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Weight Loss
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How much weight loss to lose my inch of belly fat?

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I know theres no exact way to tell, but aproximately how much weight will I have to lose to get rid of an inch of belly fat?

I am 15, small framed, currently 120lbs and 5'3. My bust is 34.5, my waist is 28.5 and my hips are around 36. I have stopped using a measuring tape to do measures because it fluxuates wildy depending on how much I have eaten. To measure my progress, I normally flex my ab muscles and use a credit card to see how far down the fat goes at the widest part (not sure if thats effective or not..). Its an inch right now.

So, based on all that, how many pounds do you think that I will need to lose to get rid of that pesky inch? I have been losing weight all over fairly consistenly.

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Hmm, not sure what you mean by this credit card test. Each person is different so there is really no way to tell you how much belly fat you will lose when you lose total body weight.

Measure your waist with a measuring tape but only measure when you get up in the morning first thing and have gone to the bathroom. This way your stomach is virtually empty adn your measurements should be more accurate (save for super bloated days!!)

I have lost about 5 inches so far and have lost 30 lbs. So that means an inch for every 6 lbs for me on average, but I tell you it happened in spurts. The last 6+ lbs I have lost, nothing has come off the tummy.

Everyone's different!

Yes, I knew that. So theres no even an aproximation really? I have estimated 5lbs but I have no idea if it will be more or less.

My stomach isnt empty in the mornining though, thats my problem. I eat my last snack around 8 and wake up at 6 for school, my stomach has far more left in it than it does on weekends when i truly wake up starving and with an empty stomach.

It's all about averages. So measure once a week, on a weekend. Or measure every day and take a weekly average. Measuring every day won't tell you much.
Depending on your height and how close your rib is to your hip, you may never be able to get a 26-27" waist. For example, my hypothetical friend is 5'6", she can't get a 26" waist and be healthy. Her hip is only about 2" from her rib. Now, that means she doesn't have a ton of space for all her inner organs the way someone with 5" from rib to hip has. Plus, it means that she doesn't have the space for a pretty curve with a 26" waist. It would leave her with rib and hip jutting out incredibly awkwardly.

There are exercises to whittle a waist, but just make sure that your goal is reasonable for your bone structure. Otherwise you'll just be frustrated instead of happy. If your bone stucture doesn't allow it no amount of weight loss will change that. You'd literally have to break your bones and mold them back together incorrectly.

How much space is between your lowest rib and your hip bone? Feel them out- don't go by appearance. If you've got 4-5" you're generally considered long torso'd. I have friends that say they're long waisted but they aren't.Your waist is always the narrowest part of you, which is usually right between rib and hip. Your belly button is usually below your waist. For some it's lower than others. My point with the belly button is just to ensure you and anyone else that I didn't mean "hip" as in the wide part of you. The top of your hip bone isn't usually the widest part of you. (Some women with square hips might be almost the same at top and bottom of hip)
It seems that your credit card is measuring the radius of your waist. Whereas, generally people measure the circumference. A one inch change in radius would be the cause of MUCH more fat loss than one inch of circumference.

There is about 3" from my bottom rib to my hip bone, so I'd assume my waist wont get much smaller than 27".

But I'm not aiming for a certain waist size, just a loss of belly fat. Theres definately a lot there. I want it to be mostly gone, even if that means my waist only shrinks .5 of an inch. I think that a 27.5" waist is entirely possible as thats how big it is when I suck in, but I'll settle for whatever size it ends up when my belly faat is mostly gone.

 That actually sounds feasible  27.5 I just wanted to be sure that you had an idea of your bone stucture so you knew what was reasonable to use as a feasible goal. The truth is, the tummy is a difficult area,  a six-pack abs are difficult to get. Shoot, a flat tummy alone is difficult to get too. Losing inches off your belly is actually difficult. If you're interested in obtaining definition in your core. You have to burn fat and lose excess weight first. Otherwise, you'll be toning with the setups/exerise that you do but it won't show. It won't be visible because it's hidden under a layer or layers of fat.  (I'm not sure exactly what your entire goal is but just sharing with you. )

An important reminder - Sit-ups/crunches will not remove any fat from the waistline; there is no such thing as spot reduction, because muscles do not use the fat that surrounds them as a source of energy. That's why firstly you need to have a flat belly, before thinking of core definition. The reason for which is because it won't be visible, even by toning otherwise.

The abdominal muscle groups are relatively small, and the number of calories expended during sit-ups is minimal. Walking, jogging, lifting weights, etc., will burn more calories than hundreds of sit-ups. That would be the source to lose the excess fat. Until you rid your body of the excess fat on your waist line, than your work won't be visible.  ( Or just to shed that extra inch. ) It's the first step. Just getting to the starting point to view the toning of your abdomen is difficult for some.

Once you do that you have the right idea with the variety of setups. That's going to give you the definition you seek. Here's a really good workout for your abdomen to give you that definition we all want.  It's only an eight minute workout, but you could always do it a couple times throughout your day. Every other day. Possibly 2-3 times a week. (You should feel the burn, when doing this correctly. I promise.)

Even if you do have an excess layer of fat at the waistline, that doesn't mean you shouldn't continue toning. You can do exercises needed to burn fat, while still doing the other to tone. 

 You can always pm me if you like. The core is actually my focus point so I don't get tired of sharing/talking about it. =-P Also another tidbit abdomen muscles. When you work out muscles, you make little tears in them. If you do not let the tears heal, you will lose muscle and not build muscle. ( Just make yourself sore, possibly cause injury too.) If you give your body time to let the little tears heal, then your muscle mass gets bigger and you get stronger. That means working on your abdomen every other day, not every day. :-) 

Would this affect body fat percentages obtained through measurements? I ask because like 100umbrellas, I'm 5'3" and small framed with a torso length of 3". I weigh about 117, my waist is about 27.5, and my hips are around 36. I doubt my waist will ever get much smaller, because I don't have a lot of fat around my middle. I have some, but not a whole lot. Whenever I try to calculate my body fat using my measurements, it comes out pretty high. Would my body shape be affecting the calculations?

Oh, I'm 18. I'm not sure if that matters or not, but...

I have to concur with what is being said about localized fat loss.

There is no such thing as spot-reduction of fat through exercise.  For example, tests done on tennis players revealed that their dominate arm (the arm holding the racket) has more muscle mass but the same fat percentage as the inactive arm. 

Fat reduction occurs throughout the body and it is not possible to accurately predict how much weight loss is required to reduce size in a specific area. 

Now, considering your age, your body has likely not yet fully developed.  The shape and figure you have now may not be what your genes have planned for your adult physique.   You might lose the inch(es) you desire at this stage in your life or you may find that it doesn't occur until after your body has matured.

Eat properly, keep exercising, enjoy your youth and don't fixate on things you may not be able to change just yet. 


hey , I'm about 5'7 -5'8 .. I weigh 196lbs. I'm 16 and have a medium - big body frame.. I'm aiming to weigh 170 by the next school year. which is a 26 pound difference. I have 2 - 3 1/2 months before the next school year. and I want to lose belly fat. I'm a male if that matters. any suggestions cause I know i don't want to diet. I like to play sports and I'm getting into running if not everyday , every other day. I also try to do push ups and sit ups in the morning and after school. My main problem is eating, and somewhat not enough proper exercising. But I need to know what size portions of food, and im trying to quit eating after supper. I just dont know what to cut down on and what to start eating , and how much of it. please help. thanks.

Hey Rodney,

       I'm a male (it does matter in losing and gaining weight) and I'm looking to lose weight too -- of course, I have many years on you and I have studied human metabolism fairly extensively, so I'll share my strategy.  First tip -- because you're only 16.  Take calcium _every day_ also take vitamin D.  I'll recommend you drink more milk, but stick with 2%.  You could go lower (1% or skim), but at your age and with your activity level, I don't think there's a point -- some fat is good as it encourages the body to burn what it has.  It's a common misconception that you must cut _all_ fats out (saturated fat should be closely wacthed and trans-fat should be eliminated, but that's also hard because of the labeling rules, which allow .49 grams per serving to not be reported on the label).

    Anyhow, you should eat about 2500 calories per day according to a Bing search.  Specifically they said "The University of Maryland Medical Center calculates that a 170-lb. male should eat between 2,210 and 2,550 calories daily."  You can use this site (like I do) to keep track of what you're eating, that may also help with the portion control.  I wouldn't go much lower than 2500 cal, because you are still growing -- and you should take a multivitamin every day because you are purposely cutting back (I do).  To lose weight, you should eat like you're already @ 170 lbs and let nature do the rest (trust me, it will).  I'd also recommend more fresh fruit and less processed food, but don't starve yourself -- go for more proteins (lean meats,  nuts, and some synthetic foods like Kellog's Special K20, which is a drink with extra protein and fiber and 0 fat) and fill up on veggies that you like or can come to like.  The point is that you want to make sure you're supporting your lean muscle mass with the protein and not feeling deprived or hungry all the time by filling up on veggies.  You have time.  You can expect to lose 1-1.5 lbs a week safely, that's 6 lbs a month (18 lbs for 3 months).  Also -- and this is where it _really_ helps to be male.  You can also add some lean muscle mass over and above the weight loss -- I'd look st upper body excercise if I was you.  If you're shedding fat and bulking up, the two will cross and you'll end up looking much, much better.  BTW -- women can do this too, it's just harder for them because their body is desogned to carry more fat (to support a baby), so it's more of a struggle for them.  Still, the results are impressive and women who train naturally (i.e. no steroids) will not get gigantic muscles like you see on guys in fitness magazines.

      Godo luck and let me know how it's going.

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You can actually lose absolutely no weight and lose 2 inches. The way you do this is to eat enough (a bit higher than your BMR) then lift heavy weights so you are gaining some muscle mass. 

The reason this works is muscle is more dense than fat. So, if you are losing fat (by eating around your BMR) and exercising by lifting you are exchanging some fat for some muscle. You might not lose a lot of weight but you are losing inches that way.

Muscle is more compact than fat. You should eat some protein, eat enough calories, lift some weights and do some cardio.


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