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woke up starving

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good morning everyone,
I woke up this morning at 6:15 and I was absolutely starving! Anyone know what this means? I had last eaten the night before at 7:30pm and had ample calories for the day ??
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Did you eat a lot of food the day before, bulk-wise? Sometimes stomachs can get stretched out- like if you have a huge meal one night, the next morning you feel hungrier.

Likewise, once you start eating smaller portions consistently, you don't feel as hungry because your stomach shrunk.

Or so I've been told.
I did to and am still starving! Did you see the OPRAH when she announced her new XM station and Bob Green was on? He said that if you don't allow yourself a to feel the discomfort of feeling hungry sometimes that you will never lose weight. For me I think that I was eating sooo many calories before I started this, that I will "feel" hungry for a while until I get my body back to a normal place. When I feel hungry I just and it isn't meal time, or I just had a snack, that this feeling is me losing weight!!!! If I don't feel better in a week or so, I will have to adjust my calories. If you work out really hard, you may need more calories for that day.
Also you're body is still adjusting to the new lower amount of food it's getting. I think it's good that you are hungry in the morning, because then you will eat something right away and get your metabolism running for the day!

hi smassey,

Just wanted to let you know that feeling hungry in the morning is a really good sign, your body needs food first thing in the morning because it needs to kick start your metabolism after being at rest while you're sleeping.

Keep it up, you're doing well. Just make sure you're eating every 2 to 3 hours during the day. Also, another helpful tip for me was, stop eating 3 hours before going to bed.

Hope this helps.
Also eating a balance meal is really important to ward off major hunger pains later. If you eat a dinner of chicken, vegetables, and green salad you will be less hungry in the morning than if you ate chicken, rice/pasta and green salad. Rice/pasta is a much higher carbohydrate than vegetables, and it causes your blood sugars to rise sharply. As your blood sugars come down, your body reacts as if it is starving and hunger pains are very strong. I find that if I eat a palm size portion meat/chicken, and an equal palm size portion of vegetables that I sleep very well, and wake with a normal appetite, and I don't feel starved. Vegetables have the fiber that also helps you to feel full longer. Protein takes longer to break down and gives you continual energy.

But sometimes I just have to have the rice/pasta. When this happens I make sure to keep the portion size very very small (sometimes just a bite), just to satisfy the craving, and I still eat the vegetables and salad.

I lost my 20 lbs to date by changing my dinner habits, and avoiding all rice/pasta/breads at dinner time. Instead I try to only eat meat and vegetables for dinner.
thanks for all the great advice!

I guess I must be on the right track b/c I am doing a lot of what you said already :)

I'll try to cut the carbs down in favour of more veggies at dinner, that will be my new goal for March.

Thanks again
Hi there!

I'm no expert, but one of the things I've read is that *when* you exercise can have a big impact on your hunger level.

I found one doctor that recommends that you exercise after you eat, because to do so before will abate your hunger, but then it will come back full force - and even stronger. (He also said that clinical evidence shows that you burn 15% more calories if you exercise after a meal).

So, in a round about way, I guess I'm saying that if you exercised before bed, you're going to be hungrier when you wake up.
I've got myself to where I'm eating at the same time each meal every day. And I start getting hungry about an hour before a scheduled meal. Usually by 15 minutes till my tummy is actually growling. I had forgotten what it was like to have your tummy growl from hunger. lol But I think after a while you do get used to it.
We must also remember that calories are being burned when we are if you had 300 cal. at 7:30 pm.......the next day (in the morning) could have burned 300.

So I think that it is a good sign to have those hunger alert us not to go into starvation mode.
I have a theory that others might not agree with but....

I once tried the Atkins diet. I didn't stay with it very long (maybe a two months) but I did learn a lot about protein and carbs - lol. And ever since then I have learned that when I eat empty carbs or in my words "real" carbs - especially for dinner or at night - the next morning I'm ravenous. Absolutely starving. The carbs I'm talking about are bread, white pasta, cookies, etc. I find that when I eat a salad with chicken and veggie for dinner and my nightly jello & ff whip cream for dessert, I wake up hungry but not starving.

Try an experiment with and without carbs and you'll see what I mean. There will be a distinct difference in your hunger level. One is normal with a healthy diet, the other indicates a carb overload. I'll tell you even eating a bowl of slow cooked oatmeal doesn't have the same reaction as "white" carbs.

Just my experience.
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