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Weight Loss
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What's the best way to separate my butt from my saddlebags as I lose weight: Squats? Stairmaster?

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Yeah, so there I was in a 2-way mirror fitting into all these size 10s after being a size 14-16, but I got to see that my back side was pretty undefined, flat, and cellulite-y.  I used to have a firm, high butt and, if it's all the same to you guys, I'd like to get it back.  I lift heavy weights 3x/week and do HIIT on the stairmaster 30 minutes/3x week.  I run up and down flights of stairs carrying 20 pound dumbbells a few times a week also. 

I probably should have posted this on fitness.  Oops.  So anyway, any ideas guys?

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I've found that walking/running on an incline treadmill really leaves me sore right where you want a lift....I don't get sore there from anything else. Hope this works for you.

Note to self: try some HIIT on the incline treadmill.  Thanks adrileigh.


Thanks.  I'll have someone teach me.  I do clean and presses.  Is a deadlift the first half, the clean, only with more weight and to the tops of the thighs instead of the chest?

Amen, Melkor! I loves me some deadlifts!

And here are a ton of butt exercises/lifts/strength training moves ... Train With Me Online.

I've also found that any incline is good and the elliptical machine can really lift the booty as well. Good luck!

on the stair master I will kick my leg back and push my hips foward as i do this.. and i have my foot sticking out to the side instead of straight when i do it cause it really hits the side (if that makes sense).. this girl that trains who has a killer butt swears by it to lift your butt and for lower back since you push your hips out.. just started it but my best friend started first and she already notices a difference.. also squats around the track at the gym, KILLER the next day ouch!

I can't picture what you're describing here, but I'm interested in trying it. What exactly do you do? Kick your leg back and push your hip forward as you do what? Do you kick to the side with the leg that's not pushing down a stair?

Great website Kitty.  I put it in my favorites.

Original Post by newdays18:

Great website Kitty.  I put it in my favorites.

Awesome, glad I could help!

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