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Weight Loss & Clothes size

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About how much weight do you need to lose (generally speaking, of course), to go down a pant size?

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It really depends on the person's height/current weight/frame size and where they carry their weight.

Yeah - for me when Im between 200 and 140 (on a 5'6 frame) 10 lbs = 1 size
It's right about 7lbs for me.  Of course, your starting weight, frame size, weight distribution, etc will be important.

I've lost 36 pounds.

I started in a size 22.  I just went to the store to look for some different sizes to try on and see what size I was fitting and I fit into.... the size 22.  That was horribly depressing.  Why is it that when they add spandex to the denim, all of the sudden the jeans ALSO need to be skin tight?  Like I need to walk around in denim colored leggings with these thighs.

If I go to the dress barn, the size 14W are loose so I'm figuring I'll need to go to the non-womens sizes soon there.

Who knows. I'm baffled at this point and totally depressed.


when I started here in january, I was 155lbs, and I was in a size 12.

then I went to 145, and I had to go buy new pants because I was a size 10,

At 138, I had to go shopping again becasue I was a size 8. It all depends.

In highschool (2 years ago) I was 125, and a size 5, so it all depends.
I drop a size for about every 5 pounds I lose because I'm only 4'11''.  If you are taller, it will probably be more like 10 pounds/pant size.
I've lost 37 pounds just about and only lost one size. Now in a size 28w Before I gained to my highest I could wear 28W about 15 pounds heavier butI gained most of the weight back in my belly so I've had to work a lot harder to get back into my jeans this time. 
I've lost 42 lbs, and I've gone from a size 22 pants to a size 16-18.  I carry most of my weight in my stomach, so I have to lose a good bit before I drop a size.
I lost 20lbs and went from an 8/10 to a 2/4 (4 is probably my real size but some clothes are oversized so much now that a 2 fits). So 20 lbs 2.5 dress sizes for me.
i suppose it depends, as others have said. when i was 150 pounds, i was over a size 12. when i was 111 pounds, i was a size 3/5. i'm still a size 3/5 in juniors pants.
It's about 8 for me.
I've lost 16 lbs and I'm still waiting to go down a size. My current size 16 are very loose (I can pull them down without unbottoning them) but my 14's are too tight (not comfortable). Maybe I need to buy some new 14's.
I have lost 38lbs. and gone from 238lbs and wearing a size 22 to 200lbs and wearing a 14.  Of course Im 5'9.
I'm with Plaid.  I carry most of my weight in my stomach but went from a size 24 at 259 lbs when I started to size 20 at 232.  So, 2 sizes in 27 lbs.  I'm also 5'4".
it is possible, I had to lose 30 pounds to really fit into a smaller size! now at 35 lost I fit in it quite well :)
Sportygirl -  I have that same issue.  I have lost 17 since May.  I am 5'5" and I was at 168 and now at 150.  I was at a size 14 in may (and that was kind of tight).  Now I am still pretty much a 12.  Yes, I can fit into some tens, but not all of them.  Even some of my 12s are snug (all clothes fit differently).  Also, I carry a lot of my weight in the hips and thigh area.  Well, I see marked improvement there, but this really affects how pants will fit me. 

I keep thinking that soon I will have lost enough to make a difference and get into another size smaller.  But really it's the overall goal I am going for, so I am trying not to think about the sizes too much right now.  I know my size 14 pants are way loose now.  Thank God they have a drawstring or I'd have to buy some new pants.  I don't have a lot of clothes and I am waiting as long as I can to get some new ones.  I'll just keep pulling up my pants and tightening the draw string.  In 8 weeks I should be to goal and I'll see what my new size is.  That will be fun!  Almost like unwrapping something and getting a surprise.

For my unique shape I can't really translate pounds into a drop in size.  I do lose on top more easily or else it looks thinner faster b/c I gain more below the waist.  I know if I stick to it I'll get there.  I'm still losing so eventually it all must go. 

i dont know when my sizes changed, but i know i went from probably a 16/18 maybe a 20 (cos i was wearing stretchy pants) to an 8/10 with the 75+ lbs i have lost in the last year..   i have wide hips, and some stomach flab still going on...my thighs and stomach are apparently going to be the last to go, but the thighs are looking much better, and the stomach has improved :)

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I am 190 pounds a size 14 (not in vanity sizing)

It is about 12 pounds to loose a size for me, so i intend to loose about 25 pounds to get into a size 10 at 165 pounds.


I know this is a higher weight for the typical size 10, but my bone structure and muscle mass are higher than that of most women.  My goal is to be a size 10 no matter how much weight I need to loose.

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