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weight loss at a standstill?

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As part of my job I'm in hotels for 4 nights out of the week, so a lot of my food is microwaved. I make a breakfast casserole for my breakfasts, which comes out to 275 calories a serving and a greek yogurt which is 90 calories. For lunch I have a protein bar at 270 calories. During the day I have an apple and a low sodium v8. For dinner usually chicken, asparagus, corn or peas and a serving of low fat cottage cheese. After my workout I have a protein shake. I weigh around 225 and am 5'10. I lift weights everynight for around 40 minutes. My calories altogether are usually about 1250. I lost 30 pounds so far and am now at a standstill. Any ideas how to lose more weight? Am I not eating enough calories?
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I would think you're just not eating enough and your BMR is catching up with you (and by that I mean that over time your body has adjusted so that it burns a lot less calories now because you barely feed yourself).

I would suggest increasing your caloric intake, but if possible do so by eating healthy meals (i.e. steer clear of frozen foods or microwavable foods)

Well all of it I cook Sunday night and take with me and reheat. The only restaurants in towns I get sent to are bad foods. should I add a serving of almonds a day and maybe a bigger lunch?

Mixed nuts (from Costo, supermarket, wherever) are a GREAT way to get in a lot of healthy calories and healthy fats. I believe the ones I purchase are 200 cals per serving, which is 1/4 of a cup. I usually eat about a cup's worth a day. They'll keep you pretty full as a snack too!

Guessin I just need to add more calories. Thinking mixed nuts and actual food lunch. Should hit around 1600 a day if I add that stuff. Probably gain weight at first right?

not sure if you mentioned it but I can't see it anywhere - are you male/female? I am assuming male just because of your height but I could be wrong.


Anyway if you weigh 225 you should definitely be eating a lot more calories than even 1,600. You can google a BMR calculator, which will give you the amount of calories you burn just by doing things like keeping your heart and lungs running. This is the absolute bare minimum amt. of calories your body needs in a given day for you to be alive. You should shoot for over that because any activity outside of just lying in bed will burn extra calories. As long as you eat somewhere above your BMR but below the total number of calories you burn in a day you will lose weight.

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