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White Bread Ruined My Stomach!

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Yesterday I couldnt believe how & why my stomach looked like it did! I looked round, and pregnant looking.

Then I realised it was the white bread burger buns I'd been eating like all weekend! It was hot over here in the UK (so u have to make the most of it!) So we were barbequeing on Saturday and Sunday.

I will never touch it again, its not good for me. Has anyone else had this kind of experience?  x
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I can't imagine how a white bread burger bun would make you look like
that.. My shot-in-the-dark guess is that it's not the white bread, so
much as the quantity of food you ate. And/or possibly gas.. your
stomach expanded and hence, you feel like you looked pregnant...
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Thats true.. you've made me feel so guilty now! I didnt each that much, i really think white bread just doesnt agree with me !
I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you feel guilty.. It is possible white bread just doesn't agree with you, I'm just trying to figure out the biologic hows and the whys.
caramell - I have the same reaction, you may be sensitive to wheat gluten. My tummy blows up like someone has shoved a basketball inside of it and i'm literally crippled from the tension until my body "releases" the toxins. You might want to experiment with sprouted grains. I don't have a problem with sprouted grains because they are not processed therefore no gluten. Good luck to you, and you are not insane, that has happened to a ton of people.
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Have you been tested for Celiac diesease.  It means that you are allergic to flour.

I am totally with you on this one.  Bread often leaves me feeling bloated and in pain - particularly the lovely, white, squidgy stuff.  I have h.pylori and take medication for an ulcer so not sure if this has reduced my ability to process food like this.  I eat very little bread nowadays, and if I do its usually wholemeal, but like you, I had a couple of bbq's at the weekend and suffered more from the bread than I did the wine.....  Burgers in wholemeal pittas anyone?

I've had reactions of different kinds to eating too much refined foods after avoiding them for months.  Now that I know I'll pay the price when I eat white bread instead of wheat, or too much sugar, it makes it easier to say no.
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Thanks everyone for your advice!

Kpearson - thats exactly what my stomach looks like! I cant even look at myself in a reflection...I have had a lot of 'gas' too. I think i could be sensitive to wheat gluten actually. My body feels so heavy right now.

Klecot - i havent been tested for that, but I'll definatley do some research into it!

Stroppy cow - lol, thats what i was eatin the white, soft squidgy buns. Before i had that BBQ i didnt eat any white bread and my belly was fine!

clairelaine- i have definatley paid the price, so i've been exercising i.e. running, swimming to get back healthy again!
i have read alot about processed foods causing inflammation (Dr. Weil
and Dr. Sears), although my tummy doesnt do that - bread, soda, that
kind of stuff seems to make my knees hurt. weird, huh?
yes, bloating can be an indication of allergy/sensitivity :)
When I used to eat white pasta, it would happen to me too. I thought it was all in my head until I watched Oprah show where she said that it happens to her everytime she eats bad carbs. So it is possible I believe. 
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