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Weight Loss
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Whats your weight loss Mantra?

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Mine is .. "healthy people don't eat like that!"

( I like to think this before I overeat unhealthy food, or when I'm going for "unnecessary helpings")

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I have several that I found a long time ago and liked. I tend to think either one before I feel down/stressed and want to reach for food or when I feel bored and hungry as well, lol.

"No matter what is influencing me, it is still my hand that puts the food into my mouth."

"The pain of discipline is less than the pain of regret."

'Nothing changes if nothing changes"

I empower myself and self-motivate..... "I can do this".  I visualize myself at my goals.  I reach for my goals.  I see them as real.  I see the image in my mind.  I even transfer this to foods...I visualize foods filled w/. fats as literally clogging up my arteries and needing drano to clean out my clogs.  Turned me right off fatty foods two years ago!

"Is it worth it?"

Basically, it has helped me with moderation. First slice of homemade pizza? Yes. Second slice? Maybe. Third slice? Probably not worth it. Donuts? Never worth it.

Going to work out, even when I'm tired? Yes.


Just kidding. Mostly.

"Nothing tastes as good as thin feels"

Cliche, but i love it.

Also, imagining the look on an ex's face when he sees me for the first time.

'Its not a race its a marathon'. 

I'm so impatient - so I tell myself this every time I want to cheat. 

Be Mindful.

Just move.

It's a journey, not a sprint.

If I don't have it today, I can still choose it tomorrow.

Is this a good choice?

Jannid, you're so zenful to me.

Mine is: Don't be a fat girl. Don't be a fat girl.

It's all about choices.


I choose what to eat, when to eat, whether I will work out, etc. Every time I want to eat something that is not good for me, I remind myself that it is a conscious choice.

Original Post by skinnywishes:

"Nothing tastes as good as thin feels"

That quote freaks me out becuase it's on every pro-ana site.

Is it?  Good to know...

Don't give up, just keep going.

mine is prob the worst... gotta lose weight gotta lose weight gotta lose weight.... I just repeat it alll DAMN day! its my fb status once a day.. cause if I write it I will keep it in my mind! It helps some times! I dont let it take over me but it reminds me that I am trying to lose weight and not just maintain...

"Make the outside match the inside!"

And everything corny about inner beauty :)

"Nothin to it but to do it!"  This is also my exercise of them. I have many! Sometimes I need to use several to motivate me to stay on track!


Sometimes when I'm lifting, in my head I'm just saying, "Go! Go! Go!" =)

"That doesn't taste as good as you *think* it tastes."


And it's true, too...since I've gotten out of the -habit- of eating sweets, I've noticed that when I slide a little and eat one, it doesn't taste nearly as good as I remember it tasting (ate one of my daughter's cookies the a couple weeks ago, and even though I loved them before, it just didn't taste all that great to me).

"Would I rather have that or reach my goal?"

Every time I let myself slip, it is a step backward.  Do it too often, and I will never get there.  I have made a goal of losing 20 pounds (I need to lose much more than that, but 20 pound increments seem to be my limit).  I haven't found anything yet that is worth carrying around that extra weight.

"Make your excuses, then go do it." When psyching me self out to exercise.

"Every effort is a great one."  and "It is one thing that I didn't do yesterday." When I feel like my efforts are fruitless and I need to push myself harder.

"One foot in front of the other." When I have to focus because the situation seems overwhelming and I fear failure.

"I can eat whatever I want, now do I want to?" For those times when I am tempted to binge.

i want to set a good example for my son. so whenever i think about the bad foods and not wanting to exercise i just look at him.

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