and all are different sizes. One pairs a 6, two are 7's, and I have a pair of 9's. They're all from different places, so I guess it just depends on where you shop.
I'm 5'6" and currently weigh 142.  I'm still squeezing into my Gap size 6 jeans, but they'll definitely feel better when I get back down to my normal 130/133 weight!
When I was 140lbs I was fitting into a size 10 or a size 12 pants depending on the store.   I was fitting into medium shirts.

Now I'm around 133lbs and I fit into a size 8 to 10 (mostly 9) and small shirts.  

I'm happy with this size and plan to stay this way, but add more muscle and tone to my frame.

Oh, I'm 5'6" and a pear shape...
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    I am 5 '6" and anywhere between 125-135 lbs, and I wear size 4 pants, medium size shirts, and size 2 or 4 in dresses.  Women's clothing sizes make absolutely no sense whatsoever.  They should do it by measurements like they do for the men.  In the past, I wore size 6 or 7 pants, and a small shirt, and I'm not sure if my chest has gotten bigger and my butt smaller, or if that is just vanity sizing.
I'm 5'6" and I'm around 135...It seems to very by brand, but I'm usually a size 7, sometimes 8 pants...and usually get medium shirts...I agree with snow dove that women's clothing sizes are pretty much all over the place, and seem to have no rhyme or reason (or consistancy)...
5'7 135 pounds - I wear a 6 or an 8 depending on brand.  I wear small misses tops as long as they are broad enough in the shoulders.  My excess weight is all in my lower half.  
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I'm not sure why I vary so much from everyone, but I am between 5'6" and 5'7", weigh 145 lbs. and I primarily take a size 4 in my pants and a size small in my tops.  Some of my clothes are a size 6.  I wear brands like Banana Republic and Gap, and I think they run bigger than not.  When I was into heavy weights and step aerobics at 142 lbs, I was a size 4 and on my way into size 2's.  I guess it really depends on a person's proportion and muscle mass/body fat.
I don't know why people continue to discuss sizes when they are ALL across the board for the same heights/weights. You CAN'T go by that anymore. ALL brands are different. I'm in your range and I can wear a 6, 8, 10; lots of smalls, some larges. It just depends! 
I only wish!! Some day soon I hope!
This is actually a case of vanity sizing....for most of us.  When I was 135 (at 5"6) 10 years ago I was wearing a size 12-I am 190 right now and just fit into those same size 12's.  The clothing industry has been decreasing the sizes for decades now because they figure a woman will buy a pair of jeans if she fits into a smaller size than she normally does.....and they are right.  Add to this that most stores have their own sizing charts, every body is shaped differently and you have a recipe for disaster!  I stopped doing a "size" comparison about 3 motnhs ago because it was so crazy trying to figure it out, but at the rate sizing are going now, I will probably be a 6-8 by the time I get to 135 again.
Im 5' 6/7 and weigh 136-140lbs (fuctuate 4lbs in days) im currently a UK 10 top and 10/12 bottom which i think is a US 6/8. I really want to just drop 12lbs to 126lbs which is the magic 9st for me. Hoping to be a size UK8(US4).

Ive been 138lbs forever and dieting or increasing excerise seems to actually make me gain weight! Im giving it another go but after 2 weeks of dieting im now 141lbs - wheres the justice in that? Do you think your body rebles against dieting when you are at a normal weight? Im doing about 1500-1700 cals a day and excerising 4 times a week with ballet and gym, which is normal for me. Im going to try to excerise everyday for the next 2 weeks and see how that goes instead. Cutting food below 1500 is a little hard as im constanly busy and get hungry if i dont have small snacks.
I just bought my first pair of size 13 pants.  I'm 5'6" and 155.  I sat in the dressing room at the store for well over 15 minutes crying like a baby too!  I really HATE this!

I soooo understand what you are saying tho.  I think my body started to rebel back when I was smaller and then forgot that to stop!

I spent the majority of my life at 108 to 112, then it was 118 to 122... now...  I don't have a consistent weight, other than consistently gaining that is.  I'm now at 155 and would be tickled to see 135.  I kept up with my calories and burn etc in a spread sheet for 5 and a half weeks using this site for my numbers etc.  I consistently and daily burned more than I took in, kept my numbers low and exercise more and even had smaller meals so that I could have a snack to attempt to "boost" my metabolism.  All to NO success.  Accordingly, I should have lost a minimum of 6.5 pounds during that almost six weeks.  and instead... I GAINED 3!!!  I've lost hope at this point.  :(
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