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Weight Loss
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Weight: Up and Down

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Hi everyone,

I have a question that might sound strange...(I know that people's weight can yo-yo because of crashing dieting so this question is not about crash diets. I'm pointing that out now because I just want to clear up misconceptions about what I am about to ask...) I've noticed that through out the day my weight goes up and down, I can never get a solid number I know the range I am at but....for example lets say I am 55 kg when I get up (I'm not but anyway) when I go to the bathroom and weight myself again, I'll be 54 kg...After I eat I'll be 56 the time I go to bed I'm 57kg...Now I know that I can't be possibly gaining or losing weight that first I thought it was my scale but I recently bought a new one, and found the same thing happens. I don't really understand. This has been happening to me my whole life...and I can fit in something one minute but I can't the next. Now when asked my weight I just think of the number I see most often I'll range it from 54-56 but I can never have a solid number! I see something different every time I get on the scale. I wanted to bring this up just to see if it happens to others or if someone knows why it happens.

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It's food and water.  Mostly water.  Your weight fluctuates a couple of pounds a day, it has to... is 16oz is 1lb (I think) and if you drink 16 oz of water or eating that much food you're adding that much on, not in fat, but still the food particles/h20 that are in your stomach.  I'd imagine this drops overnight because of evaporation (7 hours of exhaling water vapor)   So don't stress about it and try and weigh yourself around the same time everyday (mornings are most consistent). 

Hi shaikha,

Weight flux during the day is perfactly normal.  Since i am an extreme case, I see major ups and downs in my weight through the day.  Sometimes as much as 8-10 pounds. 

So don't stress it.  I like to keep an eye on my weight, but I've got an offical weigh in that I use in my log. 

I think one problem a lot of folk have with weight loss programs is that they focus far to much on the short term.  It's how the range you see every day moves over the long term that is importent. 

So don't look at a short term upswing as a major problem.  If your sticking to your eating plan, and you are getting plenty of activity, you will reach your goals.  It just takes a little time! 

Welcome to the boards!!  Hope to hear from you again!!


Thanks guys!

Thanks for the replies...I have been trying to figure this out since forever lol. It good to know that it's normal and I am not weird!

I agree with the above posts regarding water weight, etc;  This is why it is important to always weigh yourself at the same time so you can keep accurate records.  I chose Friday mornings for mine.  Otherwise, you can kinda go crazy worrying about all the fluctuation.

Well your weight is always most accurate at the beginning of the day, before eating anything. This is also true with your height. So don't worry about those other numbers just what you get in the morning
I always weigh myself right in the morning, after I pee, but before I drink anything.
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