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How much weight have you lost and how long did it take?

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Today I think we should congratulate ourselves for accomplishing a lifestyle change. Maybe some of you dont get noticed, or comments enough, so today I say, you look great! And kudos to you!

I lost 26 lbs

11 months still losing

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WOW, Congrats to everyone!!! I've dropped 15lbs in 5 weeks, starting at 289 and am now down to 274. All the hard work and effort is paying off.....WOOT WOOT.

I started my weight loss program on July 7th of last year at 367 lbs. Today I weighed in at 254 lbs. Just discovered the site as a way to make sure I eat enough as I get on the home stretch to my final goal (200lbs @ 6'2").

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I started my weight loss program on July 7th of last year at 367 lbs. Today I weighed in at 254 lbs. Just discovered the site as a way to make sure I eat enough as I get on the home stretch to my final goal (200lbs @ 6'2").

 congrats! I started at 350 in december.. hopefully I can match your progress :-) Keep up the good work!

Its definitely the best decision Ive ever made. From increasing confidence to just feeling 100 times better its been amazing.

15 pounds in six weeks...  Love this site...  really helps me watch what goes in my mouth since I have to be accountable for the calories.   I love seeing which nutrients I am getting too low or too much of...


I went from 178 at the beginning of may, to 142 pounds I've lost around 35 pounds in three months and although the doctor says I shouldnt lose anymore weight (I'm 6'0") I think 135 would be perfect, but yeah I just needed to add more exercise to my diet and snack on fruits instead of chips while watching TV

hi i have lost 98 pounds since Sept 17 2010 start weight 369.8 weight as of Friday Sept  9th 271.8 goal by tuesday to be down 100 pounds check me out on facebook  ask nelly :) good luck guys you can rock this

hey there I'm new to this site,I started dieting in june of this year, I was 323 pounds, I'm now 267 pounds.

Great job kel0700!!! That is amazing!!! Keep up the good work and welcome to the site!!!

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hey there I'm new to this site,I started dieting in june of this year, I was 323 pounds, I'm now 267 pounds.

Spectacular! Keep it up! :)

great job everyone! keep up the effort and reach our goals, its an amazing thing when you get there!

Hey Now, My wife and I  started our healthy lifestyle change on May 4th 2011. I started at 343lbs and at my last weigh in (9/10/11) I was at 277. I also quit smoking during this period as well. My wife has lost 43lbs and is exercising and logging her meals daily. Keep up the good work everyone!

Long post warning.

I started April 2010 at 214 lbs, 5' 11" with >30% body fat.

During 2010 I was only focused on losing weight and only by counting calories, doing 1200 cal/day for 1 month then 1-2 months at normal 1800-2000 cal/day. No exercise. No particular attention to what those calories were. My theory was that if I was going to eat what seemed like awfully small meals, I was going to make them awfully tasty meals. I did a lot of cooking - I was already doing a lot - and ate things like oxtail, boeuf bourguignon, char sui, home-made dim sum, bacon-larded roast chicken, anything tasty and rich. I did mostly cut out pasta, rice, and bread because the taste/calorie ratio wasn't high enough.

This brought my weight to a little under 200 lb.

Later in 2010, I got a body composition monitor/scale and started tracking my body fat. Eventually I got a better one (Omron HBF 510) and started tracking muscle % and visceral fat as well. My neighbor invited me to join his sessions with a great trainer for a couple months.

I realized that, of every pound I'd lost, about 1/3 had been muscle. So, while I was getting lighter, I was also getting weaker. That didn't seem so great. I also went back to some data from when I was 30 y/o - 18 years ago - and figured out my core weight, meaning skeleton and organs, versus my muscle weight and fat weight. The monitor measured the last two at 30% and 28% respectively, so it was an easy calculation, plus I know that at 30 y/o I weighed 162 lb with appx 10% body fat.

So I changed my goals, from simply a target weight, to a new target weight of 170 lb, a target body fat of 10-15%, and a target "look" which is to be more muscular, well-defined, with distinct abdominal muscles (aka "six pack"). I changed my diet to more lean protein, less fat, more vegetables. Some gymnastic rings and a couple of light dumbbells went in the basement and I started working out daily. Simple stuff, just crunches, ring pushups, ring sits, curls. I'm still on a 1200-1300 cal/day regimen.

At this point I am 182-184 lb (it fluctuates), 25% body fat, 35% muscle. I'm more defined than I've been in decades. No six-pack yet but if I get the lighting just right I can see 2 or 3 packs, ha ha. My face is leaner, I've dropped about 3" pants waist size. No one will mistake me for a gym rat and I can still "pinch an inch", but oh well.

However, I've a lot to learn, and it feels like I need to change things up a bit more. I'm starting to work cardio exercise into my day, riding my bicycle to work and taking a weekly lap swim. Also, I'm thinking about increasing my calorie intake and at the same time significantly increasing my weight training. I'm not sure about that, but I wonder if I'd build more muscle that way, plus everyone says that eating so much under my basal metabolic needs is silly. Turns out there is a fitness center in my office building - I knew about the latte and profiterole shop, but somehow the gym had escaped my attention until now . . . So I'm starting to go down there after work to use the machines for certain exercises that I'm not equipped for at home. Shoulder stuff, mostly.

This has been a process, and I'm not in a hurry. I figure I need to lose another 25 lb of fat, most of which will be visceral or intra-abdominal fat (the worst kind) while gaining >10 lb of muscle. It may take another year. That's okay.

The best thing about all this is that some significant medical problems I'd been having have cleared up. I had been suffering from painful gout in an ankle that had me using a cane for much of 2009; that is gone, thanks also to my rheumatologist and certain gout drugs. I had been having gallstone attacks every couple months and was considering gallbladder removal; no more problems. I had suffered my first kidney stone, which was a sucky experience even if I did get the privilege of laying in bed taking opiods; no further stones. I feel a decade younger. Basically, I had been feeling my age, and now I'm not. That, more than the mythical six-pack, is what I'm really aiming for. Oh, and I want to learn to swim the butterfly, Santa, if you're listening.

I'm not depriving myself or choking down lean chicken breast at every meal. Actually, I hate chicken breast, and just finished poaching some duck legs in duck fat for 10 hours - confit de canard, you know. I want to get fit and healthy, but I'm not going to define myself by my muscle definition. There is far more to life than abs. The trainer I mentioned? With a body from Mount Olympus but the inner torment of Hades. He committed suicide last week. Balance in all things, is my goal. And 10% body fat.

I lost 30 pounds about 9 months ago, but gained back 8. It took me 7 months to do it. I struggle to keep it off, cuz I love to eat carbs, cheese and meat!

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Good idea!

I lost 33lbs in ~10 months, and I've been maintaining for just over 3 years.

thats  so "wow"



I started bout 4/5 weeks ago at 16 stone 9 , and am down to 15 stone 5 , so thats about 18 pounds.

The first stone disappeared very easily , but its slowing down now to about 1 pound every two days which is fine.


I personally think weight loss for me is very easy once i get in to the right frame of mind.

I have lost 41 lbs in 127 days. I have 59 lbs more to go.

You all are great motivators. Even though I'm not losing weight, at least I've learned how to live with healthy lifestyle.

Congratulations to everybody!  How inspiring.  In January I started out at 240 lbs.  and now, in September, am currently at 190 lbs.  My goal is 160!  Not 'gon stop till I get there!  :)

Twenty months and down 144 lbs.  It has not been easy, but totally worth it.  I have almost reached a personal goal and still have a bit more to lose.  CC keeps me on track pretty good.

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