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Weight Loss
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Will a 10 pound weightloss shrink my breasts?

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Hello. :) I'm new here but... I have a question! I'm 5'4 and began my weighloss at 147 pounds. My goal weight is 135 pounds and I'm currently 141. I'm worried that I will lose an entire cup size... I started at a 36B, but went into Victoria's Secret a few weeks ago and was told I was really a 34C. Regardless of their "actual" size, I like how they look and are proportionate to my body. A few days ago I noticed that they had lost some volume- not a huge noticeable amount, but some. I'm wondering if I will lose an entire cup size after losing these 10 pounds? Has anyone gone through something similar?

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Probably. I always lose from my boobs and my non-existant butt first. Exactly where I don't want the weight coming from.

Yes it can happen depending on your body type

I'm 5'2 started and have fluctuated +/- 15 lbs in the last 6 years. When I'm at my lowest weight I am a 34B at at my highest I'm at a 34C. While I like being a C I'd much rather be at a lower weight with a B and because of the lower weight they will still look proportionate. Also, larger breasts can make you look bigger all around depending on the clothes you are wearing

I have a friend that swears she doesn't change cup size regardless of her weight. So I think it really depends on the individual.

Not necessarily - when I went from 160-ish to 130-ish, it was because my job had me walking 10 miles a day on sand wearing a heavy backpack and toting a tripod and full-sized spotting scope on my shoulders (I was monitoring shorebirds).  My C-cups actually increased to D-cups, and I had no idea why until my gyno remarked during my breast exam that I had developed some hard-core pectoral muscles under my breasts.  It firmed them up and pushed them out from my chest. 

Since you probably don't have very many opportunities to walk 10 miles a day while carrying heavy objects, try implementing a weight-lifting regime that targets your pectoral muscles.

Of course, I'm currently 20 lbs into my journey from 180-ish lbs back down to 130-ish lbs (desk job!  ack!), without doing any weight-lifting to speak of, and I still have my D-cups.

My mother's a B-cup on a good day, AFTER giving birth to and nursing me, so I have no idea how I ended up with these puppies in the first place.  I like 'em, though :)

I agree that it varies from person to person. Most women will lose breast volume as they lose weight, but the rate isn't fixed. Of course, since I wanted my boobs to shrink, I had to lose 45 lbs before they even went down a cup size. Sigh.

Yup. I agree with everyone. I'm 5'2" and I have gone from about 200lbs to about 130 and I'm pretty sure I stayed at a C, I just changed band size (from 38 to 34). I went from a full-C to a not-quite-C-but-definitely-not-B. This was when I was in High School and shortly after I graduated, btw. I did gain the weight back and have been hovering between 173-183 for about 5 years now. I'm still a C. However, I magically changed to a D cup for half of last year, and now I'm back to a C. VERY WEIRD! I was eating relatively healthy at the time, but I probably negated it by drinking nearly every day. I actually lost weight around that time too, so I was around 170. Bodies (and breasts) are strange things!

I will say that when I have done a lot of exercise that works my pecs, it makes my breasts bigger just from the developed muscles giving them a boost, as another poster said happened with her. You may get a little lift too. Vinyasa Yoga is what I do that seems to work that area the best for me.

It depends on your body type. I personally can lose 50lbs right now and still lose only one cup size. But that's not necessarily a good thing.

Ugh, I wish I could.  I understand why you don't, but...

When I started losing weight, I was a proportional 38DDD.  I've lost 50 pounds.  And I'm a decidedly unproportional 36DDD.

I'm worried that I'll lose another 30, get to my goal weight, and STILL be a 3xDDD.

Probably, but it depends on your body type.   I'm very pear-shaped: I lose weight off my upper body first and gain it on my lower body first.  Even at my heaviest, I had a thin face and relatively skinny arms and neck.  Someone whose weight is naturally more balanced toward her upper body will probably lose differently.

Oh alrighty! Thanks everyone for replying. I guess it just kinda depends on your body type. I'm not going to stress about it! :)

Just from personal experience, I have lost 23 lbs and have no difference in size whatsoever. I think it depends on the person.

I lost 32 pounds and was never so happy to get rid of something!  Glad to find clothes that fit better... Boobs are overrated. 

I started my weight loss at 186, and got done to 135. I went from a 36DD to a 34D. I can totally tell that my boobs have lost like, "volume" I guess. It sucks.

I am in a similar situation.  I recovered from my second time around with anorexia, but I'm having a serious problem. My breasts shrank all the way down to a small A cup (they use to be 34 B's), but I have gained a lot of weight in my hips, stomach, and some in my highs, and almost nothing back into my breasts.  The worst part is that whenever I don't eat when my stomach starts to growl, I get shooting pains in my breasts, almost as if my body is feeding off them to make of for being hungry.   What doesn't make sense is I have plenty of fat stored in my body, and it never seems to help me go without meals longer.  How am I supposed to try to lose weight and get in shape, when every time by body goes to burn calories, it does so my burning what fat is left in my breasts?  

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