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Weight Watchers - it's not working!

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I have been following the weightwatchers points system and ITS NOT WORKING!!! i have kept within my points and i have been to the gym a few times. I have a party to go to in two weeks!!! Anyone have any tips??
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I have actually gained 6lb
Without more information it's impossible to say.

What you can do is make full use of all the tools here at CC.  Have you checked out the links on the Home page?  Maybe reading this will help

http://www.calorie-count.com/forums/post/1223 0.html

Good Luck to you and we all look forward to hearing from you often with progress reports!!!
I did weight watchers for 9 months and it didn't work for me either.  Are you doing the meetings?  I did online only.  Maybe meetings might of helped meI don't know.

I started doing CC in August.  I have only lost a couple lbs.  I would do well and then eat for a weekend and gain again.  Same issue I had with WW. 

Check out this post on WW foods.  I was eating alot of WW prepared foods and after seeing this can see why it wasn't working for me.

http://www.calorie-count.com/forums/post/1729 5.html

I know if I followed a good eating plan I can lose the weight.  I just have weekend issues. 

You said you went to the gym a "few times"  how many times is this a week?  a month?  HOw long have you been counting points?  Weight isn't going to lessen without working at it.  Search the boards and check out the Calorie count diet post.  It pretty much explains the best way to get started.
I have a friend who told me last night that her sis in law and her neighbour joined WW 2 weeks ago.. One has lost 12lbs and the other 7lbs in 2 weeks.......... I dont know about WW, seems to me that 12lbs is to much to lose in 2 weeks? She is over 200lbs but still I thought that sounded like to much according to CC.. Im just not really sure about that.. Im not failiar w/ WW..
       When you really strip it down Weight Watchers is no different then counting calories.  Just like counting calories if you under estimate the amount of points a certain food is or more likely the portion size of that food you will gain weight.   If you gained 6 lbs that simply means that you have been eating more calories then your body is able to expend.  What I would do is instead log you calories you eat for a week or so using this site then if you still wish to contine with weight watchers convert that total into their points system.  Just have to be careful and for a few days measure EVERYTHING.  This will give you the exact amount of food you eat each day.
I did weight watchers about 2 years ago and found success with it. However, the flaw in the points system is that you eat food without discerning where the points come from. You can stay within your points range and eat nothing but chocolate cake and hotdogs (for example)- this probably would not promote good weight loss. Make sure you are getting a good balance of protein fat and carbs. And if your sodium intake is high that could be another reason why you have not seen results. If you tweak your program a little, it should work.

I really don't like the points system I have lost about a 1lb since I started the new system 3 weeks ago when before I was loosing about 2lb - 3lb a week, I am getting really annoyed with it because it worked just fine for me before! because I use the online on I can't go back to the old plan because I don't have the points value for foods. :( 

I gained 10lbs on it.  so don't feel bad.  Those bonus points are no good for me. :) So I just count my calories and don't binge. 

some days I like to count both calories and points just to compare.  And I find that to stay within my point allowance (without using flex points) I eat less than 1200 calories per day.  In fact just yesterday I ate 1300 calories and 28 points which is using 5 of my flex points for the week. 


so maybe this is why?  I do eat back any activity points I earn too.  So I try to do that first before I use my flex points. 

I started WW in October and have found I lose more when using most of the 35 weekly points and activity points.  I also track my calories here as well, so I am able to tell if my calories are too low and I need to eat a little more.   Also, I didn't lose much the first couple weeks, but have been losing pretty steadily lately so don't be discouraged!

In addition to what everyone else has said, you need to give your body time. Weight loss takes consistent healthy eating and exercise. Saying that you are wanting to lose weight for a party in 2 weeks is really pushing your body. With healthy weight loss, you should only expect to lose 1-4 pounds in a 2 week period (1/2-2 pounds a week, depending on your starting weight). Be consistent, slow down, and take the time to do it right.

IMO weight watchers is pointless....

Every food has a point value.

But there is no assurance you are getting what you need.. Enough protien, carbs and fat.....

I been to both types of WW, group AND online.  If there is something else wrong with your body you won't be able to lose weight.  I've been trying to pinpoint my issues, most of my weight came on from my tonsilectomy where I didn't eat for a week and it hosed my metabolism (50 lbs gained in 4 months).  The doctor I'm seeing has uncovered a few things, I have low thyroid function, some carbohydrate intolerance, general inflammation and hormone imbalances.  I can lose 6 pounds on any diet and then it abruptly stops which means I can lose water weight but not the actual fat.  I am trying to be patient just like yourself, keep the faith but have your body checked for these things.  Laughing

How long have you been at it? 

What does  "been to the gym a few times mean?"

I have been following WW for 12 weeks and have lost 15 lbs even with a big trip in the middle where I wasn't able to track.  What I do do is get exercise every day.

You must be patient and that is such a bummer!  Don't weigh yourself daily because that will make you nuts. Cry If you are starting exercising from ground zero, you might be sore and not putting enough into it (or as Jillian says, "phoning it in").  It is also possible that you are adding muscle which is counteracting the fat loss.  Don't cheat yourself - make a food log and record everything!!!  Try to eat healthy and colorful foods (often low points value unless they are m&m's), nibble on something every couple of hours to curb the hungries, and watch your portions.  just like anything, weight loss begins with wrapping your brain around what you want to do (the hard part).  Make little changes in your exercise behaviors like park farther out in the lot.  Get a pedometer and keep track of how many miles you walk in a day.  Log those miles in a virtual walk across the country at

http://exercise.lbl.gov/index.html;jsessionid =404D35EE89BBE618AA53A08625FC2A28

Best of luck to you.  We are all rooting for you to find success Smile


I have a friend who has been doing WW for many months now.  She's lost 40+ pounds and LOVES the program.  However, there's no one size fits all for dieting.  Please DO check and make sure you are fully within the WW guidelines.  Please DO make sure you truly are exercising 3-6 days per week.  And please DO give it time.  Are you going to the meetings?  The support can be invaluable for helping you to pinpoint issues you have and for helping you stay on track.


And if none of this works, then by all means, try a different healthy diet plan.  Something will work for you!

Weight Watchers is good when you are strict about the diet. Which often feels like a diet. Your mind is on food all day and night. It almost feels like a punishment. After doing this probably for the 5th time, it did not work so well.  I switched to a low carb and sugar diet (belly fat cure and south beach) and lost weight and have had that off for a years. Your body type has a lot to do with it.

Good Luck!!


I joined WW on Feb 16th and have lost 70 pounds so far.  If you comply with the program it will work.  You have to remember that it is more than counting points.  You need to make sure you have all the components of the points they recommend; protein, grains, fruits and veggies, healthy oil, etc.  In my opinion WW will always work because it is balance healthy eating.  I also do Calorie Count because I like to keep informed of many other components of healthy eating.  WW is only a diet if you restrict your eating, I see it as a lifestyle for me.  I have 19 more pounds to lose to reach my goal and know I will do it.

my neighbor was morbidly obese and lost over 100 lbs with WW and it changed her life. my mom tried WW and didn't lose anything but she only had about 30 lbs to lose. i think WW might just be for very very overweight people, but who knows. i love CC and i think it is better-- and free! Laughing

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