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Weird feeling-but can't be hunger-what is IT??

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Hi-I posted this in Health and Support, but didn't get any support-so here it goes again: Really curious to know if anyone else experiences this and how to overcome it:

Okay, so this has been bugging me alot or maybe I am just realizing that it is maybe not hunger? All I can say is that my stomach feels 'edgy'.

When I used to smoke-I would smoke when I felt this way and I would feel better.

Also a long time ago when I was unnaturally skinny,in high school, I sort of felt the same way- and grew to like it-but I definitely attributed that to actually being hungry-I was not eating much at all-and I drank diet soda non stop.

Does anyone know what I am talking about? I think it is why I have a tendency to overeat-because when I fell full-I don't feel like this.

It is almost an anxious feeling-but I am not anxious? Maybe I am a freakEmbarassed

PS Edit: I have eaten 1200 of my calories by 430 pm,food every 2-3 hours! Spinning in am and sit at desk rest of day-feeling persists.

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Hi... are you eating enough carbs? I usually feel this way when I don't eat enough carbs..

I think so- I have oatmeal every morning and still feel this way after eating it. I also will have a bit of whole grain bread, triscuits, and I eat a TON of veggies.

I am a vegetarian-really a pescatraian-I eat fish and shrimp once a week or so. But I don't eat eggs and cheese. So maybe it is protein I am lacking? I am going to try to add a hardboiled egg on days I spin.

I do think I feel satisfied when I have more carbs, but I also tend to want to eat more then. I also remember being on WW years ago and feeling most satisfied when I had eggs.

I just wrote down some goals last nite in my journal here because I had a rough week and didn't lose. I bought a scale for food and realized I'd beem underestimating alot of my portions-especilly peanut butter!

So I am trying to be good. I only have ten more pounds to lose and would really like to lose it by summer. But this feeling is uncomfortable-but maybe it is supposed to be, ya know?

Thanks for the reply!

Hmmm.. although I understand what you mean when you say that the feeling is uncomfortable it really shouldn't be you know? your body is speaking to you, it's just a matter of paying attention.

I would definitely add an egg (or two) or egg whites to your diet. I'm not a vegetarian as I do eat fish, chicken and turkey. I don't eat red meat at all. I try to complement my (already balanced) diet with protein powders on days my protein intake is low and also on days I train.

Hope you can figure out what is going on and that you feel better soon.

I just had a hard boiled egg with my salad for dinner. I hope it will help.

Thanks so much for replying-I guess no one has this feeling but me.......

How sad is it that I am replying to my own postFrown

I feel frustrated and surprised that there are not any others experiencing any thing like this.

I had my egg and I am sitting here with my stomach having this edgy feeling to it-I cannot be hungry! I have eaten about 1900 cals today which is maintenance-but I burned 2300 (my estimate with spin class).

I almost think that I am onto my whole reason for gaining weight off and on in the first place-I stuff myself so I don't feel this way when it happens. BUT-I don't think it is what could it be?

Someone who replied in the other thread suggestedCrohns disease-I looked up the symptoms-I don't have them.

Ughhhh. I feel like I want to stuff myself to get rid of this feeling....

I wish I could help!  But, that feeling doesn't sound familiar to me unless it's hunger because it sounds like hunger to me.  Maybe an apple with some PB and a glass of milk would help.  I hope you feel better soon.

Original Post by future214:


When I used to smoke-I would smoke when I felt this way and I would feel better.

Also a long time ago when I was unnaturally skinny,in high school, I sort of felt the same way- and grew to like it..........

Is it possible the feeling is stress related?  Nerves can cause a feeling very much like hunger.  And considering some people grab a cigarette to help with stress and find relief, it could explain why you felt better after smoking. 

The fact that you enjoyed ("grew to like it") the feeling when you were 'unnaturally skinny' is also kind of tell-tale.

Have you taken any kind of antacid just to rule out upset stomach?

If it's something you feel frequently, then don't put off seeing a doctor.  You just never know about these things no matter how insignificant they might seem. 


maybe it's heartburn or gas?
I've definitely had evenings where my tummy just isn't happy after dinner.  Often it's when I wait until I'm starving before I eat dinner, although from what you've posted, you don't seem to think that's the problem.

Perhaps drink some hot water and rest for a bit to see if it goes away, and then if not, have a small carb snack like crackers or oatmeal.

Sorry I'm not much help, but I just wanted to let you know that my tummy is tempermental too!

Thanks everyone. I am going to try a few things. It may be stress or nerves-my life would make most nuts but I think I am used to it-maybe I am not.

It isn't an all the time occurrence, but it happens pretty regularly. I have attributed it to hunger and think sometimes that my metabolism is really ramped up and try to stoke it regularly-but often it doesn't work.

Maybe I need to find what works for my metabolic type?-one of the things I will look into.

I have feelings like that pretty frequently.  It can be A) I am not eating enough...even if I just ate if it wasn't enough food my body starts freaking out.  B) I am worried about something but don't know it.  Sometimes a workout can help or trying to figure out why I am worried or a bit of journaling. 


I have always been more of a worry wort so maybe its more food related for you.  If I ate only 1300 cals a day I would be a wreck after a few days.  I need to eat 1500 - 2000 cals a day in order to feel normal.  I get shaky, upset stomach, nervousness, headaches, dry heaving, crying spells, etc all from not getting enough food or often enough.  I can go from not hungry to all the symtoms listed above in a matter of 30 mins.  It kinda sucks cause food really does rule over me.  Oh well I should count myself lucky that I get to eat as much as I do.

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Future - I am new to this board, but have been active in the COPD forums in the past.  The feelings you are describing sound a lot like anxiety.  I quit smoking last Nov. after winding up hospitalized with pneumonia and then being diagnosed with the lung disease COPD.  After smoking for 40 years, I wasn't surprised about the diagnosis.  After I worked through the physical withdrawal from nicotine, I was very surprised at how anxious I am these days.  I suspect I used to "self medicate" with cigarettes, but now I am not using that option.  Food was the next available substance, and that's what brings me to weight loss forums.  Anyway, I get this feeling washing over me that is almost like how a hot flash feels, (if you are familiar with that).  It's pretty creepy, actually.   I am now trying to deal with this "feeling" with exercise, and have recently begun a more healthy diet.  I just thought I'd throw in my two cents worth with the anxiety thing, because that's what I thought of when I read your post. 

Agana- I eat alot! I eat about 1700cals most days because I work out-even if I didn't I would be hungry for that much.

I am looking at some stuff on metabolic type and I think that may be me problem. I think I need less carbs and more fat and protein. Unfortuantely that may mean I need to add animal protein into my diet which I have been pretty much avoiding for about a year. abolic-type.html

I just took this test-and it came out as a "Fast Oxidizer" so I am looking into what type of diet might be better-I think my oatmeal in the am may be all wrong!

Thanks Bellstar-I do think some of it is anxiety. I have always had plenty to be anxious about and have had my various coping skills. And, yes, i have had that hot flashy-panic attack feeling on occasion.

 Now, like you, I am really into the exercise thing. Yesterday, I did it 1st thing in the am and didn't get my relaxed feeling I usually get when I do it after work. Today I'm back to 5pm. It is my salvation most days!

Sorry to hear about your COPD-that is another thing I am trying to look into when I have the tme-my heart rate doesn't go as high as others when I am really exerting myself and somewhere a few days ago I read in the fitness forum about someone who experienced this and attributed it to years of smoking. I haven't had the time to delve into it yet.

Congrats on the quitting and move toward healthy living. I know how hard it can be. I do, mostly, feel so much better!

Gotta get my butt to work!Wink

I hve the exact same feeling sometimes, and it is definitly from anxiety and nervousness. I was the same when I smoked, I would have a cigarette when I felt that way. However, I really confused myself between the desire to smoke, being nervous and being hungry, I ended up overdoing everything. It is only recently that I have discovered  how to differentiate between the three and the nervous feelings no longer drive me to eat...

Hi im a bad suffererof panic attacks and i feel anxious alot of the time and what you are describing how my tummy feels on a bad day so it could very well be stress thats causing it and the smoking would have relieved it for you in the past i find food is a great help hence why im large lol find a de stress tool that works for you exercise is good also camomile tea calms down my tummy xx

Awesome pend2 and rainbow 270-at least now I know I am not a freak!

I do exercise and enjoy some of the herb teas. It does help-I just seem, like pend said,not to be able to differentiate sometimes. I know when I am really stressed, but I have a lot of it and I think I have developed a tolerance in sme way. Maybe it is a wake up call-although alot of things are beyond my control-tht is probably why I am so into the exercise and "dieting" -I CAN control that.....hmmmm -eye opening.............!

Today is better and I m trying to make a quarter of my pie be protein nad another quarter fat-The protein part is quite narrow sometimes. And that seems to have taken the edge of a bit.

Thanks so much for the supportSmile

I think I know just what you mean about your stomach feeling 'edgy'.  Like others, I have a panic disorder and consider it a symptom of that, but I notice that it is a more regular occurrence when I've had caffeine or when I haven't eaten very much. Sometimes I feel like my body knows when I am stressed out before my consciousness does!  Like agana said above, it is definitely possible to be anxious and not know it. 

I just hope that you are able to work it out and feel better.  Keep us updated on whether or not the increased protein helps.  As a fellow mostly-vegetarian-sometimes-pescatarian, I know that it can be tough to get that orange wedge bigger!

Hi Coreyander, Do you eat eggs and cheese?

I have not been. The day of this orig post was the first day I tried an egg. Then yesterday I had a piece of Salmon. I do think it made me feel better.


This morning I decreased the amount of oatmeal and added a tbsp of PB to it. (Yummy, btw!) It felt more satisfying.

I have posted in my Journal an article that describes someone who needs a bigger proportion of Protein/Fat then Carbs. This article describes me and these symptoms to a t-it is eery!

I suppose I should write in my journal these obs rather than sharing it all here, but what the hay-I will copy and paste!

Things I am worried about If I follow the advice for a 'Protein Type'

1) I will feel like a vegetarian failure if I start eating meat again.

2) I will not reap the health benefits/avoid the poss health complications from eating too much animal protein.

3) My grade on calorie count will go down from a consistent A because I add more fats and back off a bit on the carbs. (I know this may seem silly, but even if I overeat-it is still an A and it makes me feel good!)

4) It wil be too hard/expensive to find meat/dairy that comes from animals who have had a decent life and no hormones/chemicals. (Omnivores-please don't hate me for this-I am not  a radical-and respect all choices-this is just a real concern of mine)

5) It is said that high prurine (?) food is especially good for a "Protein Type"-that comes from red meat -I don't think I would ever be able to eat it again. Anyone else know of other sources?

OK, that's all I can think of for now. My plan is to do this slowly and to add in dairy and eggs first and see if that is enough along with my fish a few times a month maybe I will increase that? Also to look at my protein/ fat wedge on CC to see if it is balanced and addif I need to.

Also I do not want this to be an atkins type diet-I HAVE to have my veggies, esp raw spinach, brussel sprouts, broccoli and winter squashes- I could go on and on!

Btw, that PB I added to the oatmeal is really stickingSmile and helping with the 'edginess'

Thanks for listening. And of course -I hope that this helps me lose my last ten pounds more comfortably and allows me to maintain for life!

PS-I loved this :

Always check if your dietary choices spring from kindness towards self or from a sense that you ‘should’ eat a certain way. Being a healthy vegetarian over many years needs to feel intrinsically right for you on all levels. Then go for it!


Hiya! As far as the funny feeling goes... It's usually thirst. Thirst and hunger can feel the exact same way in your stomach. A lot of people over-eat just because they're dehydrated and don't realize it. When you feel that funny feeling again, try drinking a bottle of water and see what happens.

1) I will feel like a vegetarian failure if I start eating meat again.

1) A high protein diet can be achieved without the consumption of meats. Don't fret! I'm a 7 year vegetarian and I'm following a high protein, low carb, low fat diet right now. I take in 155 grams of protein a day. This is all done with natural sources such as soy, cottage cheese, whey, nuts, and legumes. You don't have to eat meat!


3) My grade on calorie count will go down from a consistent A because I add more fats and back off a bit on the carbs. (I know this may seem silly, but even if I overeat-it is still an A and it makes me feel good!)

3) It's just a letter of the alphabet! Don't let it control your life! Calorie counts calculations are all generalized. I'm following a strict body-building diet right now and my grades range from C's to A's, even though I'm eating the healthiest diet I know of.

4) It wil be too hard/expensive to find meat/dairy that comes from animals who have had a decent life and no hormones/chemicals. (Omnivores-please don't hate me for this-I am not  a radical-and respect all choices-this is just a real concern of mine)

4) Yes, it's expensive. But if you can find local, organic, dairy... then who cares about price? It's your body and your life. Life is too short to stress over saving every little penny... after all, you can't take your money with you when you die.

I'm a vegetarian and I use Gay Lea Nordica Fat Free Cottage Cheese religiously. It's probably the healthiest dairy product you can consume.. aside from pure egg whites.


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I have had similar issues, a weird almost very hungry feeling, including some times not long after I ate.  Mine tend to be connected to either allergy flare ups or being stressed.  I've had ulcers in the past and figured the whole autoimmune thing with the allergies was making the ulcer flare up, but didn't know what to do and tended to overeat sometimes. 

A co-worker said her brother has ulcers and his Dr said to take a pepto pill a day to help control stomach acid and that too much acid can make you feel hungry.  Started that about 2 weeks ago and other than one minor flare up, I have had any issues.  Tums and Tums style tablets don't seem to work at all, but plain old generic pepto has really helped me (or I have a major placebo effect going on!).

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