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What's better, a FAT FREE diet or SUGAR free diet?

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I have always been known amongst my friends as the one who knows how to lose weight quickly. While that is not my claim to fame, I definitely have gotten it down to a science. However, if I were good at maintaining that weight, I wouldn't be so experienced at weight LOSS. My diet plan is simple, I try to eat blueberries or some fruit on my way to classes in the morning, eat a salad for lunch with no dressing (or a small amount on the side) and abscond from eating the cheese. I will either hit the elliptical for 30 mins a day or go to an hour long Zumba class. I'll try to book my evening with activities with friends or boys so I'm not focusing on hunger or at least snack moderately since I'm being chatty and active. With this diet plan, I look and feel so much better after only a week, which motivates me to keep going and I start seeing actual fat loss in the following weeks. My stomachs shrinks, so I get fuller faster, and my stomache and gut are fairly empty (which helps give me the initial motivating perception of weight loss) I realize that my diet is oriented around a fat-free diet that avoids as many carbs as possible but makes allowances for sugar intake (from so many fruits and my sweet tooth). I seem to think that sugar is the first thing you burn off before your body plugs onto burning through carbs, so as long as I keep the sugar levels from going overboard I'll burn them off throughout the course of the day and gym. It's obviously not carbs that I'm getting my energy from. Am I making a mistake to be dieting in this fashion however? Are fats (sat and trans fat are bad, I know that) as bad as I think they are? Everything in moderation is ideal, but I don't get results any other way (so it seems). If I cut down on sugar and allowed for some fats (I get some already from chicken or salmon on my salad). I would just like some advice, since everyone comes to me for advice or my diet secrets, it would be good to know where I should be critiqued.

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Fat, carbs, protein, etc are all so important to maintain a healthy body. Fats would make sure that your skin stays supple and that your hair has that natural glow and smoothness to it. To eat a fat-free diet means that the body is deprived of the fats they need to function. 

If I gotta choose, I'd rather eat sugar-free than fat-free but really, there is NO need to choose. You can have it all but additional unnecessary sugar is not a good idea - e.g. Coke.

Well, a fat-free diet would not be healthy at all, since fat is an essential nutrient. And since veggies and carbs have sugar in them, a sugar-free diet wouldn't be good either.

How about a diet of moderation?

Maybe sugar-free, except if you are replacing sugar with artificial sweeteners that are chemical creations made my humans, you would probably be better off eating the sugar-based foods.

Fruits and veggies are often loaded with sugars -- so sugar-free in a strict sense makes no sense.

Substituting maple syrup and honey for refined sugar could be good -- but they are still sugars.

Fat-free can be good as long as it is not taken to extremes.  But often fat-free, such as in salad dressings and some baked goods, has extra sugar to make the stuff taste good.

So I would suggest that fat-free would best be trans-fat free.  There is such a preponderance of disagreement among the "experts" on how much fat we should get and how much saturated fat we should consume.  I don't think most people, though, question the fact that we need to show moderation in how much fat of any kind we consume.

Showing moderation in sugar and fat consumption is good for most people.

If I personally, have to choose between fat-free and sugar-free -- I choose the lower-calorie product, because I like to monitor my calorie consumption.  I tend to eat things like Sara Lee light multi-grain bread, Orville Redenbacher's 94% light popcorn, Otts' Famous Fat Free Dressing, and Flatout's light multi-grain wraps.  But that is just me.

Most people on Calorie Count would advise us to eat some foods with fat (Not trans, though) and some foods with sugars (but not a lot of refined) -- just show moderation.

it sounds like you're losing weight by starving yourself. not to be mean or overly blunt. I mean you eat blueberries (less than 100 calories) a salad sans dressing and without many fat/starch sources so another ~200 calories with lettuce and chicken/salmon. You didn't talk about dinner but I would guess it's not 1200-1500 calories by itself. You should be taking in at least 1500 calories with your exercise regimen. Eat a balanced diet--fat is necessary for hormone production and vitamin absorption.

I would say stick with natural fats and sugars. Most of meats have natural fats that your body needs in order to work properly. Vegetables and fruits have natural sugars which your body also needs. Don't under any circumstances use artificial sweeteners the chemicals in them aren't really good for your body.
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Fat is tasty and good for you.

As close to sugar free as humanly possible  for me. Carbs are sugars..some simply are made of longer chains than others..but it's all the same in the end.

It's not possible to be sugar free, but reducing it as much as possible never hurts.

I center my diet around lean meats (mostly sea food) and green vegetables, and get tons of protein every day.

This is what made all the difference in losing weight (for me) and what keeps it off over two years later.

Since I'm not looking to lose anymore weight, I do take weekends off and eat whatever I want to. This never hurts me as long as I go right back to the usual by Monday again.

At my 'heavy' weight, I was 139ish. I went down to 118, then 116, which stays pretty stable, but a couple of weeks ago, I was 113.

No complaints.


Fat-free diets are oh-so outdated (scientifically) and based upon really really bad science. 

Now a refined sugar/grains-free diet would be really great.

Good fats are so important, get your Omega-3's and MCT's!



Nobody here has mentioned that your BRAIN is made of mostly fat cells.  That should tell you right there that you need them and you need to eat fat to replace those cells when they need to be renewed.  Fat does not make you fat - carbs make you fat.  Sugar (refined) is the devil.  Artificial sweeteners are the devil x 2.

You need to eat with balance.  Include a serving of: dairy, fat, 2 servings of protein, 4 servings of veggies, 2 servings of fruits and the rest of your calorie allotment in complex carbs.

Best of luck.

Definitely Sugar....we just don't need added sugar. Fat is essential. Check out this vid on sugar  from Dr. Robert Lustig of UCSF . It is very informative, has lots of science, history, and can help you come to your own conclusions.

Balance is key. From your description you seem to be lacking protein however.
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