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Weightloss & Clothing size?

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I know that everyone loses weight differently and blah blah blah but I'm just looking for a general answer to my question:

Typically, how many pounds do you have to lose before you go down in clothing sizes?  I'm 5'8" and weight 200 pounds.  I've already lost 6 in the past 3 weeks and though my pants (size 14) are getting loose...they're no where near a size 12 yet.



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I've lost 93(ish) pounds and gone from a 30 to an 18.  So I guess that's about 15 pounds for every 2-size increment.
for me, it's about 10 pounds per size (eg. 12-10).  but how do you fit a size 14?  you must carry your weight in your shoulders!  i was a size 12 (tight) at 165 and didn't buy a size 10 until i was almost down to 150!
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I've read 7 - 10lbs per size..

but im 205lbs at 5'9" and wear a size 16... so i think it all depends on where you carry your weight - i haven't worn a size 12 since I was 170lbs because I carry it all in my butt and legs (I can still wear the same shirts i wore 20lbs ago)

Grats on your weight loss so far :)

I think it depends on a few things: 1) how tall you are; 2) how close you are to your goal; and 3) how you are shaped, apple vs pear.

I found I lost a size for every 5 lbs. As I neared my goal weight, I even jumped a size after just 2 lbs!

But I'm only 5'0" tall AND I have no hips. My hips, thighs, butt kept disappearing, long before I made a dent in the stomach area and upper body. This meant that I ran through pant sizes very quickly, every 5 lbs... but not so with tops and dresses. It's only been recently, near the end, that I started fitting in to size XS tops instead of Smalls.

So I lost 20 lbs and went from a size 6p to a size 0p in pants... that's 4 sizes. But I still need a size 4 in dresses and tops, because I lost most of my weight from my lower half but not so much on the top half.

I'm on maintenance now but if I was to lose additional weight, I don't think my pant size would change at all. There's very little left to lose there. The weight would have to come off the top half of me. My chest.

So far for me, it's been about 15 pounds per size. I'm 5'7''. I got to size 22 at 265, size 20 at 250, size 18 at 235. But the smaller you are, the less it takes to lose a size. Maybe you'll see size 12 around 190 lbs? It's always hard to guess, because people are VERY different. Exercise/toning also makes a difference!


Well, yeah, I'm definately "top heavy"! Foot in mouth

I basically look like an orange with stick arms and legs, I'm really not lying.  It's terrible, actually.  I carry all my weight in my chest and stomach.  If I hiked my jeans up to my waist then I'd be a 16 and I was not to long ago anyway but, wearing them as I do...I'm in a 14.

 I don't know, maybe it'll take a long time because when I was 135 pounds 10 years ago I was only a size 12.  Like, build wise, I'm not petite at all but I'm skinny in a size 12 if that makes any sense.


I'm 5'6" and started at 265 in a TIGHT 24... 25 pounds later, I'm inbetween 20 and 22 (all size 22s fit and some size 20s...) I have a small bust and a large tummy, and I've lost the most weight off my stomach, which makes clothes fit much better. 

Six pounds didn't make any visible difference to my appearance at all - you started to notice my face thinning after ten pounds.  

it takes me 20 pounds before i lose a size.  when i started i was a size 26. i've lost 40 pounds and now i'm a size 22 (20 in stretch jeans, which i always wear!) i'm not as tall as you, but the last time i was 200 lbs i was also a size 14. i lost 15 pounds from there and became a size 12.

I think it depends on your body type.  I'm 5'9" and currently at 180 I wear a size 7-8, and when I weighed 150-155, I was wearing a size 3-4.  I have always had a athletic build.  My weight gain has been pretty proportionate.  My body has always been misleading because of my height.  I look like I am in shape and people think I weigh less than I actually do. 

But anyway, I would probably guess 10-15 pounds per size change.  Hope this helps since we're pretty close in height.

I am short and though I have only lost 16lbs I went from a size 18 to a 12 (they are lose now but I bought them when I was only 14lbs down) So I wonder if petite or tall jeans would make a difference on the waist size to.
i lost 15lbs and went from size 6 to 4, but some of my size 4 pants are a little large, so maybe in 5lbs i will be a 2!
Wow, does it have to do with your height and build!!! I'm currently 226 (5'5.5"), and a size 18 jean, most of them are tight when I put them on, but really baggy a couple hours later, XXL top, but was the same at 236. The last time I saw a 16 I was around 200. 14's at 180, 12's at 165, size L shirt, and I midly remember a 10 at 150. I'm interested to see if I can still wear my old jeans when I get back to 165, LOL. I have some really cute ones, that are barely worn, but I'm sure I'll still want new ones! I do have 1 pair of 12's that I bought because they were on sale and I was hoping to lose the weight then (2 years ago, when I went from 205 to 180), but that didn't happen, obviously, but I had the same ones in a 14. I hope to see the 14's by summer! *crosses fingers*
Okay I am totally not crazy.... I have always suspected that the higher you go up in sizes, the bigger the jump in measurements. But I never thought to check it until now.

See: http://www.gap.com/customerService/info.do?ci d=2314

... and look carefully at the pants measurements. From sizes 0 to 10, there's one inch between each size. Then when you hit size 12-14-16, there's one-and-one-half inches between each size. Then from size 18-20 there's two full inches. I have to imagine in plus sizing the differences are even more dramatic.

So this probably explains why as I lost weight - going from a tight size 6 to a size 0 - I changed sizes about every 5 lbs, whereas someone who starts at a size 20 may not change sizes until they lose 20 lbs!

I know, I know... it's just not fair, is it? :-(

I am also 5' 8" and Since September I've gone from 225 lbs to 195 lbs (30 lbs loss) and went from a Women's size 20 jeans to Women's size 16 and from a 46DD bra to 42DD. Cool

So, I guess it's 15 lbs loss to drop one size in clothing (for me anyway!)



Like everyone else has been saying... it really depends on how you carry your weight... and probably how much muscle vs fat there is.

I'm 5"7 ish,  I started around 197 lbs and a size 13 or 15 depends on clothes. Now i'm at 178lb and wear a 9 or 11 depending on manufacturer of course :)

So I guess that's about 10 lbs a size for me. I'm hoping in another 5 lbs to lose the size 11 completely!


I'm 5'3 and I started at 164 in a size 14.  I have lost 26 lbs and I am now in a size 8 (yay).  I'm hoping when I'm at my goal weight of 125 I will be in a 6 or 4. 
Wow, I must be weird proportioned. I'm almost 5'6", weight 170 and wear a 14, almost a little tight. Whenever I tell people how much I weigh they are surprised- they think I am smaller. I always thought that meant I was well proportioned. But once I started losing weight I started to second guess that. When I weighed 212 I wore 18's and 20's.

Hmmm.... I did buy a size 13 dress pant, but I MUST wear a long shirt to cover the pouch and muffin top :-)
I'm 5' 7" and started at 160, at a size 12. I've dropped 28lbs and am down to a loose 6. Hoping to loose another 5-7lbs by my wedding in May.  Its really weird though, because I bought jeans yesterday at American Eagle and they were a size 6, but the jeans that I was wearing when I went into the store were a different brand, were size 10, and were tight. So it does depend on the brands too.
It's different for everybody.  For me, at my current musculature, it's about 14 lbs/size.  I started out at 195 lbs and a size 14.  I lost down to 125 lbs and a size 4.  That's 70 lbs/5 sizes = 14 lbs per size.  However, now that I've been working out more, I'm a size 0 at 125 lbs. 
I'm 5'3" and I seem to lose a size every 15 lbs. or so...I started out at 162, am now down to about 153 and my 12's are getting loose. I know once I'm at 145 I can wear a 10, when I'm 135 I can wear an 8 and when I'm at 125 I can wear a 6. So it does seem to change the more weight you lose but it all depends on where you carry your weight too. I have fairly nice legs but a big ol' gut so my pants will be loose everywhere but the waist...it's the last to come off. Good luck!
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