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Weight Loss
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Weight loss without pills

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Is it possible.....I was so happy when I found this site...reading what everyone else was saying...I was seeing that it is possible...but now I have been seeing posts about plateaus...problems losing...people taking diet pills and seeing great results... it possible to lose weight without pills...Can it be done....Has it been done...

Its almost like some fairy tale...or stories of UFO sitings...

Where are the rare few that have lost weight and kept it off...

I will fight the good long as there is hope...


So people...give me hope....Please.

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Done it....   Lost over 50lbs three and a half years ago by following a healthy diet, trimming the portions and adding in a little daily exercise.  It's still gone!   By approaching weight-loss slowly rather than expecting miracles overnight I avoided plateaus and 'starvation mode' by and large.  By using the time to 'retrain' my eating habits to be healthier and to expect less food in total I've found maintaining pretty pleasant.

So it can emphatically be done.  Takes a little effort and application to undo bad old habits.  Then it takes time & consistency to develop new, better habits.  Also, takes a little humility and common-sense to accept that you can't just eat & drink with gay abandon, slob in front of the TV every night and expect to be trim and svelte!  Ever again....

Diet pills aren't necessary and aren't effective either.   Best of luck :-)

105 lbs here!

it CAN be done


I lost 85 pounds a year and a half ago.  As long as I eat conservatively, I keep it off.  I still need to lose more weight; but, have hit a plateau.  I have not gained any back though so I am still satisfied and looking forward to the time when I start losing again.

Hang in there.  It can be done.  Gool luck.


Down 45 and counting!  This is the best site!  I have learned so much.  I knew how to lose weight but I didn't know how to maintain it once I did.  Now I lose and still enjoy my life.  I know I'll forever have to keep track of myself, and with the help of counting calories and good exercise I'm not afraid I'll gain it back. 

No pills are necessary!  Miracle pills do not exist yet.  They all say in conjunction with good diet and exercise you can lose weight.  Key word good diet and exercise.

You can do it!

I still have a lot to go, but as of today, I've dropped 50 lbs.  I would think that taking pills would make the loss harder to keep off once you get there, since you got used to eating a certain way while taking the pills that once you stop, why wouldn't you go back to how you were?  I know that I've made some good habits (which still get broken sometimes) which will keep this a long term thing for me. 

So, absolutely it's doable.  Just need to make sure you do it right, without severely restricting, adding in some exercise, free weights, and eating healthy.

Diet pills are lame. I often wonder what longterm effects of all these diet pills and energy drinks will have on people after prolonged use. Nothing worse than seeing skinny teenagers drinking gigantic 24oz Rockstars and Monsters, has to be rough on the liver & kidneys. What's the deal with little young f-ers not having plenty of energy to spare, anyway.....

No no no.  Please stay away from the pills and the other quackery out there.  I have lost 32 pounds and gained back a bit of health while I was at it.  It has not been easy and it has not been a split second triumph.  I am slowly gaining on ridding my body of toxins- in this society, to eat healthy is to eat alternatively.  There are some super special folks on this web site- keep posting and you will gain friends and good advice.  Don't give up.  Don't expect to lose 5 pounds by tomorrow morning but don't quit.  Keep asking questions and keep eating nutritious dense food and get some exercise in there- you will see results.  Sometimes I think I am going no where then I realize that my body is stronger and my slacks have gotten a bit looser.  Keep on plugging.  Your health is worth every bit of effort.

Thank you everyone....

Makes me so much more hopeful...

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You are welcome to look at my weight chart which is posted in my profile.  As you can see, I lost a good bit then maintained for over a year (with ups and downs, but averaging the same) before starting to lose again last month.

I've never taken a diet pill.  I did it all with counting my calories and eating a well balanced diet.  I hardly exercise because of physical problems, so my weight loss was all from diet alone.

It's being done!  And people are learning life strategies to keep it off!  SOME diet pills work, but they can also have lasting side effects that are worse than the initial weight.  Even if they don't give your body harm, as soon as you stop taking them often times the weight comes back plus some.  Then their are the pills that only seem to make your wallet thinner.

This site is a much better deal!  You learn what is working for others.   It gives you motivation to go on when you start feeling like giving up (during plateaus).  And it's FREE!
And when you run the numbers, even the most efffective diet pill there ever was, the ECA stack, gave you an extra deficit that amounted to about 600cal/week, or the equivalent of one large milk shake.

 Ephedra is off the market and the "replacement" pills are about one-tenth as effective, which basically amounts to the calorie contents of your latte at lunch.

 You know, I'd rather just switch to using splenda and skim milk in my coffee and save my wallet the slimming effect of paying for glorified cayenne pepper capsules.

I'm doing it, too!  80 lbs lost from September 15, 2007 to June 13, 2008 and now am maintaining and ready to continue my journey to better health and more energy.  The long-term statistics are not good, but with consistent attention to eating nutritious foods and finding the calorie-burning activities that are easy to make part of one's lifestyle, it CAN be done.  Even my beloved told me he was proud of me for doing it the "hard" way!!!!  How great is that?????????  I struggle sometimes because I love to eat and I love to eat A LOT...  But when I do my part consistently my body responds!

its totally possible and not even that hard!

i also had a baby 9 months ago and am already back to my pre preg weight with hardly any exercise and 0 diet pills :) counting calories really works! sometimes you hit plateaus but u will eventually lose weight just stick to it :)

Of course it's possible to lose weight without pills, potions, and fifty-six hours in the gym each week. I've just reached my first big goal the natural way - 65 pounds in ten months, from 265 to 200. I did 1200 calories for about four months, but found it too hard to sustain so I raised my allowance to 1400 and then again to 1500 - and that's easy to stick to without feeling deprived.

Well being that there are way more people losing weight the normal way than on a diet pill... which are those even effective? I don't think they're that harmful, just pointless. The ones that DID work like ephedra, crack, meth, are illegal now anways, haha. I remember before I found this site I went down this aisle that had all sorts of diet pills and ended up buying hoodia. i had like five days and i realized it was pointless. Plus, if those pills actually worked wouldn't there not be an obesity problem? yeah..thats what i thought...

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