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Weight Loss
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So I got up this morning to a fabulous new weight: 132.6!!!  Then I drank a glass of water, took off my pj's & was about to put on my workout clothes (so I was, um, you know) and the scale said 134.4! 

I mean, that's still a good weight for me, I'm 5'4", medium build, almost 42 years old, but why would it be so low & then shoot up so fast?  This has been happening for a while now (low weight when first get up, higher weight only a few minutes later) and I just can't figure it out. 

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I think the glass of water has alot to do with it...i would go with the first reading.everyone's weight goes up and down like that it's normal. My weight goes up 5 pounds in two days then back down two days later.....I would try to aviod weighing in more than once a day. I usually do it in the morning after empting out my bladder. I'm at my lightest around that time...   :-)
Um...why weight yourself more than once a day, unless you think your scale's broken?  Heck, I weigh myself weekly.  It's much easier on the psyche, given normal weight fluctuations that you probably have little control over.

I'd step on the scale twice in short duration and see if it gives you different numbers (if it's digital, it usually you need to wait for it to calibrate itself every time it gets nudged).  If so, you probably need a new scale.
ruthie74:  I was about to dispute the glass of water theory when I thought...gee, I guess if it was big enough (16 oz, which isn't that big now that I think of it), that would explain the difference.

Don't I feel dumb.
I drank only about 8 oz so I think my scale's just being funny.  Perhaps it's time for new batteries.  Thanks, ruthie & dnrothx!
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