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I'm sure this has been asked before but I dont remember the answer...Exactly how does your period effect weight loss.  ?
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Basically, I think the only thing it does is cause water retention. So you may still be losing fat, but you might not know it until afterwards, when you get rid of the extra fluid retention.
it does cause water retention

i am lucky that i am on water tablets for the time being but otherwise i think that i would have gained this week and not lost.

but the week after you should notice a difference when the body settles down
I feel like you must lose some extra calories those days due to loss of blood should all else remain equal as you do lose but I haven't found data to prove it. Nothing mush happens to me weight wise. Some months I lose during that time, some I gain *shrugs*
Just wondering if anyone else is backwards like I am.  My weight drops a pound or two right before my TOM and then increases over the week.     
me!!!! normally
i retain water terribly at TOM has anyone found any good tablets for it. im always a bit wary of them but i have been told some are good????
Don't use them...
well, for me, they make me BALLOON up like ten extra pounds, it's messed up. Never again, :)
As I've lost weight I've bloated less, gained less and my period doesn't last as long & it's not as heavy.  I still get the nasty cramps though.
my dr recommended taking an extra b6 during my period. since it is a natural diuretic i found it helps with the water retention.
that explains this week's plateau possibly then, thanks, I was getting all upset that I kept up my diet, yet gained wieght....

Start drinking LOTS of water. IT can really help with the bloating. I normally gained weight before while in that TOM, but last month I drank water like there was no tomorrow and actually lost some pounds. It wasn't anything as serious as the rest of the month, but it added up :).

I gain water bloat weight of 3-5 lbs and can have decreased energy (causing me to not want to work out) and sometimes wicked cravings.

But the good news is after it's over I have tons of energy and the bloat weight disappears.

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