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Weight Loss
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How much weight do i need to lose?

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how much if i weigh like 270

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Are you male or female? 

Each person's "healthy weight" varies from person to person.  You can use the BMI as guide to find a healthy range for someone your age and height. 

Calorie Count's tools are not geared towards teenagers (19 and under).  Here is a good calculator that you can use: tml

The recommended minimum calories for a teenager is 1500 (female)/1800 (males).  The more active you are, the more calories you will need.

google BMI calculator and play around with the different weights to see which falls in teh healthy range (right in the middle, so arounf 20-22) and that's what you shuld aim for

I have calculated your calorie needs, they would be around 2,326 if you did absolutly nothing, but that is probably not the case so I added a factor for moderatly active which would include some exercise or physical activity 4-5 times a week, ie..playing sports that require running, tennis, brisk walking about 3 miles and so on. Your calorie level should be around 3,023 per day with activity, sounds like a lot? yes... but you are 6'4"


Men have a more difficult time using BMI because of their muscle mass. If you do any weigh lifting at all I would not recommend it.

I have calculated your average weight at 202, but that depends on your frame size. On average you calculate the first 5 feet for men at 106# and every inch after that you add 6#, this is the clinical way of doing it. You should add 10% if you are a larger frame, so around 222# would be a healthy weight for you.

Too many people focus on BMI which works for more obese people who have an obvious amount of fat. A better way to see how much weight you need to lose to pevent disease is to measure your waist. A measurment of 40in or higher for men indicates obesity.

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