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The Wii Fit balance board is an a**hole

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I bought a Wii Fit Plus earlier this week.  I've been eating right and doing cardio diligently for a week or so, and have added strength, yoga, and balance exercises on the Wii Fit to that regime.  My weight is down 2 pounds this week, so I think I'm doing pretty well!

Except...every day when you turn on the Wii Fit it takes your measurements to check your progress.  So that means that every single day I have to listen to the stupid cartoon balance board tell me my BMI puts me in the "obese" category, and hear the little "wah wah" sound it makes.  Um.....I KNOW I'm obese, Wii Fit.  That's WHY I BOUGHT YOU.  I'm not going to instantaneously drop the 15 pounds that I need to get to and "overweight" BMI, or the 45 pounds I need to get to a normal BMI instantaneously!  You don't have to remind me every day!  Stupid balance board.

Just wanted to get that off my chest :)

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The rest of my family is thin so everytime i workout it is a reminder right up there on the screen.....annoying
I've never tried wii fit but I think I would like to it sounds pretty...interesting? Lol I use ae personal trainer for the wii and I love it! No insults, very motivational and what a work out!
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