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Does weight loss make you itch?

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As dumb as this may sound I think that weight loss in causing my stomach to itch.  I have lost 35 pounds so far and have been eating like a normal human since December 17th ( what a terrible time to start, but I did make it through mostly unscathed).  I never have any part of my body itch like this.  I have not moved, purchased new clothes, or purchased new bedding.  My only real theory as to why this is happening to me is that I grab my stomach more often because you can feel the missing weight and that makes me smile............  


Anyone had anything remotely like this happen to them or am I just a tad off my rocker?



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Your skin may be dry. This happens to a lot of people when they cut calories.

Ok, good....that means I'm not hallucinating and you're not either! I have been SO itchy!! Almost like it feels when you've gained a lot and your skin is tight, but my skin is not tight at all, so I was wondering what in the world was going on!!

What a simple solution to the problem.  instead of lotion is there food that can be consumed that will help with the dry stomach?? 

Yeah, olive oil! It makes your hair and skin so silky... but there are so many calories!

You can get great benefits by just slathering that right on your skin or hair though. Not nearly as effective, but it leaves you smooth. Just remember to wash it off before you go out anywhere.

Eat more fat.

So it's not just me.  I have been itchy too.  Usually when getting out of the shower, but I haven't changed any of my shampoos or soaps.

I second that, I have itchy stomach too, never have before...

Fish oil (fat). You can buy them as fish capsules. Side effect can be burping fish. But, that usually goes away within the first 15 minutes after taking them. Or, you can freeze them and then swallow.

20-30% of your calories should come from fats. You can get healthy fats from nuts, seeds, peanut butter, olives, olive oil, flaxseed, or avocado.

Not only does fat help keep your skin and hair soft, but it helps your body absorb nutrients. People who go on low-fat diets for an extended period of time can become deficient in important vitamins and minerals. For example, vitamin A and K are fat-soluable, meaning they need to be consumed with a source of fat to be absorbed. So try some peanut butter with carrots (vitamin A) or some olive oil on your brussel's sprouts (vitamin K)! :)
Original Post by wicky:

Fish oil (fat). You can buy them as fish capsules. Side effect can be burping fish. But, that usually goes away within the first 15 minutes after taking them. Or, you can freeze them and then swallow.

 burping fish? what is this?

and does freezing this make this not happen?

Burping fish sounds disgusting.  What if I ate fish once a week? would that make a significant difference in my need of fish oil?  My fat percentage is consistently around 23-25% so i guess i could take that back up a notch.  I'm glad to hear that some one else has weird itching going on.  Thanks for the response!  CC is off the hook

 Fish oil capsules are gel capsules so pretty much when they hit your stomach the outside dissolves and you have a layer of fish oil sitting on top of everything. Burping makes you have an after taste of fish. Freezing them sometimes helps them dissolve slower. But both the burping and freezing happen/work for some people. Not everyone. I just happen to be one of those people and if you end up trying the fish oil and if you get fishy burps - then try the freezing.

If you decide to try the fish oil (doesn't hurt to try) you may like it. My experience with the fish burps only happened for the first couple of weeks when I started, now after keeping the bottle in the freezer I don't get them. And I don't get fish burps anymore.

Eating fish in moderation is good. I recommend deep cold fish to help limit contaminants. Fish like cod or wild alaskan salmon.

oh...i hate fish. any kind of seafood really...so i think I would throw up if I burped and it tasted like fish. hah

Try flaxseed oil instead of fish oil instead, then.

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