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Weight Loss
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Wine and weight loss

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Has anyone been successful in losing weight while having wine before dinner?  I have been eating healthier than ever, exercising, measuring my wine and counting the calories.  I've lost 1 pound in 2 weeks!  Could the wine be sabatoging my efforts?  ( I have 1-2 4 oz glasses a night and consume no other forms of sugar or sugar substitutes)  I would really appreciate any input.
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I think I know what you're talking about.

I've been doing the same as you, healthier than ever, exercising more than ever and having teenie tiny portions of either wine or tequila (depending on if its before or after dinner) and my weight loss is moving SO SLOW.

I guess it could be any number of things, but my fiance and I went "dry" (no alcohol) for a week to detox a bit, and during that week I went down 2 lbs, finally breaking my plateau, which was more than I'd ever lost in one short time period.

That was a month ago, and I havent made any progress since then. I'm starting to wonder...
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I've been wondering the same thing. It doesn't help that my boyfriend's parents own a winery so there is always plenty of really good, free wine around!
Lately I've been considering cutting out drinking wine with dinner to 4 nights a week and seeing if that helps. But a glass of wine with dinner is something I take a lot of pleasure in, much more than a slice of cake or an extra serving of dinner so it's been much harder to want to give up.

We could all cut it out for a week then report if we see a quicker loss. Not exactly a large sample pool but it would be interesting....
Don't sweat the wine, as long as it's red and you can "afford" it in your daily calories...

I spent seven years in France, and one of the diet mantras for every French woman is a glass of red wine with your evening meal.  The science behind the idea relies on the fact that red wine contains enzymes that help break down your food more efficiently, and can actually help speed metabolism (the components are similar to some of the metabolic enhancing properties found in red chilis and other spicy foods).  It also contains reservatol, a very important antioxidant.

(Another tip is to eat green salad -- I'm talking romaine or looseleaf, NOT iceburg --  AFTER your main meal; lettuce has friendly enzymes that help break-down and "pre-digest" your food too).

I lost 25lbs in France (an amazing feat, to be sure) by eating like French women do:  small portions and red wine at dinner.  I also worked out like a feind at a local gym (then I got pregnant with twins and gained over a hundred pounds :?. )

Look, IMHO red wine probably won't cure all of your weight loss ails, but it most certainly won't hurt as long as you drink lots of water throughout the day and stay within your caloric limits.


Well, for what it's worth, I always lose more weight when I cut out alcohol.  It sucks because I absolutely LOVE a nice glass of wine with my dinner.  When I'm in weight loss mode, though, Monday-Friday I stay away from wine and eat a well-rounded diet at 1200 net calories per day and go to the gym daily, and then I have wine on the weekends, and I always lose 1-3 lbs per week that way.  While I'm on maintenance mode, I may have a glass or two during the week as well.  I don't know why it's like that, and I'm not pleased about it, but I just kept my eye on the long-term goal, and knew that when I reached it I could relax a little on the alcohol.  It worked!
for me it's definitely a deciding factor.  jan-april 2006 i ran three days a week for four months, figured i could get away with wine.  i got fitter but only lost about 4 pounds. 

this january i quit drinking, didn't excercize at all, lost 12 pounds in two months.

started drinking again, gained three back.

quit drinking may 1, have lost five.
Wine, wine, wine..............

Sounds like the universal problem.  I am always a more effective dieter when I cut out the alcohol.  But my problem is having 2 glasses, and then hunting in the cupboards for munchies - pretzels, cheese, etc.  I am trying to lose weight before my wedding and have made myself this reasonable limitation:

No booze during the week, and only 1 drink on the weekends if I go out to dinner.

I've tried going without totally, but then find myself cheating.

If your social schedule permits, I would agree with the other posts and say that going off totally would take the weight off quicker.


Hi auntgigi, I've been successful in losing weight while having wine before during and after dinner, but it's taken months to lose just a few pounds.  It might have come off more quickly had I cut out wine, or maybe I'd have simply replaced those calories with food calories, I don't know.  If you've lost 1 pound in 2 weeks, that sounds optimal, wish I could do that.  good luck! Nancy
I recently read the book "French Women Don't Get Fat" and learned about the French ways and felt better about my 1-2 glass of red wine per day habit....however I recently got sick and stopped working out for 2 weeks (first time I wasn't able to work out in MY LIFE) and didn't drink (ate normally) and dropped 9 lbs.

It's hard to tell for sure if it was the sickness, or loss of muscle mass or what that caused the weight loss...but I am back to working out, eating same as usual and I have kept out the wine (only 1-2 glasses on the weekend) and the 9 lbs have stayed off.

Go figure!!
its so scary how drinking can put on weight!

after tomorrow, I'll have parties after parties for litterally 2 months. of course im not going to be drinking all the time, but its gonna get crazy.

ill have to limit and watch myself.
I actually banned alcohol a few weeks ago. I had gained a few pounds and as soon as I stopped drinking they came right back off again.

Also, alcohol makes me binge, makes me phlegmy, ruins my sleep, etc. Not worth it!
I actually have no problem at all with drinking a glass of Merlot with my meal, in fact I drank it for a few weeks while in Tx on a working trip and I found that I did lose weight.  I may have been more cautious with my food choices and such...but I will always opt for a glass of Merlot with my meal if its offered to me. 

I remember hearing a news report that they did research with rats/mice or whatever and they reported that the mice that had the merlot in their diet were not obese, so I've always thought that's why I lost my weight....hmmm...maybe I should do an experiment with myself and have a glass with dinner every night and see if I'm able to lose weight (I'm in a rut right now)
It seems it may impact differently on people, personally Ive never had a problem including it in my daily allowance, as long as I maintain an "A" nutrtion guide for the day I have no guilt. If I was eating boring foods washed down by water daily Id go mental..!
Have you not looked into other alcoholic possibilities, such as low cal lager..?
I've noticed a couple things with wine:

1.  I have trouble stopping at one 5 oz glass (the recommended daily serving for women) simply because it tastes so good, and if I'm relaxing in front of the TV for a couple hours - it doesn't take long to sip away (compared to say a full can of diet sprite and a shot of Limon).  I usually start out with one at the beginning of the week, and end up with 3 by the end.  Kudos to all those with will power!  You are an inspiration!

2.  Wine (esp red) makes me retain water more than any other alcoholic beverage, so I get way puffy, and pack on 2-4 lbs of water weight right off the bat.

That said however, it is still my absolute favorite, and plan to work hard on the moderation thing.  It's just so much easier for me to moderate a beer or a limon/diet 7, and they have less calories per oz.  If you can do the one glass thing, I don't think its sabotaging, but do remember it is empty calories, no matter how you count it. 
Okay, that's it.  After reading your posts above, I've decided to cut out alcohol (wine and vodka and whatever else may come my way) for ONE WEEK.  STARTING NOW.  I will report back, if I survive it that is!  :)  I've just weighed myself, gained a POUND since last week but then I was eating up to 3 and 4 thousand calories a day last week (that looks a lot better than typing out "3000" and "4000"!), and it's nearly time for my cycle to begin, so it's no mystery.  Clearly cutting out the wine has helped the majority of you so I'm willing to sacrifice this oral pleasure for 7 long, dark days.  Thanks a lot!  ;)  Nancy

Good luck and stay strong - you can do it!
I've discovered that I have a similiar problem wtih alcohol.  Even if I do include it in my daily caloric allowance, I still can't lose weight.  A couple years ago, I quit drinking for a year and lost a lot of weight without altering my diet or exercising.  Then, when I started drinking again in moderation, while dieting, I put on a bunch of weight.  I hate it, because I love my wine, but I've decided that it's not worth getting fat over.
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I want to thank all you for your input-it's good to know others have a  similar issue.  Lots to think about here...
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Yes, I too have cut out alcohol, and it did make a difference for me.  BUT...I prefer to run an extra few miles so that I can drink my yummy moderation, of course. :-)
I agree with stg20.

I haven't had alcohol in weeks. but i had some tonight and it was great. I'll run as far as i need to so i can log those extra calories.

however alcohol makes me binge..... but at the same time... binging may be good for me because sometimes i need those extra calories to round out my day!
My only thought on this is that we are supposed to be on a lifestyle change, not a diet, right?  After you have lost the weight that you want to lose, are you still going to not have that glass or 2 of wine?  Our lives have changed dramatically, we are eating SO much healthier and loving it. And yes, we still have our red wine or our cocktails, because we always will!  If it fits into our daily caloric intake, woo-hoo!  We are still losing and still living - isn't that what it's all about?
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