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Weight Loss
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Weight Loss Tips: Just 10 Challenge

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The Just 10 Challenge is about making a small commitment with a huge payoff.
Losing just 10 pounds can lower your blood pressure, reduce your risk for a
stroke, ward off dementia, lower your risk for uterine and breast cancer, and
lower your cholesterol up to 10%.

1: Cut Out Soda

Start by swapping out just one can of soda for water each day to help you lose
10 pounds.

2: Stop Eating at Least 3 Hours Before Bed

Studies show that people who eat at night gain 19 more pounds a year than those
who do not. The later you eat, the more likely you are to care less about the
kind and quantity of food you are eating.

3: Move for 10 Minutes Each Day

Studies indicate that moving just 10 minutes a day can improve your cardiovascular fitness and your heart health; it’s also true that you can drop 10 pounds by exercising just 10 minutes a day.

4: Exercise Portion Control

Instead of eating straight from the bag or box, a habit that makes it difficult
to track how much you're eating, portion your favorite snacks into small bowls
or plastic bags.

5: Weigh Yourself Every Day

Each day, pull out the scale, step on and be courageous, because knowing what
you weigh will enable the change. Research shows that, if you track your
progress and stay accountable, you will lose weight.

6: Take a Vitamin B Complex Every Day

Vitamin B Complex metabolizes carbohydrates, proteins and and fatty acids in the
body giving you the energy to exercise.

7: Take Your Vitamins

Each day, take the following: Calcium (600 mg, plus 600 mg from food) and
Magnesium (400 mg)  Vitamin D3 (1,000 IU taken with DHA) can help prevent memory loss and heart disease. DHA (900 mg).  
Finally, a daily multivitamin will help counteract a less than perfect diet of

8: Reinvent Recipe

Weight loss is about dieting smart, not hard. It's not about deprivation, it's
about reinvention. It's time to create healthier versions of your favorite
dishes, all while remaining committed to losing 10 pounds.

9: Know Your Serving Sizes

Each day, you get a total of 10 servings of the food you love, but the key is
portion size. Here's your guide:

Proteins and Fats 4 Servings (chicken - skinless breast, meat - no larger than palm of hand, fish - no larger than palm of hand, beans - 1 cup, cheese - size of 2 dice, olive oil - size of poker chip)

Fruit 3 Servings (whole fruits - size of one icecream scoop)

Vegetables Unlimited Servings

Additionally, you can have dessert every other day. However, that dessert can be
no bigger than the size of your hand.

10: Conquer Your Cravings

Never Go Hungry. Try eating fresh fruit and nuts as snacks. 

Eliminate and Replace Addictive Foods

Avoid the food pile-up at the  buffet. Choose the smallest plate, do not stack your food, and make sure there is space between each food item.

Defeat the Sweets

Eat Then Shop so you'll be less tempted to grab something from the food court.

Keep the weight off

Losing the weight is one challenge, and keeping it off is another. Whether you
want to maintain your new weight or continue to lose the pounds, there are
simple steps you can take to ensure you reach your goals.




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I actually like these "directions for weightloss". Yes, I understand that the basic principle is eat less than you burn, but so many of us fall to sabatoge that it's good to be reminded of our pitfalls.

For instance:

2: not eating 3 hours before bed: It's true that the time you eat does not effect your weight losss, BUT studies show that people who gain weight because they graze late in the night is because they make HORRIBLE choices. the 3 hours (it's 2 for me, actually) rule of not eating before bed helps me, because I'm one of those people that grazes while watching tv and it's pointless eating.

6/7: i think we could all use vitamins and minerals, but I'm really bad at this.

5: I weigh daily. I don't freak out daily, but this helps me figure out my (awful) patterns.

9:I don't worry so much about knowing servings per se, but my ratios of Nutrients (?): fats, protein, carbs.

2. While yes it does help people with grazing I do think it's something that needs to be pointed out because for some people (like myself) I don't get home in time for dinner before three hours before bedtime and if it's a rule to follow some people would actually not have dinner in order to abide by this rule. It would mean that for me I would both go to bed hungry and be at a much bigger deficient than I should be. =) 

A lot of the other rules are good though!

I've done all of these except the B vitmins thing, and I'm not losing a pound. Got any other tips? 

I appreciate your tips but eating less than you burn is the simple answer for most of what you posted. Weighing everyday doesn't matter. Eating thirty minutes before bed doesn't matter.  

I couldn't agree more. I've actually discovered that when I eat closer to bedtime, I seem to lose more weight (can't explain that for the life of me, but it's a pattern that I've discovered through experimenting).

What time you eat during the day doesn't matter one bit... Your body burns the calories whether you are awake or asleep. 

I loved your tips personally :) thank you for sharing!

Being that I am now counting calories along with exercising, I did find myself feeling fatigued. I was recommended by an expert to take multi-vitamins and now I find myself feeling less tired. These rules are not written in stone. Some people might have a high metabolic rate; hence eating late at night may or may not prevent you from losing weight. In my case, I find that eating late at night makes me add on pounds so I try to eat at least by 7:00.  Regardless, weight loss is all about understanding how your body works and by that, losing weight.  I hope that you can apply at least one of these tips and continue to lose weight. Losing weight is all about team work and helping others to...that was the main concept behind posting these tips. I want to lose weight as well as support you all in doing so. Losing weight is not easy! 

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