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My weight is 44 % water????

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My body fat scales arrived this afternoon.  I was expecting the body fat number to be in the overweight range what I wasn't expecting was my water weight to be the highest number at 44.9%!   Surprised

my body fat was 38.9%

my muscle mass was 31.0% I thought that maybe heavier just from size of my boobs and hips!! 

my BMI was 29.1 and my calories should be 1500 according to this.


I'll try again tomorrow morning as it recommends weighing first thing in morning after you been to loo.  I just wanted to make sure they worked before I left feedback on eBay! 


My weight shows as 12st 2 on there, though the regular bathrooms scales are now showing me at 12st 10 (though was 12st 6 this morning!).

I'm sure there will be some fluctations of numbers and they won't be spot on but I was most shocked by amount of water! It was highest number on there except for the calorie number!

I will be asking my GP if I can change to a different Thyroxine with a lower sodium if there is one, to see if that helps,  but I'm not due back for another week or so.


Are there any good tablets for reducing water weight?  herbal or other ways?


oh.... would the weight of fibroids be included in the Muscle mass number?







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Water weight 44.9
Body fat 38.9
Muscles 31.0

Total: 114.8 % and you apparently have no bones or organs.

maybe they are included in the muscle mass?  I've never used one of these before to be honest.

I'll try again tomorrow as had to put the batteries on charge.


The numbers its meant to show in order are first your weight (in Kg,  lbs or stone - you can choose) body fat,  water,  muscle,  BMI,  and BMR.


wonder if my overall weight is lower as it accounting for the water retention seperately and my bathroom scales are just weighing me as an whole?

Well, since those scales are notoriously inaccurate (when it comes to the %'s), I wouldn't worry too much about it.

You could record the numbers, and then re-record periodically and see a trend, but I wouldn't bother trying to figure out what those number actually mean, as long as the fat % starts going down and the muscle number doesn't.  The water, I'm guessing, will fluctuate - the only thing it will do is give you a better sense if an increase in your weight is due to fat gain or water weight.

And different scales will give you different readings - pick one and use it consistently.

thing is.. how are we meant to know what our weight is if different scales give different readings and which one is the right weight?

on Wii fit it always seem 4 lbs higher than my older scales so I'd go by the bathroom scales as they were less.. lol!

I thought these scales were meant to be good given that they are £70 in Argos,  although I got them off ebay for £40.



There is no "right weight". Scales are pretty good at measuring change, but unless you are engaging in a weight-class sport, you don't really need to know your absolute weight (which, by the way, will naturally fluctuate throughout the date and between days).

Hence the suggestion to pick one scale, and use that. Ignore all others.

I'd gotten tested on one of those electrode thingies, and it was actually even in a clinic...my results? 38% fat. I am actually at a healthy weight, and while I do believe that despite my healthy weight my bodyfat % is higher than it should be, I find it very hard to believe that it is actually THAT high.

So now I tend to believe they are pretty inaccurate. So I agree with amethystgirl, just try and see a trend instead of the number itself. For an accurate trend though, try and measure at the same time every day, but make sure that your hydration levels are pretty much the same too - I think the more water you retain, the lower your bodyfat will be calculated. So it can really make a difference if you have been exercising before, or drinking coffee, or drank too much or too little water before.

I got tested on one of those electrode thingies too and it came up with 33% body fat and I had been going to the gym a lot and constantly taking yoga and body pump classes for months.  As far as my weight, at the time, I was well within my range of 'normal' for my height.  I'm also starting to believe it's a bunch of crap.  Or it is often an  inacurate "guestimate".

As for the water levels - first two things I would do is check your sodium intake and try to lower it/ or monitor your water intake since the two are so closely related.  The other thing I'd check on is the time of the month, if you know what I mean Wink.  The days right before and during are the days when you'll be more bloated.

Actually, usually those scales calculate your water weight and then extrapolate the body fat percentage.  And your water weight is supposed to be around 50% or so.  This should be explained in the directions that come with the scale.  The more water, the more muscle, since muscle holds more water than fat does.

Whatever is not body fat is your lean body mass, which includes muscles and organs and skin and bones etc.  I have never heard of a scale providing a muscle number.

I have a scale at home and also get measurements at the gym.  The numbers do not agree, but they do show the same trends.  And by not agree, I mean that the home measurement says 42% and the gym measurement is 28%.  So WAY different.


Thanks for answering.

Yes I am due at that time of month as the choc cravings started yesterday!

As I never used these type of scales before I didn't know what to expect.

Is it showing my total weight (12st 2 on new scales) lower cos it measures the water seperately? Though I'm more than happy to go with the lower figure...lol! My regular scales were showing me at 8lbs heavier!

I'll see what it says first thing tomorrow then wait until my monthlies have ended to see if water percentage goes down or any other numbers change.

The number from those scales are inaccurate. Anyway, 44% would be low. The number varies based on age, physical condition, genetics, etc. But the average for a female is around 55% and for a male 60%.


I've tried them several times now from 3.30am this morning after first time went to loo and around 6.30 and 7am it is consistently showing 44% for water,  though my weights changed to 12 st 4 on there. All the other numbers are showing around the same only hte number after the point is changing.  body fat was 39.5 this morning and showed 2lb increase.

Dunno if thats from the curry yesterday when I was trying to up my calories!  usually I would have put it down to water retention as I'm approaching 'that week' though that number gone down by one now 44.7 (44.8 yesterday) for water. 

BMR seems to go between 1500 and 1513 so I'll try and aim for a bit more as someone said my diet was under 1,000 after putting it on a different post.

Best thing would be to wait until next week now after the monthlies and see what it is after the bloat.

I have lost 8cm off my waist though which was a surprise! 


Edit:  adding..  On Wikipedia it says "Also, obesity decreases the percentage of water in the body, sometimes to as low as 45 percent"

Maybe that's why number is low?


our bodies are mostly water. I am consistently about 53-54% water on my scales if I measure at the same time of the day (morning).

so my body fat number needs to go down then my water number will go up if its low due to been overweight? 

That is what happened to me, the body fat has decreased and the water has increased.  (this is over the past 10 months or so, since I got he body fat scale.)  Fat is about 15% water and muscle is about 50% water.  So if your muscle increases and/or your fat decreases you will see the water number go up.  It also depends on how hydrated you are, so the water percentage will tend to be higher later in the day.

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