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Weight Loss
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Weight loss incentive?

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I need a new incentive for losing weight and I'm looking for suggestions.

My previous goal was to lose 40 pounds, meaning that according to the BMI, I would be in the 'overweight' section and not the 'obese' section.  It took me 10 months to achieve my goal.  As a reward, I'm heading to a nearby city with a friend for a weekend.

My next goal is to get my BMI into the 'normal' range - i.e a 30 pound loss.  What are some suggestions for celebrating this new goal?

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Run a 5k. Get your hair done. Buy new clothes ;) take a healthy cooking class. So many things haha. I like a fitness minded goal tho. I'm booking a trip to Nepal to trek to everest in December that's motivation enough for me haah. Running a race is amazing lol always motivates me :)

I like the idea of something helps support you in your new healthy lifestyle.  I made the 25 lb mark and bought myself a BodyBugg (granted I am still in the obese category) to help me more accurately measure my activity level.  When I hit 40 lbs I am going to buy some time with a personal trainer.  Then I will need to think about what else might motivate me to keep going after that goal.  When I began my journey I had 70+ lbs to go.  So I am a long way from meeting my ultimate goal but when I do ... I am rewarding myself with a whole new wardrobe! =)

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Great suggestions!  I like the idea of having a 'fitness minded goal.'  Maybe hiring a personal trainer would be a good idea.  Are there any more suggestions?

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Honestly don't pay attention to your bmi that much. Im a male, 6'6", 240 lbs, and I'm almost considered obese on the bmi scale. Most of my weight is muscle and I'm certainly no where close to obese. You should instead make your goals on weight and/or measurements of your waist and tummy and such. Also your main goal should be a lifestyle change that will lead to losing weight and then maintaining that goal weight/measurement.

Instead of focusing on weight, why don't you see where your lean/fat ratio is and treat yourself to some fun exercise classes? I'm at the starting line... There are things I want to do that my body won't let me do... but when I get to the "overweight" part of the BMI index, I plan on rewarding myself with activities I've really wanted to do, but can't yet.


Someday, I want to climb Mt. Fuji. After that, I want to go to Macchu Pichu... At my weight, the taxing on my lungs alone prevents either of these dreams from becoming goals. But I think once I get to where you are, I will be able to go rock-climbing for the first time in my life. I will get to go scuba-diving for the first time in my life.


Think about things you can do now, that you couldn't before. That in itself is a reward and incentive, don't you think?

When I reach a goal, I always feel awesome about myself.  So, I usually reward myself with things that will make me feel even better!  I've had my hair professionally highlighted, mani/pedi, shopping trips to sephora, a new pair of (cute) shoes, just things like that.

I usually treat myself to a cookbook or self-help book for motivation, or a new item that will fit my new lifestyle. (i.e. new belt to hold up my loose pants Smile)  I like the idea of what you did last time. Going to a destination.  That way your "journey" has a purpose, and your goal will be tied to an actual journey.

I'm treating myself to a massage after I hit my first goal of losing 14 lbs (10 more to go!)  It was a Groupon special, so I was able to get it on the cheap: about $36 for 2 hours of Swedish, foot, and scalp massage. MMM!

I plan to make my final goal incentive new clothes!

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