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What weight is size 7?

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I know for everyone, it will be different, but I want to weigh about 135-140.  I weigh 155 right now, and am keeping my old size 7 jeans!  I am very muscular, so I wear a slightly bigger size than my weight may indicate (I'm in 9-11 right now), but I was wondering if 140 size 7 is possible?  If you are size 7, how much do you weigh?
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That's a toughie. I wear a 7 (assuming you mean juniors) when I am at about 140 lbs. I am 5' 7". I hope that helps you!
I think it's between 10-20 lbs that = 1 dress/pant size.  a 9/10 is only one size bigger than a 7/8 (i worked in retail for MANY years and got to the point where I could size a girl/woman by looks). 
well just to prove everyone is different and its a crapshoot :D I am 120 and I wear a size 7
when I was around 140, I wore a size 7.
Haha, yes, I was hoping to get a range of answers!  As I said though, my legs are pretty muscular, so I was just hoping to compare...  This is the stuff that keeps me making good choices! Just thinking about the results!  (Plus, I'm hungry right now, trying to wait for dinner and not snack! haha)
i wear a size 5/7 and i'm 5'4 and 127lbs
I think height will really have a lot to do with it. How tall are you?
yeah, I maintain at about 113 and I am a size seven, and 5'3''
Totally depends!  I'm 5'7", 135, and I wear about 9 to 11!  I do have a bubble-butt, though.
hehe, I like my butt! It is a bit big though... :-P  I am about 5'6"
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5'6", big butt & large thighs, I wear a 7/8 at 147 lbs
i weigh 135 and i wear size 7. :/
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i have very muscular thighs too.  i'm about 143lbs at the moment and 5'5.  i just bought a pair of size 7 shorts that are large on the waist and tight on the thighs. ....i hope to fit into them before summer is over because they're really cute. ):

also, my measurements aree about 33-29-39 with 24 inch thighs if that helps you out any
i'm 5'7" and in the 120's. i'm a size seven.
I am 134 l've lost 33 lbs since Valentine's Day and joining Calorie-count. I am a size 10/12 still. I am 5'1 and have a nonexistent butt and my thighs have lost the most inches (and my chest of course) I tend to carry my weight in my belly. Hope that helps.
I'm 143 and am generally fitting into a size 6/7. I am 5'8".  I think it's depends on how much muscle vs fat someone has...

my friend is 145 and same height (very slightly taller), but wears a 10 and sometimes a 12.
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i wear a size 7 in jeans & im 131 lb..
i'm 5'4 and was roughly 132-135 when i was a 7/8
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I am 59 years old, 5'4" and weigh now between 138-140 pounds.I exercise 6 times per week aerobically for 45-60 minutesnad do strength  training 3 times per week, all at home.

I have lost about 60 pounds in the past year, but have lost much more than that even in the past, the highest weight loss being about 90 pounds. I am maintianing now for alonger time than I have ever in the past and will continue to do so.

I spoke of the exercise, because I know that makes a hige difference in measurements and weight as well.

I am a black woman and they say that our bones are usually more dense, hence the heavier weight. I have frens of other ethnicities who are much larger than I am, yet weigh less.

I find now that actually size 8's are too big and I can wear a size 6 or even a 4.

I do wear clothing more often from "good" label designers( on sale of course,... :)   ) and that could account for my being able to wear smaller sized clothing as they tend to run "larger."
It really depends on bone structure. I'm 5'8 and I don't think my skeleton could fit into a size 7! The smallest I've ever been after puberty was a 9, and that's when my ribs and hip-bones showed.
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