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Weight Loss
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Current Weight: 155 pounds

Height: 5'7

Age: 20

Goal Weight by May 1: 130-135

I REALLY need a buddy to talk about my issues and successes with losing weight. I have been trying to lose weight for 3 years now after gaining 40 pounds over these years. Thanks! :)

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Please be my friend!!!!!

I am 23 years old, 5'7, and ALSO 155 pounds!!!! I've been up and down from 180 the last 2-3 I'm currently just about at my lowest, but I would LOVE to see 15-20 more pounds gone!!!!

Don't know if I'll see it by May 1st, but I would love to get a good chunk of it gone by this summer!

I will be your buddy; pick me pick me!!

I am more than willing to buddy up. =]! I keep asking for buddies, but none of them seem to actually want to talk.

Age: 19 Weight: 140.4 (as of this morning) Goal weight (overall): 110-115 Mini goal: 134

I am so willing to talk/listen about anything!

So tell me your story Nneekers! Here's a little about me:


I've always been a little overweight, pear-shaped, etc etc. Finally when I hit 180 pounds about 4 years, ago, I decided enough was enough. I lost 20 pounds and all was good. Still could have dropped another 20-30 or so to hit my goal weight, but I maintained 160 pretty well....until I started a desk job, sitting for 8 hours a day. I gained back almost the entire amount I had lost...!!! So sad.

So I started exercising and eating really well; hardcore diet and such. I stopped drinking any alcohol, and I started going to the gym almost every day. I got back down to 160, and then I got as low as 153!! This was the lowest I had been since like...before high school.

I kinda stopped dieting after awhile, floated back up to 160-ish. Kind went up and down from there for about a year. Maintained it pretty well though. I think the exercise definitely helped to keep it from madly gaining again.

Anyway, last week, I got back on the wagon. I'm now at 155.2, as of this morning, and i would LOVE LOVE LOVE to get down to 135 ultimately...but I'll settle for under 150 for now. It seems like the last few are the hardest to lose!

Nice to meet you!

I have always been more of a chubbier girl, throughout grade school, then high school. During my freshman year I lost about 10 pounds because my friend was an insane diet/exercise addict and she was determined to help me become more comfortable with myself. When I moved cities, though, in Sophmore year, I gained that 10 lbs back, plus! It was bad. I was up to my heaviest ever at 155 (I'm only 5'1", so I grow in my face, thighs, and stomach). It looked horrendous!

When I graduated high school I made a decisions to join the military, but they told me I needed to lose weight. I joined karate and started going to the gym, but it wasn't really helping. My diet was so bad.

Last October (just before my 19th) I joined Crossfit and fell in love with exercise. So I started to gain muscle and tone up, but my diet was still horrible. I started to change my diet and experiment with different foods, fasting, etc. nothing was working because I was lying to myself about what I was eating an binging all the time.

That's when I found CalCount. I was researching tips to stop bingeing and came across this website. =). I have been able to stop lying to myself about the food I eat and own up to my binge eating. And now my weight is finally starting to drop the way I want it to. =]

(Wow. Sorry! That was a lot!)
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