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What's a good deficit at 265 lbs

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Ok so here's a bit of info about what I want to do..

I'm at 265 lbs now and I'm aiming for 220 by the end of June.. I'm not the kind of person that can count each and everything I eat.. What I can do is hit the gym 5 to 6 times a week..

In general, a good guesstimate of what I eat is 2200 to 2500 a day and I'm not willing to compromise in here!

I just want to know what's a good calorie goal to burn each day at the gym?



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Rule of thumb is 1% body weight per week lost.

So at 265, that would be 2.65lbs/week

2.65*3500 = 9275 deficit/week  /7 days = 1325 cal deficit/day

Keep in mind that this is the max you should be striving for. Although I've never been below 100lbs (as an adult that is), I could never keep a deficit large enough to lose more than a pound per week (500 cal deficit).

Also, remember that you burn calories all day long, not just at the gym, so make sure that you using your total burn, not just your exercise burn.


where did you find your calculations? I'm trying to figure out my deficit and for some reason, I'm not comprehending the analysis page. I'm 184.5 and I want to be 160 by Oct and I don't know how to figure it out. Can you help?

A pound of fat is equal to 3500 calories - that's the main calculation.

If you are 185, you could in theory lose 1.85lb (1% of 185) a week.

1.85 lb = 6475 calories = deficit over a week.  To get the daily deficit, divide by 7, and you get 925.

But like I said, that's in theory - realistically, you might not be able to keep a deficit that high and still lose weight. Personally, I started at 168, and lost best when I kept a deficit of 500 at most.  It's also important not to eat too little - the bare minimum for an adult sedentary woman is 1200. For a man, it's 1500. Teens need to eat more than adults, and active people need to eat more than sedentary folks.

Deficit is the difference between how much you burn in a day and how much you eat.  Use the burn meter tool to figure out how much you burn in a day (including, but not limited to any exercise you do), and use the food log to figure out how much you eat. If you burn 500 calories more than you eat each day for a week, you should lose approximately 1lb of fat in that week.

Thank you, thank you. Now I have some understanding of what I should do.


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