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Weight Loss
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What's up everyone I'm a 19 years young female. 218.4lbs (as of last week) Looking to lose 60-75 lbs by January. I just started my weight loss journey on the 4th of may. I hit the gym 6day/week. And eat at the Max 1200 calories a day. Who wants to be my weight loss buddy?
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The site does not promote starvation diets (ie eating under 1200 cals). You really shouldn't be eating under your BMR which is 1719 especially if you are active. As long as you do that I believe you will safely lose 60-75lbs by Jan :) I recently am trying for 50lbs lost in 10 months (about 5-10lbs away about a month and half left to go). Good luck and be safe :)

Try this site for cal recommendations/I used for your BMR: or.htm

60 - 75 loss by january is a doable target on a healthy diet. Calculate your BMR. Do not eat below that. If u ate at that level n just added on 30 min walking a day n a couple of days of weights to maintain muscle n improve tone you should reach your target. 

Eat below 1,200 n you mess up your body metabolism n health n balance in general. You will end up losing some weight, not neccesaryly fat. Some muscle, some bone mass etc. If you read some of the posts here you will read about eating too low and weight loss slowing down.

Take care.

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