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Wisdom Teeth Removal Surgery = Weight Gain?

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On Friday I weighed 108.6 when I went in for my surgery and slowly I've went up to 110.8 which is my highest weight in a long , long time.

I didn't eat anything at all friday, saturday I had 1800 calories and Sunday I had 2000 calories. I'm 5'2", 17 years old.

Is the pain medication (percocet) making me gain weight or what? I was 106 this time last week. ='( this is making me feel terrible about myself. I thought that if i only went 200-400 over my calorie burn (1600) the most I would gain is 1/5 lb or whatever. And especially since I slept all day Friday and ate nothing that it would all equal out.

It's really a blow to the self esteem to see that number.
Will I see it come down? ='(

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the surgery should have no impact on your weight.
if you eat nothing your gonna hurt urself even more than if u eat a lot. read up on starvation mode.

So why did I gain weight? I only went over my calories by a little. And friday i didn't starve myself I was knocked out on pain medication. lol
You could just be retaining water.  Are you drinking enough?  If you don't get enough water in your body will hold onto whatever water it can.  Drink a lot and it will go back down.  However, I think you are over reacting for 2lbs.  This is part of normal fluctuation for people.  I fluctuate 3 or 4 lbs a day!!!  Don't worry so much
IV fluids?  Did you have some?  They make my skin look so young, I wish I could give myself a bag whenever my wrinkles become overwhelming ;0)
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