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Weight Loss
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Weight loss/Healthy diet buddy?

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Hi! I am 19 years old, currently at 140lbs and looking to lose about 30-35 of those lbs. My current weight loss goal is 6 lbs by March 7, which is about 2 lbs a week (not counting the 2 lbs of water weight I am currently carrying from the carb and sugar binge yesterday). I am starting the Paleo Lifestyle Diet today, and am looking for anyone who is willing to text and stay in contact with me during our weight loss struggles.

My 'partner' does not have to be the same weight or age as me, and they do not have to be on the Paleo. I am mostly looking for someone who will understand what I am doing and be able to motivate me through the more challenge parts of this change.

If interested, please let me know! I am fully willing to commit the same time and efforts to your changes/challenges as you are to me!

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