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weird sweet taste in my mouth that wont go away- ketosis?

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does anyone ever get this? its very weird.  its kind of like a sweet, almost vinegar-y taste.  kind of reminds me of sushi rice in a weird way...  ive had this all day long, and eating different foods, mouthwash, brushing, flossing, nothing will make it go away!   i googled this and it says that its a sign of "ketosis" but i really dont think i am in ketosis as i had a very carb-filled day (and i read that ketosis only happens in very low carb diets?)  i did work out this morning but ate probably around 1800 cals today.


thoughts?  thanks!!Kiss

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I never got that when I was in ketosis.  I did the no/low carb thing for a year about 7 years ago.  But if you are in ketosis your breath and BO will stink really bad.....and your urine will smell pretty bad too. 

That is pretty odd though.  Maybe it is ketosis and I just never got that symptom.

Could be something to ask your dentist or doctor.
It can also hapen if you're not drinking enough. My mum gets it all the time, she eats pretty high carb but barely drinks water during the day so try drinking more and see if the helps.

When I did the no carb thing I got a metallic taste in my mouth and I know I was in ketosis based on the test strips

Have you drunk anything made with splenda? Most of the time, I'm a diet-coke-aholic, but when I drink Sobe, I get that nasty sweet aftertaste in my mouth all day.

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If you think you are in ketosis, you could buyketostix to test your urine for ketone bodies. There are 6.00$ at walmart.

Ketones in your urine, are a sign of fatty acids metabolising for energy, common in uncontrolled diabetes.

Ketosis does not only happen in low-carb diets. If you happen to have an undiagnosed case of diabetes, your body is not producing enough insulin to turn the carb you have eaten into energy, and is using your fat as energy instead.  If you are thirsty and hungry all the time, you should call your doctor.

Ketosis is a form of lipolysis. And in my experience, it tastes sweet. :)

Have you consumed anything with acesulfame potassium, also known as Sweet One, Sunett, acesulfame K or Ace K?

It's an artificial sweetener commonly used in conjunction with aspartame or sucralose because it has a longer shelf life.

It leaves a sweet taste in the mouth that remains for hours (for me, it seems like it's seeping out of my gums).

When you have a moment, can you check for it on your ingredient labels?

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