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Weight Loss
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Weight loss without exercise

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Did anyone lose weight with diet only without any exercise? If so how and how long did it take to lose? I hardly have time to exerxise so the question. Thank you in advance.

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Of course you can lose weight without exercise. All you need is a calorie deficit. 3500 calories per pound. So if you have a deficit of 500 calories a day then it should take you 7 days to lose one lb. Make sure to find out how many calories you burn without exercise. I am 5'6 and 105 lbs and if I don't exercise I only burn roughly 1600 calories a day which means I could only eat 1100 calories everyday. That is a very low amount...that is why I I can eat more. 

Yes, a person can lose weight without hearty exercise.  At present I am unable to exercise to the point of getting my heart rate up and quite slowly- but surely- I am losing flab.  I am losing slower, also cause I refuse to go without real food- I admit that sugar is still in my life.  I do walk as much as I can and do garden as much as I can- some days back spasms keeps me more sedentary than I'd like but that's just the way it is. 

Its all about the 'activities' in your life... if you have a small child, play with them more... when you clean house, do it vigorously, break out a sweat. turn on the music, and dance! seriously you can do more exercise without it even being 'exercise'.

You can lose without exercise, however it will be harder and a slower process - and once you've lost the weight, you may not look as toned as you'd like.

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Its possible to loose weight with only diet and its posible to lose weight with hard core exercising. The best results though are from a combination. The problem with just dieting is that with out exercise, you can lose weight but if you are looking to lose more than five pounds your skin will be more loose. And a little exercise in the morning boosts your metabolism so its easier to lose weight during the day. I understand completely how hard it is to fit in time for exercise, I know I struggle to sneak it into my schedule. The best thing I found was the 10 minute work out dvd's. They are literally ten minutes and yet do SO much. The kickboxing one burns 100 calories in 10 minutes.

Easy to do, eat nothing but veggies and drink will lose  lot of weight..may have to take a multi once a week..

worked for me before 2009..

however this year I want to lose the weight and never put it back it is natural organic foods, veggies, grains, cereals, water, no meats of any kind but I do moderate not crazy exercise.  Walking mostly..

I do a diary, take my Blood Pressure daily and I have dropped from 202 in Jan09 to 174 now May 9th and 167 by May 31st.


Yeah you can and you don't have to eat just fruits and veggies as someone wrote above, thats unhealthy as you need a good balance of all the macronutrients. Just get a good calorie deficit.  400-500 cal deficit is good.

I lost about 20-25 pounds in about 6 months without exercise but I lost more muscle as opposed to fat. You really need to throw in some exercise. Even 20-30 mins of cardio is good, add in some weight training for another 20 minutes and your golden!

Note to Sarjane: I hope you realise you need to put on about 25 pounds to be at the minimum healthy weight for your height.



As already pointed out you can maintain a defecit without exercising, but I saw my diet as an entire lifestyle change. I wanted to get fit, so I started swimming, do regular cardio ..give the heart a good workout and run 5Ks when my knees permit !


Exercise is also good to keep the metabolism up, it doesn't have to be the gym, a brisk 30 min walk before dinner is all it takes.


I'm off to church now..I'll swing by the pool on the way home, swim a mile and I'll feel ready for heart will be pumping ( healthily ) and I'll be set for the afternoon...and it won't have taken up too much time since I recognise that time is something you don't have a lot of ..just fit in what you can when you can


So don't look on exercise just as calorie-burning, but as part of overall health and fitnes

I've done it before.  As someone mentioned, you probably won't end up with a good shape at the end of it, though.  I once lost 30 pounds through just calorie counting (probably excessively restrictive, though).  My butt, which I had considered one of my best features, looked deflated and droopy at the end of that weight loss, so I started exercising and eating more and it perked right up again. 

I'm also just counting calories right now--started about three weeks ago, having such a crazy time at work that I truly couldn't get in any workout time.  And now I've got a bad cough that prevents me from doing any deep breathing, so until this goes away, I'm stuck not exercising.  I LOVE exercising, so it bugs me.  But anyway, I've lost about a pound a week this way--and I'll be able to eat a bit more when I can get out to work out again.

I lost 10 pounds in 3 months but i gsined it back in 2 weeks... rather opt for the workout!

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