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Wisdom Teeth Coming Out Soon..= Weight Loss?

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I am getting my wisdom teeth out on the 23rd of August. I was just wondering if anyone has lost weight because of it. If you did did you gain it all back after you can eat regular food? :( I don't want that to happen, see the weight come off and the see it pile back on. If anyone has suggestions of what to do let me know! :) When should I start exercising? Do you think I can keep the weight off because I won't really be able to eat for a little bit (real food anyway). Also how much weight did you lose? Was it alot or a little.
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Not to burst your bubble, as I am the first to comment back....(maybe I should wait to post this? :) ) but I didn't lose any weight after I got my wisdom teeth pulled out. In fact, they only bothered me the evening after getting them done, and the following day. Not too bad of a deal, I don't think. I just ate really carefully... mostly soup. Best of luck though!
Wow, your young to have them pulled.  Mine first one didn't come out till I was 30.  Don't coun't on losing weight because of it.  Any way that would be a tough way to lose.  Hope the Denist visit goes well, tell him not to be so down in the mouth. 
I didnt lose any. =(
For a second I thought that you meant weight loss as a result of the actual teeth coming out, haha. Well, I would think that you would lose weight for the first few days since you'd be eating less and eating liquids. Although, you'd probably gain it back after your can eat again.

I say try to consume the same amount of calories you usually would through soups and smoothies.

Also, just exercise when you feel like you're good and ready, but take it easy your first day back at the gym.
Hate to say it, but I doubt you'll lose much weight through this unless you're very careful about what you eat.

I got mine out when I was 16 (all four were cut out), and only spent a few days with "careful eating" (mainly oatmeal, jello, ice cream, mashed potatoes, soup, etc), and I doubt I lost any weight.

Maybe if you stick to low-calorie soups and jello, pureed vegetables, oatmeal? My sister knew a girl who, due to a serious jaw problem, ate mainly baby food for a month. Scrambled eggs would probably work as well!

Just make sure you're getting enough calories and nutrients!

The biggest tip I have for post-wisdom teeth? Bags of frozen peas! They mold to your face so nicely, it's easy to nap because they should stay in place unless you toss and turn.

Good luck!
hate to ditto what everyone said but don't count on losing weight. I had mine out all 4 at the same time and was stuck eating mashed potatoes and baked chicken for 3 days. So I probably gained a few.
Well I couldnt eat for TWO WEEKS! (I have a freakishly sensitive mouth) and lost 14 pounds. But, of course, I gained it back. All I ate was applesauce and pudding, and I haven't eaten either since and quite possibly never will again because they remind me of the WORST two weeks of my friggin life!!!!!
Talk to the surgeon about exercise.  You definitely shouldn't do it while you're still bleeding; I'm not sure whether it's ok once the scabs have formed.  The problem is that you don't want to disturb the scabs and wind up with dry sockets.  The surgeon should be able to tell you.
I got mine pulled last week, no weight loss, but I have to go back today because I got dry socket (I read that 1/5 people with impacted wisdom teeth extractions get it!). I'm not happy about it.
Yes, but I have a story. 

I came back from the dentist's office starving and decided to pull a piece of cold pizza out of the fridge.  My face was still numb and I proceeded to chew away at the pizza until I noticed an unusual taste.....blood.  I went to the bathroom to realize that I had literally chewed half of my bottom lip off.  There was blood everywhere and my lower lip was mangled in pieces.  The next few weeks of healing were horrific as the wound developed into one huge, infected canker sore.  Needless to say, I could barely eat anything at all.
Omg fallingstars :*(

Oh and I read in another post that you love Fat Tire ..me too!!
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I had all four removed in one appointment ( not a good idea). I only lost weight (10 pounds in one week) , because I also came down with a stomach virus or flu or something....fun, fun.
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i lost weight because they didn't want me to eat x hours before the procedure!

...it all came back.

......and then some.
So if I would eat my normal calorie consumption during those days (with smoothies, also cutting back a little calories because I won't exercise) would I be fine?
i oringaly lost some (because i couldent eat) but as soon as i was able to get some real food down it all came back. and to make the story a little sadder i couldent realy exersise becase the feeling of my feet steping down realy hert and made me slighly dizzy so i gained.

but mind you i had a tarible case, my dentist had to remove some of the bone in my jaw (for all 4 teath) to get them out. but on the positive side my teeth stratend out a lot, and it feels sooo much better.

i dont know if i lost any weight, because i didnt own a scale at the time.

however, it did SUCK. it took me 3 months for my holes to close.

i lived off of soup, milk shakes, and beans (pinto bean cups from taco bell).

fun stuff. 

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Well, I got my wisdom teeth out and stayed on the liquid diet for about a week, then stayed on a 'soup' diet for 3 months. And in three months, everyday I ate 3 at the most 4 cans of soup, and i ended up lossing 75 pounds in those three months on the soup diet. i'm still on it, and still lossing. it's amazing. My wisdom teeth really didn't do anything for pain wise, i mean the worst was the soreness and the sickness of the vicodin but other then that, it wasn't THAT bad good luck though. 
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