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Weight Loss
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Weight Loss Plateau

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Hey! So here's my situation. I'm a 20 year old female college student. I originally weighed 155 lbs, but I've lost 15 lbs over 2 months... then about 3 weeks ago, the weight just stopped coming off. I'd like to lose about 20-25 more lbs. Any suggestions to get past this plateau that would be do-able for someone living off of dorm food?

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My best advicewould be to shake up your routine. Our bodies aren't big fans of change; when you change your eating and exercise habits around your body will be confused at first and drop weight quickly. Once it gets into a pattern though, dropping weight is harder. So try different types of exercise, vary the frequency of your meals if possible (instead of 3 large meals a day have 6 small ones, or vice versa), anything to pretty much change up your routine. It make take another couple of weeks for that to kick in, but I find that after plateauing you're usually due for a big weight drop. :)

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