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weight loss takes time, how to stay focus?

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I know I won't see the rest of my fat gone in a week, but lately i've been running out of patience, therefore making me eat bad foods and having UNNECESSARY cheat days, that eventually slows down my weight loss even more! 


Any advice to stay focus? I really want this, I do and I know it's about being consistent.

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arg! i hear you!
my trick has been to refill my drink bottle with water ..instead of going to the cupboard and opening the door and eating that naughty snake food! i have a sip everytime i think about the food i want to eat. sometimes i find myself drinking a whole bottle. but it works, i get really full and buy myself about 30-40 minutes without wanting the food. then when i want it again, i do the same thing.

other things i have done to successfully stop me from eating that bad stuff is to eat a few dried dates, with half a cup of low fat milk. they are so sweet, they fix the craving really well,  but are not as bad as chocolate!

try this, i hope it helps. hang in there. you can do it!

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