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Weight Loss
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Weight is just a number

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"Maybe if I get down to 115, I'll feel a lot better!"

Pounds are the mortal enemy on this site, mostly. That was my mindset for this entire diet. That little quote up there. Went on the scale this morning, 127.5.

No big deal, right? 13.5 pounds to go! You can do it! Just push a little harder!

Yeah, but... how about from the image standpoint? Like, how you look in the mirror?

I looked in the mirror after getting that 127.5. I looked pretty good. Semi-flat tummy (still needs a little work) looks like as what it did yesterday! Hmm... what's wrong here...?

Then it hit me.

Let's not focus on a specific number on a scale, but rather a body to aim towards.

Say, I want to flatten my tummy. I'd exercise to get that flat tummy. Scale will probably say I lost a few pounds, but not a lot. Mostly hovering over that goal weight I set for myself back in February. But hey! I got that sexy core I always wanted, right?

Doesn't matter what the scale says, just as long as you have the body you want.

Any thoughts on this? Comments? Concerns?

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i agree and it is all too easy to get wrapped up in the numbers on the scale & let it end up defining you.

muscle weighs more then fat and looks great.

so there ya go!

i COMPLETELY agree, so so so so so many people fall victim to allowing the number on the scale to dictate how they feel about themselves. Definitely, not a good thing to do. I think eating disorders are fueled by watching the scale too closely, though not everyone who goes by the scale has an eating disorder, i just think that too quickly it can become obsessive. It is so much better if we can look at ourselves and decide based on something more tangible so to speak, rather than on a number that seems a bit arbitrary to me, because a low weight doesn't = a perfect body. :)

I completely agree.  For awhile I was weighing myself multiple times a day, and getting quite obsessive.  It took me awhile to realize that the number on the scale hardly represents the way my body looks.  When I was at 140 pounds this year, I looked loads better than when I was at that weight a few years ago, because this time it was mostly muscle.

Some days I weigh myself, and even though my weight is technically lower than the day before, I might actually look worse because I'm bloated from eating junk.

These days, I don't really care what the scale says, I know I'm a healthy weight, and now I'm just focusing on developing that healthy lifestyle.  If I happen to lose a few pounds along the way, even better.

Lets not forget about clothing size.  How many times have you heard "I want to be a size X". 

Frame size and muscle distribution affect clothing size.  But it is too easy to get wrapped up in the idea that X clothing size represents an ideal body and somehow it is achievable for everyone. 

But this is not even close to true.  At one really scary time of my life I got down to a  0.  I weighed 96 lbs.  At 5 feet tall that sounds OK.  But the truth is I was emaciated.  My medium frame is just not healthy in a 0. 

I completely agree... I weighed myself for the first time in 8 months and surprisingly I weighed 109lbs... the last time I weighed in I was 114.5, and since in recovery I had seemed to be gaining about 1lb per month... so I was rather relieved to see that my weight has since gone down and balanced out and I wasn't up to the 120-130 range (I am 5'2 btw, so I'm at a good weight for my height)

but anyways there is this girl on this site, I won't say who.. but shes the same height as me and 98lbs.. and we look IDENTICAL.. our bodies anyways.. its weird how I can weigh about 10lbs more, but be comparable to someone lighter

when I was 98lbs I was boney as **** and looked gross, but her body doesn't look bad like mine did... likewise there are girls on this site who are my height and weight but yet look bigger

I am still a size 0 jeans and XS in shirts... but that has more to do with the fact that I am short

but regardless, I am healthy, I feel great, and I think I look pretty damn good!

as long as you workout and eat a nutritious diet, you are almost guarenteed to have a lower BF% and more muscle, thus making you look leaner overall

I agree, but putting on any weight for me, shows in my face and I hate that..

I completely agree... weight is only a number.  I am currently trying to keep myself off the scale and limit myself back to weighing in only once a week (just to make sure I'm on track w/maintenance).  Recently I've been obsessed w/the darn scale and have to hop on each morning... it's just too obsessive and if it's not where I want to be that day, I'm a bit more restrictive and grumpy.  Not worth it.  Doing it weekly should suffice and will make sure I'm staying on track and not gaining anything back.  Plus, I'll know if my clothes are getting tight.

All I can say, is that the weight number is a way for people to tick down progress.  That's important to some of us.  In the end though, it will be about body image.

Wel,, in my opinon, weight is not just a number to me.

I live in a world of teenagers, and teen's are always getting judged. Our apperence, our weight, our personality- it's all looked apon by our peers and- sometimes- regular people. I can't help but feel I need the smallest number humanly possible to appear on the scale when I step on it.

Now, let me tell you, I am no sixe zero. I am in fact size 12 in jeans and XL in shirts, depending.

I'm sorry if I sounded rude or arogant, but im not. Ahaha, im really sorry, but I just wanted you all to know my opinon. I am trying to lose some weight, and I understand it will take alot of time, but that I have. I have been getting diet idea's from some people (By diet, I mean an eating plan) and I already have a work out plan. I would like to try diet supplimets, but I don't know wich one, or what it will do to a 15 years old's body.

- Jayden.

It does matter, and it doesn't.  I think there's a mix :)

For example, I started my journey at 178 with the goal of 130.  In my opinion, when I get closer to 130, I will reevaluate my goal.  It's been SO LONG since I've weighed even close to that that I don't know how I will look.

However, I had a time where I was stuck at 170 for about a month.  I stopped going to the gym and started losing so I am not going to the gym anymore.  I know going to the gym is good for you but with 40 pounds to lose at that point, I figured I wanted to get some pounds off before I went back to the gym and was okay with the slow loss.

It does matter what you weigh to a certain extent, but it is equally, if not more important, how you feel about your body.  I think we set a weigh goal that we assume will result in the achievement of the image we want ourselves to be.

The number matters to me even when (long ago) I knew it shouldn't have.  3 years after college, I'm up 25 lbs.  It's been gradual enough for me not to notice everyday, yet once I stepped on the scale I felt very ashamed.  In college I, medically speaking, was about 30 lbs overweight.  I've always been slapped with the height/weight charts.  I feel that those are what made me so uncomfortable with my body when I was healthy.  I would give so much to get back to that weight in the beginning of college (140 at 5'-4") because I did look good and most of the time and I felt good in my own skin.  Muscle does weigh more than fat, and if you have a lot of muscle, those charts will mean zilch.  Health is one thing, your self image is another.  Unless you're close to your death bed, make sure you feel comfortable in your own skin.  Your self-worth is more important than a number and someone else's opinion.

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